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 No. 1602: Our letter to the Oslo District Court regarding the public and PBE abuses against us, unimaginable that such people are allowed to continue without anyone intervening and standing up against this direct evil of the planning and building agency and the public!

 No. 1602:

Our letter to the Oslo District Court regarding the public and PBE abuses against us, unimaginable that such people are allowed to continue without anyone intervening and standing up against this direct evil of the planning and building agency and the public!


We have come up with an answer. Here is an excerpt:
To Oslo District Court regarding case 22-182065TVA-TOSL/08
Oslo 28/12.2022:
Part 1

You write that we should be allowed to make comments.
We have that. Where we will try to systematize this.

1.) It is always important to ask yourself the question, is it me who is at fault or the other party if you receive accusations against you?
In this case, it is too high a wall that PBE claims should have been 0.5 meters to be legal (that is the narrative and the lies of PBE and the public. The terrain is naturally steep.). Because the drop on the property has a minimal drop. But what is the truth? That the fall is vertical, and then a wall that is around our wall of 1.5 meters is permissible. Our wall is 1.8 meters. In other words, a minimal overshoot. Then denying us dispensation and approval is against Norwegian law and common sense. Then the case against us is a serious assault, not least in view of the fact that we were guided by PBE to build the wall ourselves. Can't see this case as anything other than abuse of power and authority by the public sector. Also take into account that we are the amateurs here, and PBE the professionals.
This is an assault, nothing else!

2.) Everything is built on our property, and with our funds. Then the public sector should also have some common sense and self-awareness? It doesn't exist here, we have to be broken and all means are used.
Here we see the ugliest and worst of the authorities, ala the Nazis, Putin's Russia and others who abused their power!

3.) The truth is that we have exposed PBE's many lies and distortions of the truth. What did? Admit and acknowledge this? No, they use all possible means that they have in their "tool" box. To use this against us, to do everything to break and hurt us.
What a sick scheme, truly malicious and abusive!
One is simply mean and cannot stand that we retaliate. Then we will be punished so harshly and so comprehensively. That all possible means are used. If you fail once, you just try again. The whole case against us is a serious abuse, abuse of power and authority. Public servants can continue to do this, as they are never held accountable for their misdeeds and criminal behaviour. In some cases, Norway is a police state, not a rule of law. Here, judicial murders abound again and again!

4.) The bailiff's email to the Oslo District Court was very bad and unprofessional as it was only angled like this for PBE and the public benefit. And our disfavor, it is very reprehensible as the objectivity one should expect from the Bailiff, was not present.

5.) The actual basis for coercion against us is a direct assault as it was PBE who guided us to build the wall. https://blog.janchristensen.net/2022/11/nr-3103-det-er-et-maktovergrep-av-det.html

6.) Facts in the case. Blue. that PBE allows walls of 1.5 meters that have a terrain like ours. Here, PBE is lying that we have a flat plot of land.

7.) Our wall follows the terrain, which is a criteria for being able to build a wall. This point is absolutely essential. This is a criterion that we have followed and will now be punished for. Here we see that the mentality that is in the Congo is in Norway. All opposition to the authorities must be seen as a criminal offence, even if the authorities lie and engage in harassment, bullying and abuse. Think of the Viggo Kristiansen case there while they were working for an acquittal. Then they worked to get him caged for the rest of his life. Why? He did not accept the injustice he had been subjected to, then one must be punished in the harshest possible way. Is Norway and the public run by a bunch of narcissists and people who cannot bear to be contradicted? Our case is bureaucracy of the worst kind, rule-riding and over-management. PBE itself and the public hide behind Norwegian law. The law they themselves break against us on many points. Blue. by not approving our wall, stairs and shed. What do you expect really? Here we have been misled, misled and have built a great wall. That this is punishable and we are breaking the law is not true. The Dispensation Act says clearly. "A dispensation cannot be granted if the considerations behind the provision from which it is dispensated, the considerations in the law's purpose provision or national or regional interests, are substantially disregarded. The advantages of granting a dispensation must clearly outweigh the disadvantages." in our case there are only advantages, and PBE accepts walls with our drop and terrain of 1.5 meters. Our wall is at its highest approx. to that extent. For PBE to deprive us of this right. Are they lying about the terrain. The entire agency and the public sector are a bunch of liars and use the law against us consistently.
How rotten and evil is it possible to remain within the public sector?

