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No. 1535: Even though the Oslo Chancellery Office cannot demand money from us, we want to get this into legal forms that the LAW FIRM NICOLAISEN and Lawyer Ole Sperre will help us with!

No. 1535:
Even though the Oslo Chancellery Office cannot demand money from us, we want to get this into legal forms that the LAW FIRM NICOLAISEN and Lawyer Ole Sperre will help us with!

The Oslo bailiff's office says that the claim against us is obsolete, so that no one can legally withdraw us for money due to what PBE claims is an illegality.
The truth is that PBE and the public sector have been abusing power and authority against us completely, completely, completely unnecessarily.
That we will have to tear down the wall, stairs and living room is totally meaningless.
Our wall that now PBE wants to get removed, which is a totally paranoid schizophrenia and meaningless battle.
It is located on a straight stretch, no wall in the city of Oslo is better and more "legal".

Here the emails are now sent to PBE.

From: Ole Sperre <ole.sperre@advonico.no>
Sent: Tuesday 25 August 2020 11.48
To: PBE Postmottak
Copy: 'real estatedata@gmail.com'; 'Jan Kaare Christensen'
Subject: Application for postponement of payment deadline coercive fine - Krokstien 2c, Jan Kåre
Attachment: 200825 Application for postponement.docx
Categories: Urgent
We refer to case with ref no. 201510929 and conversations with PBE case officer, Agnes.
Attached is an application for postponement of the payment deadline coercive fine which is set for 1.9.2020.
The background for the application is that it is now being planned from a professional point of view how the correction order can be fulfilled.
We will return soon with suggestions for correction and welcome input or inspection from the agency in it
When the matter has been rectified, we will apply to the municipality for it to waive the coercive fine, cf. Pal § 32-5 last
With best regards
Ole Sperre
Lawyer MNA

Applicant: Jan Kåre and Berit Christensen K- no: 15082020
Address: Krokstien 2C, 0672 Oslo Date: 12.08.2020
Prepared by: Sara Caroline Christensen Performed KS: SCC

Application for postponement

Reference is made to letter dated 07.08.2020 (their ref.:BYR-D144-HAQC) regarding further
case processing of the urban environment agency's decision on the placement of a wall on Krokstien 2c,
U.S. Patent No. 143/104.
In the above-mentioned letter, the Urban Environment Agency writes that the location of the wall cannot be approved. In connection with this, a coercive fine has also been issued, after which the next due date is set for 1 September 2020.
As explained over the phone with the case officer of this case, we want to work towards a solution so that development on the property becomes legal. As of today, we are in the process of making project drawings for any solutions on the property. It is also a wish on our part that the urban environment agency provides input to these before we engage a contractor.
However, we need a little more time for this work, and therefore ask for a postponement
due date for the coercive fine due 1 September to 1.1.2021. Also refers to the fact that we have been in contact with the contractor, respectively Runar Larsson in Anlegg and Eiendomsutvikling AS. He understands the case and the work that needs to be done on the property.
We thank you for the good dialogue with the Urban Environment Agency, and hope to be able to continue like this in the future.
For future inquiries, please contact:
Sara Caroline Christensen (eignomsdata@gmail.com) or
lawyer Ole Sperre tel. 94858228 (ole@advonico.no)

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