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No. 1684: I'm not dissatisfied with my lawyer from the case between me and the narrator and the wizard Jan Aage Torp as it appears on the Sokelys website!

No. 1684:I'm not dissatisfied with my lawyer from the case between me and the narrator and the wizard Jan Aage Torp as it appears on the Sokelys website!
Picture of Levi Fragell who writes about Torp, among others. the following: "this cry of gifts in the Lord's field."Although Levi Fragell goes a lot longer and over time, has kept going much longer than me, I am the wizard Jan Aage Torp's biggest opponent when I point out his sin. This is what the narreapostel can not or will not tolerate.

Kjell Andersen at Searchlight writes the following:
Do not let them scare
The blogger in the case says in a brief statement to Søgelys that he does not get scared and wants to use his freedom of expression. If it becomes more legal as a result of this, the blogger who is directly dissatisfied with his own lawyer will act as his own lawyer and defend himself. "It was Meling that destroyed everything to me, all of this I had parred a long time ago," the blogger says, and continues: "He (Meling Attorney) failed all the issues, I told him that this is a rotten game. He dosed out and we lost 120%. If I had spoken the word myself, I would have guaranteed 50000%, "says the blogger, adding that" Meling tricked me around and it will not happen again. - After all, I've been through 4 different courts, and fear absolutely nothing longer. I thought the justice system was serious, but it is not. Quiet with lawyer is a must lose! If there are more judgments, I will never have life lawyer, then I will defend myself, with the help of God, "says the blogger who will continue in the same track as before. By Searchlight(Quote ending).
It is not right that I am dissatisfied with Attorney Brynjar Meling, when we have been exposed to a dirty game and an justice word.
It is in the interest of the narrator to put myself in the worst possible light. Now I have the last year and certainly no more written about anything else about the wizard's horror. Nothing else, and I have spun more and more, but even then he produces the same lies about me that I reject him and call him for both of them. These are lies, fabricated untruths and a game for me to appear like a man who hates everything and everyone.
The truth is that it is the narrator who hates anyone who is in conflict with him and in the way of him that I have used the word psychopath about him, which I have almost stopped using then if he is one or the other . It has very little significance for me, the worse for his family and in the church he is "Pastor."
Narreapostelen writes the following about me: "I have chosen to refrain from any participation in social media where hot and hatred expressions are allowed to romp. This applies to Verdidebatt, DagensDebatt, Levi Fragell's Facebook page, Jan Kåre Christensen's blog, etc. Yes, but you can respond with arguments, say good advice advisors who have not even tried the harsh reality. The same thing I tried for several years, but realized 12 months ago that this is completely impossible. It is a game of time and effort. The Apostle Paul enjoys in Acts 20:29: "Whispering wolves (will) penetrate among you, and they do not spare the flock."The wolf flock, which Paul warned against, does not remind little of the flock that moves tirelessly with hatred, hustle and threats in certain social media. The apostle Paul did not want us to talk to us like that, and the same is true today. Then the editors of the Day and Our Country, as well as Fragell & Christensen, complain that they do not get used to hatred and hatred. Such "post-engagement" provides hits, and consequently follows state funding and praise from trendy media researchers. Commercial mess in human beings, I call this.If I comment on a page or in a thread where hot and hatred may unfold, I will make myself available for tagging and messages that seek my attention - with a flood of hot and hatred expressions! Typically, they use our pages to call my friends (and me) "vandalism, killer, charlatan, trickster, overrider, malicious. crazy "and so forth, and so on. When scolding fellow human beings in such ways, it is not a question of being "agree" or "disagree". These are hot and hatred expressions, and such people should lose access to serious platforms. "
I have never sought Torp in anyone, any way, and tried to "hijack" his platform. On the contrary, I have always wished that he, I and everyone else should be able to write and speak freely without threatening and harassing etc. But keep the word of God concerning all aspects of our lives.
The fact that the narrative lies is becoming more and more obvious to all and everybody may well be a fact of fact? I'm not anything of what he's trying to make me like, and that Torp's lies are played out is raised beyond any doubt.
Final Comment:
Although I do not write anything about the narrator Jan Aage Torp than he lives in the wake of God's word. Then Torp delivers its lies that I'm involved in mass embezzlement, harassment and hatred etc.Yes yes
just to see what I'm writing, do not mock bullying, harassment or hatred right there. I do not even answer what Torp writes, how can I bully him? His "new" wife I do not even mention, but Torp claims again and again that I'm bullying her. How can a bully a person I do not mention once sometime? Torp lies from he stands up until he walks, it is the actual conditions. 8. 44 You have the devil of father, and you will make your father's lusts; He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth; for truth is not in him. When he speaks falsehood, he speaks of his own, for he is a liar and liar's father.

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