8.) Norwegian law i.a. the Public Administration Act. Where we have come with countless questions, have not been answered. In other words, the PBE abusers "exonerate" themselves by not answering questions. Everyone can be right about everything if you don't take into account the views of the other party. PBE is a toxic and incompetent agency that is dangerous to life! The whole case against us is dirty, and is nothing more than an assault. It has nothing to do with the fact that we have built something illegal!

9.) The discrimination is huge. There are many, many people who have built walls on top of old walls and received approval. There are many, many people who have built walls up to many meters above what is permitted. PBE parole is obviously to engage in persecution, harassment and rigid orders and fines that are completely, completely rigid and a waste of money against us. Those who have large, yes – huge excesses are easily exempted and approved.

10.) PBE is using everything they have in their toolbox to crack us. Here we were guided how to build. We resist, then hatred and primitiveness come out like never before in the employees there. This is reminiscent of the Viggo Kristiansen case. Where the innocent must be punished as harshly as possible. But those who are guilty of major excesses are easily exempted and approved.

11.) My wife and I are a "star couple" who have been married for 35 years. For us, we have everything in common. When my wife received the inheritance money, it was deposited into my account. We have everything in common, even though she is the one who both drives and uses the BMW i3 as "her" car.

12.) We both come from the "country" where we are used to trusting others, not least public figures. What they say, we believe. Not embarrassed to say this. When we were guided how to build the wall by a lady who, among other things, had defended a number of unsavory neighbors who had made various sick accusations. Shouldn't we trust her then? She was taken off the case, and was replaced with PBE's "bulldogs." Sad, but of course. We do not allow corrupt and evil people to dictate to us. Never!

13.) Her state of health with serious ailments such as arthrosis and other. Makes it not safe for her to drive a 25-year-old car that sometimes has problems that her car does not have. For the last 3 years she has left in working life, she is 100% dependent on her electric car, which fits her like a glove. Driving a 25-year-old car that doesn't always start is out of the question. It's not just a broken leg, the health challenge is something that the doctor points out is there "forever" with osteoarthritis, knees and tired joints after a long life in the workforce and having born and raised 3 children. We regard the fact that this is overlooked by the Bailiff as pure and utter evil. The car is also a "cheap" car. That she should not be allowed to keep this car is and remains evil!

14.) The so-called excesses we have are only trivial and to the benefit of everyone. The fact that we have not received approval is only an abuse and against Norwegian law. Then when they are overall more positive than negative things, a dispensation shall be granted freely translated. The law is not set aside either, as PBE accepts walls of 1.5 meters with a drop like on our property. Our wall is at its highest about there. Also, the shed is built in good faith and with the approval of the wall. Will our property also be larger, and the level of utilization will be within. After all, we are talking about only approx. 4 m2 excess on a plot of land that is almost 1,600 m2. place such excessive emphasis on this, when PBE approves plots that have up to 70 times more overruns than us that are right next to us. Just shows this enormous discrimination which is actually Norway's record.


15.) During the trial, we want the court to come up to Stormyrveien/Krokstien to look at the conditions here. As what we have built is neither large, dominant, towering, ugly and an obstacle to traffic as some neighbors and PBE claim. On the contrary, the truth is exactly the opposite as others have built walls and other things far bigger and more dominant than us. As well as out on the road.

If we are to return the property to the way it was before, we will lose our green space to a very large extent. The natural distinction between our property and the road is blurred. We have to throw ourselves down a rope like we lived in the jungle. And we will have to replace the shed with plastic tarpaulins and pallets to cover what is currently standing safely, dry and neatly in the shed. What PBE has given us as an order, and we have received a fine of almost NOK 300,000. What they call illegal is simply evil.

