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No. 1519: Compare me to the evil Nabal, is a total disc bomb!

No. 1519:
Compare me to the evil Nabal, is a total disc bomb!

The Apostle Paul's Trial, Painting by Nikolai Bodarevsky, 1875. Agrippa and his sister Berenice are both on the throne.


Here are some comments I've received.

To be at odds with the employer, neighbors, government and a bunch of Christians and other people is as far removed from the Christian ideal as possible.
So that someone on Searchlight compared you to Nabal, as it says in the Book of 1 Samuel.
Equally arrogant, foolish, foolish and argumentative. Repent. Jesus is coming soon, and he will only take those who are born again and do God's will.

I answer:
Nabal died, I live at my best.
Your comparison is as bad as you!
Have a bowl and a glass of juice!

This answer I get:
Of course, Nabal is dead! He lived in David's time, about 3000 years ago. You were born a few decades ago (although it seems like you were born yesterday). But that's the only difference between you.

To which I reply:
Of course, Nabal is dead! He lived in David's time, about 3000 years ago. You were born a few decades ago (although it seems like you were born yesterday). But that's the only difference between you.

The scriptures speak of Nabal.

1 Sam. 25. 2 In Maon there was a man who had his cattle in Carmel. It was a very rich man; he owned three thousand sheep and a thousand shepherds. He was just cutting his sheep in Carmel. 3 The name of the man was Nabal; and his wife's name was Abigail. she was a wise and fair woman, but the man was fierce and wicked in all his conduct. He was of the family of Caleb. 4 While David was in the wilderness, he heard that Nabal was cutting his sheep. 5 And David sent ten of his men, and said unto them, Go up to Carmel; and when ye come to Nabal, greet him from me, 6 saying, Good luck. Peace be with you, and peace be with your house, and peace be with all that you have! 7 I've heard that you have sheep shearing. Now your shepherds have been with us; we have not hurt them, and nothing has been lost to them in all their time in Carmel. 8 Ask your people! They will tell you. Now let us servants find favor in your sight! We have come here on a happy day; Then give your servants and your son David what you have in advance! 9 And when David's men came, they said all these things to Nabal in the name of David; then they stood and waited. 10 And Nabal answered David's servants, and said, Who is David, who is the son of Jesse? Nowadays there are many servants running away from their masters. 11 Shall I then take my bread, and my water, and my slaughter, which I have slaughtered unto them that cut before me, and give it unto men of whom I know not whence they are? 12 The men of David turned and went their way, and when they returned home, they told him all this. was cheerful and had been drinking heavily. She told him nothing, either small or big, until it was morning. 37 But when Nabal was awakened in the morning by his intoxication, his wife told him everything. Then the heart stiffened in his chest and he became like a rock. 38 And about ten days after, the Lord smote Nabal, and he died.

Nabal was evil, King David wanted to kill him. But God took care of him and he died after God's judgment after ten days.

That you are comparing me to him must be that you have got sunburn or is it the Korona virus? He-he, don't hope. But here you really miss!
Your comparison is completely, utterly hopeless!
Not a second better than Jan Aage Torp who thought I was Anders Behring Brevik's follower, successor and sympathizer.

This really is sub-par, to try to answer a little more in-depth on these claims I am writing this article.

1.) It is alleged that I am in conflict with the employer.

Answer: This is true, but it is because I am being discriminated against, bullied and harassed. I have then gone to the trade union, the Labor Inspectorate and the discrimination committee with the case. Where I have gained both understanding and support. If you choose something to behave badly, it is perfectly legitimate to make use of our democratic rights that others have really fought for. This is both a right and a great blessing that we feel this way in Norway and throughout the Western world. That we have the right and opportunity to say. Making this a negative issue for me, is really tacky and slab.

2.) It is claimed that I am in conflict with neighbors.

It is also wrong to say that I am in conflict. There are those, especially some who did not wish us well, went to the municipality of Oslo with allegations that have proven not to hold water.
See for more here: http://blog.janchristensen.net/2019/03/nr-2431- difficult- neighbors- has- done- at.html

3.) It is claimed that I am in conflict with the authorities.

Yes, when the authorities behave in the worst possible way. Bullying, harassing, discriminating and discriminating. Then it's good to say goodbye!

4.) It is claimed that I am in violation of a bunch of Christians and other people.

Again, I never visit anyone. They seek me out, and they rage and keep on going. This cannot jI take responsibility for.
Jan Aage Torp invited me to the cafe, after which he notified me. Such scoundrels are not easy to cope with.
Look for more here: http://justismord.janchristensen.net/2017/12/nr-20-en-kaffe-kopp-og-to-med-pastor.html

End Comment.

Acts 25. 7 And when he was come, the Jews that came from Jerusalem stood round about him, and made great grievances against him; 8 But Paul defended himself, saying, Neither have I sinned against the law of the Jews, nor against the temple, nor against the emperor. 9 But Festus, wishing to win thanks to the Jews, answered Paul, and said, Wilt thou go up to Jerusalem, and there be judged of me in this matter? 10 Then Paul said, I stand before Caesar's court, and there is my right to be judged. I have done no wrong to the Jews, as you well know. 11 If I have done wrong, and if I have done something worthy of death, I will not be free to die; but if there is nothing in it for which these complain against me, then no one can surrender to me just to make them miserable; I thank my case for the emperor. 12 Then Festus spoke with his counsel, and said, For Caesar thou hast lodged thy cause; to the Emperor you must go. 20 When I was now confused and did not know how this matter should be investigated, I asked if he would go to Jerusalem and get judgment there. 21 But when Paul appealed to be held in custody of Caesar's judgment, I commanded him to be held in custody until I could send him to Caesar.

The Apostle Paul made use of his rights, as I do.
Get to hear shit about this, tell more about them than about me!

I've only met people here who are cross. Public has been bad.
We hope and pray that this goes to victory anyway, as we believe that the truth will prevail in the end and last forever, not the lie!

"Because we can't do anything about the truth, just the truth." 2 Cor.13,8.

A life contrary to God's will and truth is of no use and of no value. Paul is praying for believers to do good and not evil. He is concerned that they must turn out to be true Christians. It is no use doing anything against the truth, only with the truth. Our lives before God must always have their basis in the gospel of truth. It is nothing less than the question of whether Jesus Christ really lives in us. If he does not, it does not help what opinions we have or how decent we live or what we can rely on. Paul is convinced that Christ is the truth and this truth will prevail.

"Whoever is of the truth hears my voice," Jesus says. Joh.18,37.

"Come, the Spirit of truth, and testify that Jesus Christ is our life, so that we know nothing but Him our soul for salvation." Kingo

I think this will and will happen in all the issues I / we have to fight!

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