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Nr. 428: A prophetic message to the body of believers in Norway, Part 1

Nr. 428:

A prophetic message to the body of believers in Norway, Part 1

2 Chronicles 24:19 And the LORD sent prophets among them to bring them back to him, and they warned them but they did not listen to them.

Your Porn has been a major pitfall for the believers than what I have been aware of. God has spoken to me that this has become an obsession for many, even married. And it is the men who are bad, why do I put the spotlight on this. Illustration shows some of the things that are open and accessible to all who would defile their lives with this as basically Satan is behind. Illustration Picture

There are three aspects or aspects of what believers have fallen in and that they must repent of which I here take up. Part 1

The new Christian sin become sin on the net there than getting into dirt where online porn is the most dangerous and seductive!

Why is this so dangerous and important to warn against? For it is poison for our spiritual life and it creates separation between us and God.

Isaiah 59 2 But your iniquities have made divorce between you and your God, and your sins have hidden his face from you, that he will not hear.

God tolerate and accept no pity!

Is porn and online porn big deal? It is. God has spoken to me about this and gave me several scriptures that you should not use a single second, minute, hour, or an opportunity to look at this demonic monster directed against the human side of Satan. So serious, extensive and destructive is this!

1 Cor. 11. 14 And it is no wonder, for Satan himself creates himself into an angel of light.

Sex is from God, but it is intimate between a married man and a married woman learns font. Therefore, and remains porn that glorifies the sex and also perverted sex as something good. There is only one thing to say, stay as far away from this as possible!

2 Timothy 2:22 But fly youthful lusts, and pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart!

It is not enough to apologize, it's too bad. And online porn will lead you into ledertog with the evil spirits, adultery and ultimately cost you your Gude Community!

Lift not sin, before you know it so lifler it with you dear friend!

1 Genesis 4 7 Is it not so that if you do well, then you can lift up your face? But you do not do well, then sin lieth at the door, and its desire is for you, but you must master it.

Whether you are Lord over sin or sin reigns over you!

Joh. e 8 32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. 36 So if the Son makes you, you will be free indeed.

Freedom is a life completely devoid of everything porn and online porn to do.

This is from Adam books that are on our website under books and links:

Rubens fall and judgment of such sin. 1. And Jacob went away and settled south of Migdal Eder. He and his wife, Leah, went to his father Isaac, the new moon day of the 10th months. 2. And Ruben saw Rachel's maidservant, Bilhah his father's concubine, bathing in the waters of the hidden, and he made love to her. 3. And in the dead of night he went into the house of Bilhah, and found her asleep on her bed alone in his house. 4. And he slept with her, and she woke up and looked, and behold, Ruben slept with her on the couch, and she lifted her gown and took hold of him and cried and discovered that it was Ruben. 5. And she was ashamed of him and took his hand away from him, and he fled. 6. And she grieve over this very issue, but did not speak of it to any man. 7. And when Jacob returned and sought her, she said to him: I am not clean for you, but it is unclean for you, because Reuben has defiled me by sleeping with me at night while I slept, and I discovered it, until he had relieved my cloak and slept with me. 8. And Jacob was angry with Ruben because he had slept with Bilhah, for thus had He eased his father's cloak, his action is very evil, for it is abomination to the Lord. 9. And Jacob came her more closely, because Reuben had defiled her. 10. Therefore, it is written on the heavenly tablets, that a man must sleep with his father's wife, and that he must ease his father's carpet, for it is unclean. They shall die: man who sleeps with his father's wife, and woman, for they have committed an impurity on earth. 11. There must be no filthiness to our God in the people he has chosen as property. 12. And still standing there sometime written, Cursed shall be sleeping with his father's wife, because he has uncovered his father's shame, and all the saints of God shall say: It happens, happen. 13. And you, Moses, will command Isarel children to observe this word, for it is a death sentence and there is impurity, and there is no atonement for ever to atone for the man who makes this, but he must be killed and turned to death and stoned and cut off our God's people. 14. For any man in Israel who are guilty of such, must live only one day in land, for he is abominable and impure. 15. And you should not say, Ruben was allowed to live and got forgiveness for sleeping with his father's concubine, and she too, though she had a husband, and her husband, namely his father Jacob, lived. 16. For the determination and conviction and the law has only been revealed fully valid for all, but in your days (revealed) as a law for the time and day and that allowed for ever for eternal families. 17. And this law never expires, and there is no forgiveness for it, but both will cut off from the people's midst: the same day that they have committed it, you should kill them. 18. And you, Moses, to record this for Israel, so they can keep it and act after this word and not be guilty of mortal sin, for the Lord, our God, is a Judge unfamiliar person sans hands and does not accept gifts. 19. Advise them this Regulation words, so they can hear it and keep it and fix after that, then they shall not be cut, and cut off from the land. For an impurity and a abomination and infection and defiling all those who commit it on the earth to our God. 20. And there is no greater sin that one can commit on earth, than adultery. For Israel's a holy nation of priests and a royal people, and that's real estate. And so impurity should not be seen in the holy folks midst.

But there is forgiveness for having done this shit and this sin! This is the good news.

His thoughts are thoughts of mercy, love, and tenderest compassion. He says: "The wicked forsake his way and the evil man give his thoughts and return to the Lord, and He will show mercy to our God, for he is rich in forgiveness." "I stroke your transgressions away like a cloud and your sins like a cloud "(Jes.55, 7; 44.22). In God's forgiveness, restoration and new opportunities for all, including having compromising and doing porn and porn on the net! It's about to repent and confess your sins. Go to God with everything and then we promise - which I have found - forgiveness and restoration! God removes everything. The word here in Isaiah is actually one of the finest and largest in the word of God: "I stroke away your transgressions like a cloud and your sins like a cloud"!

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