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No. 1597: White – Christian – a married couple who stick together has become like a cocktail mix in Norway!

No. 1597:

White – Christian – a married couple who stick together has become like a cocktail mix in Norway!


Being White - Christian - a married couple who stick together has become like a cocktail mix in Norway! Are you Muslim, black or whatever you are. Then you have to count on the whole of Norway to stand with you. Are you white and Christian.
You have to count on no one, at least few standing up for you.
You are like a cocktail mix that no one dares or wants to defend or stand up for.

We, and especially I, have been exposed to some real abuse in recent years

First I had the judicial murder with Jan Aage Torp, which was a real judicial murder. I had not written or spoken anything that was punishable.
But the courts came up with their own solution, the fact that I had written "too much" and been unnecessarily harsh against Torp's sin.
That's why I was judged, because I could have been somewhat milder, but to e.g. written that Torp has such weak flesh. That he then had to be given special consideration.


Then there is the bullying I was subjected to and all the lies from the management at Unibuss

Although the management knew that I did not play loud Christian music.
Then they wanted to remove me, and unfortunately I was stupid enough to go along with this and entered into a court settlement.
Of course I should have gone to trial. But that's just the way it is now, you don't always make the right choices. But God himself says in his own word, he will take care of this.


So it is now with the planning and building agency here in Oslo, who lie and distort the facts in our case with them, in their enormous hatred and discrimination

Here we were first guided how to build. The wall is built flush with the fall that is on the property. The natural fall. PBE lies here about everything, absolutely everything!
They don't even remember where and when they guided us. Nothing they remember or write is true, they are thoroughly corrupt.
They lie and distort everything, and when we oppose them. So either they don't answer, and when they do answer. Are they just running on their lies and distortion of the facts in the case.
The wall is towering, the fall on the property does not exist. It's just really, really amazing, they don't really write a true sentence.
Just lie, lie and go rogue streaks.
Overrun us and now we must pay almost NOK 300,000 in fines and whatever they come up with in their hatred and criminal behavior towards us.


White – Christian – a married couple who stick together has become like a cocktail mix in Norway!

What built Norway and Western civilization, which, despite all its faults and shortcomings, is surely the best that has been produced by mankind?
There were Christian people, can you say that most were white? Nothing negative about others meant. But my point, if one is today in Norway in 2022.
This is how it has now become - put at the forefront. Here, if a white Christian comes to the fore, there is no one to support but the other way around.
Is an e.g. Muslim - no matter what - the whole of Norway throws at him/her who, in one way or another, should think of saying something against this person.
We saw that just now when Atle Antonsen, drunk, said something unfavorable to the Muslim activist Sumaya Jirde Ali. Shouldn't comment re this, just note that again and again Muslims and others are defended to the extent that they are far above us Christians and white Norwegians?
I don't know, but that I, as a white Christian Norwegian/Danish man, am in a bad position.
I have now really realized that!

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