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No. 1682: How to Become a Good Bible Student!

No. 1682:
How to Become a Good Bible Student!

Screenshot of the site http://biblehub.com/  which is a must for those who want to study the word of God. By using this site you will could read the Bible from the base text of.
With relatively "simple" grips you can become a big Bible student.

How to read the word of God, and get something out of it first and foremost, which is the most important. And to pass on to others, I would like to come with some little "tricks" and "opportunities" for you so that you can become proficient to all good deeds.
(2 Timothy 3:16). The whole scripture is inspired by God of God and useful in teaching, for conviction, for guidance, for righteousness, 17 for the good of man to be perfect, good to all good works.)

2 Tim. 2. 2 and what you have heard of me in the presence of many witnesses, surrender it to faithful people who are capable of teaching others too!

1.) The most important thing is to read God's word and take the time to read God's precious words. Without taking care of God's word, no spiritual development.

2.) Read the Bible systematically, gradually you can start reading both books through. Then it's one step further to read the Bible. Not only once, but several times.

3.) You can benefit from such pages as you can find at Smyrna Oslo with comprehensive Bible teaching. See here: http://janchristensen.net/bibelkommentar-hoved.php?side=bibelkommentar-hovedview

4.) Of all Bible pages, there is one page I would recommend to everyone else.

Here you can read the Bible both the Old and the New Testament in the original language. In fact, every word and also more Bible translations are contained here.

5.) Here you can download it enjoy the test free of charge, without a penny and it is the best Bible translation in Norway and it's free.
It says the biggest person you can download.

Final Comment:

There are also various study bibles that have been helpful and guidance for me that I would recommend.
Blue. the eminent and incredibly contentious study bible of Finis Jennings Dake. Recommend everyone, not least those who proclaim the word of God to obtain, read and study in this study Bible. It is very good; see here: http://www.dake.com/

Then we have several Norwegian, not least Thoralf Gilbrandt's study Bible.
Study Bible, a Greek-Norwegian linear translation of the New Testament in five volumes 1977-1982. This has been a great help for a "play-preacher" like me and many others.

Now I can also recommend Smyrna Oslo's website which is probably the country's best for those who want to study God's word, and that you can submit your questions to the heavenly blog and get answers.

There are also "codes" that must be "broken" in your studies of the word of God.
Let me briefly give some examples.
You need to read through books of the Bible. Which consists of 66 books. Once you've done it, it's good to start reading through the whole new testament.
Once you've done that, consider reading through the whole Bible.
Then you need to study only one chapter of God's Word.
Or a verse and as little as possible, since all the details are needed and to be studied and none of God's words are superfluous!
I've become wiser than all my teachers say David, that's my testimony too.

Psalm 119. 99 I have become wiser than all my teachers; because I testify to your testimonies.

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