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No. 1683: How will God stop educated preachers to speak and work in the church of God if the church does not take action and deny access to the pulpit and to have a "service" that is not warned against?

No. 1683:How will God stop educated preachers to speak and work in the church of God if the church does not take action and deny access to the pulpit and to have a "service" that is not warned against?

 Picture of Horkarlen Jan Kaare Hanvold. It's not a shame, hatred, or antipathy for me to warn against this man. Exclusive because he lives and teaches the opposite of what the word of God says on many key points in the scripture.It's okay to be both disagreeed or agree with me, but do not call it anything but I warn against those out of what God's word says and teaches. Do not interfere with this being schick, netthat or something like that, it's so far away from this it's possible to come. As I speak and convey the message of heaven and the message of the Bible, nothing else!

1 Tim. 3. But if I wait to come, that you may know how to be in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the support and the foundation of truth.What does it mean that the church of God will wake up and not allow any people who, according to God's own words, are inclined to hold an office or service in the church of God?The scripture clearly states that a supervisor must be a woman's man, in other words not as a believer.Furthermore, the scripture states that a supervisor asserts an assignment as high dignity, and thus is in a responsibility beyond being a regular member of the church.The person is going to practice both his own life - which is most important - and the family's life. Of course, the spouse is most important.1 Tim. 3. It is a credible word: If anyone is in charge of a supervisory office, then he wants a good deed. 2a Therefore, an overseer shall be immaculate, one woman's husband,5. 8 But if anyone does not care for his own, and most of his people, he has denied the faith and is worse than an infidel.The choice stands between the word of God or an Spirit of Jezebel!But there is nothing new under the sun. The prophet Amos can tell that exactly the same happened in his time when the apostasy increased. Then the Lord said to his people, "Let me release your noisy songs! I will not listen to your harp games. "(Amos 5:23)But they did not want to hear the Lord's wakeful words, and therefore proclaimed the Lord. "I quit your noisy songs. The sound of your seats will not be heard anymore. "(Ezek. 26:13) They received what they wanted, and they did not notice that the Spirit woke from them, and they were consumed by sleep. But it was up to them.In the time of Elias, the spirit of Jezebel was strong, and the believers had become silent, so Elias believed he was alone. We notice that this unifying spirit is strong today too. The pressure to be "politically correct" has become great also in many Christian contexts, and many have become silent. One knows loyalty to the context one is in, and it seems like it binds.Paul writes to his good friend Timothy and encourages him to fight the good battle of faith and with a good conscience. Some have thrown this one away and suffered a shipwreck of faith (1 Tim 1:18-19). When the good conscience is bound up with something other than God's word, it is the spirit of sleep that takes the heart.If we accept preachers who live in sin - then it will contest the whole church body!Jesabel stands for the spirit of compromise that would never prevail - in the end!Jezebel was of a pagan family, ruling on the throne with his husband, King Ahab. The two-span posed a strong threat as it was 50% "Christianity" and 50% idolatry / paganism. As it is in the church today!The wizard Jan Aage Torp is a typical representative of this kind of "Christianity"!One day he franks the abortion question. The next day he is in bed with his former nanny. One day, he testifies of God's mercy, the next day he detects a brother who warns against him when he marries again as the word of God warns against.One day he meets public representatives, the next day he flees a sick person for millions of dollars. A typical representative of Jesabel!Final Comment:We live in grace, not as in ancient testimony that God also reveals itself through fire, natural disasters and outer signs.Yes, it also happens at times. But now we all have the Spirit of God, and God will speak to us all believers by His Spirit and His Word.This is as clear as it may be that upbringed preachers will not have access to our reading chairs, but they are almost free to rent. Even after that, both divorced, married, divorced and after they have also been raised. Here it is free, the verdict is waiting ?! Or is it still the only time?I'm not sitting with the answer, at least not today! But that God both wants and does something so that this form of Christianity in Jezebel can not win more fit than it has already done. I am convinced that will happen. In what way, I do not know.This allows us to allow these types of people who are both ill-treated, divorced, and even upset again to gain control and control, and holding on is nothing but the form of "Christianity" that God both hates and will judge!We read about how G
od through Elijah's sentenced Baal and Astarte the prophet who represented Jezebel and the evil King Ahab, the same will happen again. Or might happen again if God is to be ruler and be on the throne in his church! We can no longer allow any preachers who have not adapted and live according to the word of God. Not least because they are either reprisaled, live as they themselves will, this leads them to the church of God as they both lead and despair! 2 Tim. 3. 13 But evil men and those who circumcise the vision of men go to the worse; they lead wild and danger wild.

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