16.) The public can then come and demolish the pretty and functional thing we have built? Laying a pile of soil out in the roadway with all that entails. The way we had it before? As the neighbor has today, which is, in our opinion, as ugly and disgusting as it is possible to have. We have had some on inspection, they did not want to demolish. They saw this as pure madness like that also is. https://blog.janchristensen.net/2022/12/nr-3129-det-er-ikke-til-skjnne-at-det.html

17.) When it is stated that the case against us is time-barred. And the Bailiff does not point out that this case has been tried before with the Bailiff. And found to be obsolete. Then it shows the dishonesty of the Bailiff in leading the Oslo District Court behind the scenes. This case was out of date in 2020, but is not out of date in 2022. It just shows here that the public sector is not always an objective party. But constantly trying to put the blame on us, for actually having built something fantastically beautiful. And keeps our property neat. That this should be so illegal only shows the abuse of power and authority the case is against us. The case should never have been brought to court. But we and PBE should have talked together. And get what we have built approved. Unfortunately, this will not happen, as prestige has been lost in this matter.
The most reasonable and correct thing is for us to get the wall, stairs and storage room approved.

18.) The whole case against us is revenge. Since we have been able to inflict PBE and the public individual defeat, 8 prs have endured a battle where they have tried to use all means against us. And has actually "lost" several times. Which again only shows that there are people here with the motive - revenge. https://www.sokelys.com/christensens-ulovlige-mur-plan-og-bygnningsetaten-i-oslo-gikk-pa-ei-ny-blemme/

19.) The whole scheme from the public sector is about finding fault with us. And ignore all errors with PBE and the public.

A dirty game, which we will never under any circumstances comply with all that the PBE brings. Built on lies and distortion of the truth. E.g. the drop on our property is close to 90% (vertical.)
Then PBE allows walls of 1.5 meters, not 0.5 meters which they notoriously claim applies to us.
Furthermore, our wall is well indented compared to our previous slope, which was approved. As our neighbor has today, bedriten and with stormwater.
As miserable and ugly as it is possible to make a slope. We have as nice a wall/slope as it is possible to get. It is what PBE and the public are doing that is illegal, not what we have done at all!

20.) There is almost a "lynch mob" towards us because we have spoken out. Where PBE gets "protection" for its misdeeds from all public bodies. What have we actually done? Built something awesome, which the PBE makes up is illegal. We have encountered a completely rotten and dangerous public body. Is it a bunch of Nazis or whatever it is we've encountered? For it is indeed darkness we have met, and hatred and all that is not good! We will never bow to this evil!

21.) The case against us is abuse upon abuse. When we were guided how to build the wall. Being the people we are, trusting public figures, we followed this advice. In retrospect, when we have maintained this. Are we tried in every possible way to be punished for this. What we have built has also been pointed out by John Richard Øen from Eiker Husbygg at Mjøndalen. That what we have built is something that fits in with the entire development here in Stormyrveien/Krokstien.
There is something fundamentally malicious when someone who is and maintains his innocence receives such a backlash from the public.
This upcoming trial just shows how evil these people are, unfathomable and incomprehensible. Is Oslo Municipality a GDR agency?

22.) The case is based on an assault. Where false accusations are actually made in this case. While the facts of the matter are being overlooked. Here the public acts as a police state against us.
From Wikipedia: Most police states are perceived as very unfree societies where the citizens experience a more or less constant fear of abuse from the authorities over something they have said or done (end of quote.)
Our arguments are not taken into account at all, but narrative to PBE which is nothing but a lie and distortion of fact. Will be considered. The judgment from the Oslo District Court, where district court judge Edvard Os in the judgment itself made up what happened between me and Kaja Aubert Lange, is so grave and ugly that words cannot describe the lies of Os.
It was direct free imagination! This in a judgement, it is really ugly and ridiculous the whole case against us from a to z!

23.) This matter has been blown out of all proportion, why? Because PBE and the public sector deal with incidents and pure revenge and reprisals against us. For We have exposed their folly and wickedness. And have not followed their rigid, senseless and vicious dictates. Just plain stupidity all in all. PBE appear to be a bunch of kids who are supposed to rule law-abiding and reasonable residents here in Oslo.

24.) Altogether, the whole case against us is a great, great assault. Which is power and abuse of authority that even in a dictatorship could not have done better? Or rather, worse and more vicious and downright evil!?

25.) In our case, we see public handling and manners as vulgar, absurd, primitive and excessive.
We have only built something nice and functional, which we were guided by PBE how to build.
That PBE and the public are trying in every way to break us and get us on the streets.
Is nothing but abuse of power and authority.

26.) It should also be worrisome that this case will never end until the public abuse ends. Here, PBE has already been revealed to such an extent that we will of course never voluntarily either give or accept anything other than the wall, stairs and shed being approved.

