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No. 1445: My answer to the review, which is fortunately left by Jan Aage Torp's poodle and the loath to Torodd Bird Bird!

No. 1445:
My answer to the review, which is fortunately left by Jan Aage Torp's poodle and the loath to Torodd Bird Bird!

Picture of Ansgar Braut (Arnt Arnesen from Stavanger), who has operated next to Torodd Fuglesteg against me and my family at the roughest.
Where I do not want to reproduce everything they have written, not least on Searchlight and the fake Smyrna blog.

This they write in Searchlight, which I answer here in this article.
Where I write Searchlight first and my answer afterwards.


On Thursday, a letter appeared from the Oslo Politics Chamber to blogger Jan Kåre Christensen. The Evangelist and Bible Teacher are, as is known, condemned to have harassed and incarcerated pastor Jan-Aage Torp because he is divorced and married again, was mildly surprised by the writing that told him he had been notified and the case closed. In connection with the much-discussed case about Torp and Christensen, a relatively tough verbal exchange between Christensen and readers who responded to Christensen's opinions was exchanged. One of those who was involved in the discussion with Christensen was Torodd Fuglesteg, who in retrospect has been stamped on Christensen's blogs "as Norway's worst nettroll." Christensen has even well so far that he has repeatedly claimed that Bird's Nest wants him dead and buried. Birdcutters in April were tired of finding their name and picture featured on Christensen's blogs with these statements published in public, and then went to the step of police notifying blogger Jan Kåre Christensen for cybercrime. A notification that has been dropped by the police due to lack of capacity. However, Fuglesteg refuses to accept the cancellation and now considers complaining to the public prosecutor and demanding that the Oslo police be ordered to investigate the harassment against him.

I have never claimed this in such a way as described here by Kjell Andersen. But that Torodd Fuglesteg uttered goals with the feud between me and the evil trinity (Ansgar Braut, Torodd Fuglesteg and Jan Aage Torp have been that I shall either be hanged or hang myself, which TF has written repeatedly).
Torodd wrote this:
"The purpose of these records is to give JKC enough rope to dangle in. Thus, the mission is complete."

Look here:

I am not convicted, but have been given a copy that the court has confirmed. And it wasn't for the harassment, but a form of persecution when I had written "too much" about Torp. This claim and the judgment I disputed in Borgarting Court of Appeal. Fortunately, I picked it up so that judge Øystein Hermansen was revealed as a liar because when he wrote the verdict he claimed that no one disputed the number that was the basis of the judgment against me from Oslo District Court.


I have been told that my police report by Jan Kåre Christensen on April 29 has been dropped due to lack of capacity at the police.
The review was made after Jan Kåre Christensen has for a long time harassed me on his blog with claims that I want him to be killed and that is Norway's largest and worst online control.

Both of these claims by Jan Kåre Christensen are pure lies. Something he knows very well though. Despite knowing this, he continues in his blog to perform these lies. I myself have a clean record and I actively contribute to spreading joy as well as I can through the Internet and elsewhere. Something that is facts based on the websites I run and the websites I contribute. It is the fact that I do not engage in trolling and cyberbullying.
Jan Kåre Christensen is one of Norway's very few, a handful, sentenced online troll who have the habit of harassing everyone who comes his way (unless they are convicted of sexual abuse or associated with such pitiful behavior). It is his neighbors and the Christian leaders who have tried to be objective, friendly with him. It is fact that Jan Kåre Christensen has not contributed anything to the Internet and to his neighborhood. His only contribution is harassment and terror.


One thing no one can say about me is that I'm doing terror. Never visited a single person, much less driven by terror.


Blogger Jan Kåre Christensen received a message from the police on Thursday that a reported case against him was dropped due to lack of capacity. This decision can be made by the public prosecutor.


So nice, the big hooder here is above all Torodd Birdies himself.
Enter here and search for Torodd Birdcage, you find quite a lot:


Despite the verdict against him as the review from Jan-Aage Torp entailed, this proven internet troll Jan Kåre Christensen has continued as before with an activity that is criminal. As a law-abiding citizen, I do not want to put on the lies that he has spread about me, and that I want the legal community to again mark Jan Kåre Christensen that his activities are not acceptable. The police have left valgae to see the other way and let this convicted nettroll Jan Kåre Christensen continue as before. That's okay. But then, as law-abiding citizens, one has to ask themselves what kind of protection one has against an uninhibited criminal web control such as Jan Kåre Christensen, who totally lacks any moral and ethical standards. I conclude that law-abiding citizens do not have protection against terror and harassment from such criminal individuals.


The description that Torodd Fuglesteg here gives to himself and to me is to change us. I am the law-abiding and run a serious blog and website. Whilst bird-pecking is engaged in harassment and satire that is evil on the fake Smyrna blog.


More than that, it is not to say about this matter on my part, even though the proven criminal web control Jan Kåre Christensen will probably continue to spread his lies. His life is nothing but harassment and terrorism. Something I take note of. Sad, but this is the life of this web controller. So we who, in poor capacity, live in joy over life, continue to spread joy and knowledge to our fellow human beings and our society.


When repeatedly saying I am engaged in terrorism, then one quickly realizes that such people cannot be taken seriously.
Then everything but also writing must be taken with a "pinch" of salt. Such a thing as being online and everything else. I am anything but web control, when I write with open profile and anyone who can contact me.
But Torodd himself, is exactly the net control he himself describes me as.

Facts speak for themselves, writes Fuglesteg in an utterance after it became clear that Oslo police station has dropped his review. However, the State Attorney risks getting the deposited case on the table, if Fuglesteg and his lawyer choose to appeal the decision. Christensen, on his own, writes on his own blog that "Torodd Bird Bird only follows his" teaching father "who, according to Christensen, is Jan-Aage Torp who is also awarded the title" The Origin of Evil. "- A title which according to Scripture is reserved for the devil himself.


That I compare Torp with the Devil is not badly observed. When I consider that Jan Aage Torp is the origin of all this misery that has spread between me and Jan Aage Torp and his poodles and lackies over the past 5 years. Bird climbing is just like a "demon" to count!
Well, those people who ravage, hold on and actually do net terror and have managed to stir up both the police and the courts against me and the heavenly blog. That there are dark forces behind, it is safe and certain.

From my blog I take the latest that I am accused of having reviewed the website Searchlight and Kjell Andersen. As far as I can remember and know per. today without saying with 100% certainty I have only mentioned Searchlight and Kjell Andersen.
I believe that Randi Ingwersen reported Searchlight and Kjell Andersen when he allowed eg. Ansgar Braut (Arnt Arnesen from Stavanger), Torodd Fuglesteg and Jan Aage Torp write freely what they believed and thought that was nothing but bullying and harassment!

Final Comment:

This writes Kjell Andersen referred to Torodd Fuglesteg's statements:
"A review that has been dropped by police due to lack of capacity. However, Fuglesteg refuses to accept the cancellation and now considers complaining to the public prosecutor and demanding that the Oslo police be ordered to investigate the harassment against him. "

This is the very last thing I fear, since tomorrow I will come up with a counter-notification against Torodd Fuglesteg.
Want to see what they say in Greenland police station when they have holiday resort at Manglerud police station which is the police closest and best in terms of where we live.
Pray for us, me and my family who have been subjected to this untimely and evil pressure from those people who are only engaged in a purity game where they really want to kill my preaching of the word of God. Not least my preaching of the marriage that Jan Aage Torp hates me for having pointed out in the word of God, he has no right to enter into a new marriage as long as his first and then right wife lives!

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