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No. 1444: Article from Spotlight that sheds new light on the rude and nasty person this "right hand" of Jan Aage Torp is!

No. 1444:
Article from Spotlight that sheds new light on the rude and nasty person this "right hand" of Jan Aage Torp is!

We are probably talking about Norway's largest and worst online control. Will answer in the next article that I will probably post on Monday when I work this weekend.

Picture of Torodd Fuglesteg.

Article from Sokelys.


Blogger Christensen reviewed again - police dismiss the case with the victim will appeal to the public prosecutor!

On Thursday, a letter from the Oslo Politics Chamber appeared to blogger Jan Kåre Christensen, who was previously convicted of harassing and hating pastor Jan Aage Torp for several years because this is divorced and married again. In connection with the much-discussed case, a relatively tough verbal exchange between Christensen and readers who reacted to Christensen's repeated writings was exchanged.

One of those who was involved in the wording with Christensen was Torodd Fuglesteg, who in retrospect has been stamped on Christensen's blogs with claims that he is Norway's largest online control and that he wants Christensen dead. In April, Torodd Fuglesteg got tired of finding his name and picture with these statements published in public, and then went to the step of police notifying blogger Jan Kåre Christensen for webjikan. A notification that has been dropped by the police due to lack of capacity. However, Fuglesteg refuses to accept the cancellation and now considers complaining to the state lawyer and requires that the Oslo police be ordered to investigate the notification.

I have been told that my police report by Jan Kåre Christensen on April 29 has been dropped due to lack of capacity at the police.

The review was made after Jan Kåre Christensen has for a long time harassed me on his blog with claims that I want him to be killed and that is Norway's biggest and worst nettroll.

Both of these claims by Jan Kåre Christensen are pure lies. Something he knows very well though. Despite knowing this, he continues in his blog to perform these lies. I myself have a clean record and I actively contribute to spreading joy as well as I can through the Internet and elsewhere. Something that is facts based on the websites I run and the websites I contribute. It is the fact that I do not engage in trolling and cyberbullying.

Jan Kåre Christensen is one of Norway's very few, a handful, sentenced online troll who have the habit of harassing everyone who comes his way (unless they are convicted of sexual abuse or associated with such pitiful behavior). It is his neighbors and the Christian leaders who have tried to be objective, friendly with him. It is fact that Jan Kåre Christensen has not contributed anything to the Internet and to his neighborhood. His only contribution is harassment and terror.

Despite the verdict against him as the review from Jan-Aage Torp entailed, this proven internet troll Jan Kåre Christensen has continued as before with an activity that is criminal. As a law-abiding citizen, I do not want to put on the lies that he has spread about me, and that I want the legal community to again mark Jan Kåre Christensen that his activities are not acceptable.

The police have again chosen to look the other way and let this convicted net controller Jan Kåre Christensen continue as before. That's okay. But then, as law-abiding citizens, one has to ask themselves what kind of protection one has against an uninhibited criminal web control such as Jan Kåre Christensen, who totally lacks any moral and ethical standards. I conclude that law-abiding citizens do not have protection against terror and harassment from such criminal individuals.

More than that, it is not to say about this matter on my part, even though the proven criminal web control Jan Kåre Christensen will probably continue to spread his lies. His life is nothing but harassment and terrorism. Something I take note of. Sad, but this is the life of this web controller. So we who, in poor capacity, live in joy over life, continue to spread joy and knowledge to our fellow human beings and our society.

Facts speak for themselves, writes Fuglesteg in an utterance after it became clear that Oslo police station has dropped his review. However, the State Attorney risks getting the deposited case on the table, if Fuglesteg and his lawyer choose to appeal the detention bill.

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