fredag 5. juli 2019

No. 1442: Another new police Review - closed!

No. 1442:
Another new police
Review - closed!

Got a letter in from the police again, yesterday!
Then there was a police report, happened April 29 this year and the crime scene Krokstien 2 c.
This was Monday, 1 week after Easter, it's really all I know.

I rushed to the police and they said I could know all about the case if I came down on guard at the police.
Manglerud police chamber is closest to us, but they have the summer conference.
Then I was down at Greenland police station and talked to guardians.
Then I got the counter message, I had to apply for access to the case.
There is the case now, I do not know more about this matter than you who read this.
I have been reported to the police. This happened on Wednesday, April 24, this year, and the scene is Krokstien 2 c where we live.
The relationship is ruthless behavior, but who does it mind I don't mind?

The positive thing about the case being that the police for the first time reject a review of me. Unfortunately, they usually always believe in the thugs and lies to me, then it's not easy!
But here's the case at least not something they go on with without the anchor in question. What it is for, who etc. I have now requested access to, and it will be exciting to hear what this is about this time!

Still pray for me and my family, it is obviously the Evil One who is behind all that has come against me and my family in recent years.
But it is good to know that we have one with us that is stronger than he who is in the world. Therefore, we also experience victory, joy, and strength in all that comes to us in the name of Jesus!

1 Joh.b. 5. 4 For all that is born of God overcomes the world; And this is the victory that has prevailed over the world: our faith. 5 Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?

The picture of the review.

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