27.) Abusers like PBE and the public are against us. You just have to expect that we will not adjust to anything to our disadvantage. The whole case is an abuse of power and authority against us, of the ugliest kind.

28.) The car in question has an estimated value of NOK 150,000. We are expected to pay taxes, go to work etc. Living in a city that has declared "war" against fossil cars. Where really only electric cars are "acceptable!" Then deprive us of this car makes no sense! The car is probably a "cheap" car, which has enormous value for us. Especially for my wife who is her opportunity to live as "normal" a life as possible. At the same time, the self-esteem of being able to live free and good lives. Are we here "deprived!" For what? That we have built a great wall, as well as stairs and storage.

29.) How the public abuses us. Harassing and bullying us. This then "contagles" to other like-minded people. Blue. neighbors and others who do not understand that what we are exposed to is abuse of power and authority.

30.) When we speak up to certain people, we are bullied and harassed. Threatened to report us to the police, which again shows that some within the public sector do not understand that being confronted with their decisions reaches those like in our case. Is completely on the nose and the madness. They themselves notoriously break Norwegian law and want to protect themselves behind the law they are the world's masters at breaking. There is then nothing but to expect that they will be confronted with their evil. The fact that they then threaten to report to the police shows that people are not fit for the job they have, as they cannot stand contradiction. None of them have been threatened by us and they have threatened us.


31.) In such a case as with us, we have been promised meetings etc. They hang up when they themselves or we call them. We are the ones who have behaved professionally, while they should have behaved professionally. Are angry, hot-tempered, threatening and much more. That we should then conform to their orders after they themselves have guided us to build the wall. Surely that can't be right?


32.) We believe that a number of service errors have been committed here. The Administration Act has been notoriously broken as we have not received answers to most of our questions, or counter-questions. We are treated badly, and have to put up with it. PBE and the public sector are the professional parties here. Then one should expect more from them than us? The fact of the matter is that this is not the case in any way. Tragic, but fact in this case. https://blog.janchristensen.net/2022/01/nr-2966-det-er-min-og-min-kones.html

33.) When Paal Løvaas for Ferdigattest Byggesak A/S applied for us, he wrote the following:

After an overall assessment, in our opinion, the advantages of granting a dispensation outweigh the disadvantages.
The considerations behind the provision and purpose in the plan are not significantly disregarded. Dispensation can be granted.
The owner of the initiative is surprised that residents in the immediate area should have been granted a dispensation for a built-up store (case 201316839 – Stormyrveien 9C). We are a little unsure whether there are major differences in that case and the present case, but we at least note that here too we are talking about an illegally erected storage room and that %BYA of up to 60% was stated in the case. We also note that the plot is covered by another regulation, without us being sure how that affects the assessment criteria. We also assume that PBE has an overview of the fact that no corresponding dispensations have been granted with regard to % BYA for similar measures in the scope of the Small House Plan.
(Quote end.)

It probably says it all when, for example, neighbor in Stormyrveien has been granted a dispensation on several occasions. Your applications are similar to something you do early in the morning around the table and write a few sentences and attach a picture or two. While we have had professional applicants who have designed the whole thing as an architect. They have used the plot 57 times more than us.
PBE come across as outright criminals and get away with it?
Others get to set up walls in the order of 2, 4, 8, 10 and X number of metres.
Never leave our lives if we give in to a criminal agency!!!!!!!!!!!

Witnesses to the trial.

1.) John Richard Øen from Eiker Husbygg near Mjøndalen.

2.) Berit Nyland Christensen, Oslo.

3.) Kaja Aubert Lange, employed at PBE and our former case manager.

4.) Lena Catrine Amdal, PBE Oslo.

5.) Marius Vamnes, Employee at the State Administrator.

Mention of our case can be found online in several places.
Also on Oslo Municipality's own websites.
Look here, you are only searching for Krokstien 2 c, or another relevant search.
Here for 1 example.

The Himmelske blog, Søkelys and Extra newspaper have also written about this abuse from the public side against us.

Attaches at the end some articles and other things. As written throughout this period this abuse has taken place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would also like to point out that we have joint accounts. Legally, everything Berit's is mine, and vice versa. Dividing and making something into a separate part, which the Bailiff tries to do, does not match the actual reality. We have everything in common, children, finances, cars, houses and absolutely everything. Nothing is separate, everything is common.

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