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No. 1659: It must be quite obvious that the same minds that were in Saul are in Jan Aage Torp as they both persecute believers with the goal of being punished, convicted and imprisoned!

No. 1659:It must be quite obvious that the same minds that were in Saul are in Jan Aage Torp as they both persecute believers with the goal of being punished, convicted and imprisoned!
Picture of Jesus as Narreapostel Jan Aage Torp pursues. We read about when Jesus revealed himself to Saul, so we know he pursued the believers. But what did Jesus say? That he pursued him. This is what Narreapostel Torp does, and the judgment is obviously going to be hard, strong and intense if he should not repent.

The word of God is very clear that reporting other believers is directly contrary to God's will, of course, Satan loves this.
This as a narrator Jan Aage Torp has done to go to the police with a fictional review and lie in Oslo Tingrett witnesses of a person ruled by the same powers that Saul was ruled before becoming a Christian.
We read about Saul who later became Paul for pursuing the believers and wanted them punished, convicted, in jail and death. The same as Torp and his co-workers have as goal with me, which in turn tells us that this is not God, but the Evil who have free space!
When Stephen was killed and stoned, Saul stood and held the clothes of those who stoned him. In other words, Saul was a dear Devil as Jan Aage Torp is Saul before he was saved and Torp is ruled by the same powers of breath.
Acts 8. 1. Saul agreed to him in the murder. But on that day there was a great persecution against the church in Jerusalem, and they were all scattered over the land of Judea and Samaria, except the apostles. 2 But some godly men buried Stephen and held a great blow upon him. 3 But Saul raided the church, and went into houses by house, and drew both men and women, and cast them into prison.
22. 19 Then I said, Lord! they know that I threw in prison and dirt around the synagogues of those who believed in you. 20 And when the blood of Stephen your witness was poured out, I also agreed with it and took care of the clothes of those who beat kill him
Saul was fulfilled by hatred against the Christians as Jan Aage Torp is fulfilled by hatred against me and the heavenly blog because we proclaim to marry again as Christians are sin, adultery and marriages!
Saul and Narrator Jan Aage Torp have many common features when they want prison, death and they go to worldly authorities to seek support in their dark and dark struggle against the believers. They are like twin boys Jan Aage Torp and Paul before he was born again. The hatred, the darkness and the extreme are with them both!
What does the script say about notifying others? It is pretty clear when God is our judge and the congregation will deal with controversies and inconsistencies with brothers and sisters in the faith in Jesus.
Jan Aage Torp did not care about this, as his hatred to me and the heavenly blog are so strong and intense. That it is the same hatred that was in Saul before he was saved. We read about him that he did everything he could to stop the Christians, if he hated their preaching everywhere in this world.This is like a narrator Jan Aage Torp, he hates me and the heavenly blog all over this world!
Acts 9 1. But Saul continued to be threatened and murdered against the disciples of the Lord, and he went to the high priest 2 and asked him for letters to Damascus, to the synagogues there, as if he found someone who heard the way of God, both men and women, He could then make them bound to Jerusalem. 3 But on the journey he came near to Damascus, and beamed a light from heaven about him. 4 And he fell to the ground, and heard a voice that said to him, Saul! Saul! why are you persecuting me? 5 He said, Who are you, Lord? And he answered, "I am Jesus, the one you pursue." 6 But get up and go into the city, and it will be told you what you have to do! 7 But the men who stood with him were afraid, because they heard the voice, but saw no one. 8 Then Saul arose from the earth; but when he opened his eyes, he saw nothing; They led him by hand and led him into Damascus. 9 And in three days he was without vision, neither ate nor drank.
We read about when Jesus revealed himself to Saul, so we know he pursued the believers. But what did Jesus say? That he pursued him. This is what Narreapostel Torp does, and the judgment is obviously going to be hard, strong and intense if he should not repent.
Listen here, what Jesus says, "I am Jesus, the one you pursue."
When narrator Jan Aage Torp (pictured) is a devil like Saul before he was saved, Torp is ruled by the same Spirit powers.

Saul got mercy to repent, but what about narrator Torp? The Bible says the following about him.
2 Pet. 2. 20 For if they have fled from the impurity of the world by teaching our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to know, and again, to catch it and lay under it, then the latter has become worse with them than the first . 21 For it was better for them that they had not known the way of righteousness, than that they knew it, and turned away from the holy commandment which was delivered to them.

22 It's gone to those who say the true saying: The dog turns to its own spy and the washed so turns into mud. It's worse set with narrator Jan Aage Torp than it was with Saul when he had never learned Jesus to Knowing! The powers prevail in Torp as they are completely would be quite obvious when he to those degrees can accept God's word to sign me with a fictional review and lie in Oslo Tingrett about the number that is completely beyond without mentioning that this is The man must obviously be demonized and under them with his life when he lives alive and fictitious reviews that the word of God warns against doing. This does not matter to yourself without being disturbed by the powers and powers of darkness and the wicked. 1 Cor. 6. 1. Does any of you warn when he has a case against his neighbor, seeking them from the unrighteous and not of the saints? 2 Or do you not know that the Saints should judge the world? and if the world is judged by you, are you unworthy to judge in the least things? 3 Do not you know that we are going to judge angels? how much more then in timely things! 4 When you have things about temporal things, then you put them to judges who are unaware of anything in the congregation! 5 To shame on you I say so. So there is not a certain man among you, not one who can distinguish thirteen from his brother? 6 But brother leads cause to brother, and for the court of lawyer! 7 It is already a loss for you to have things against each other. Why do not you suffer injustice? Why do you not harm either? What is the character of narrator Jan Aage Torp? A very passion for the matters he "burns" for. While those who do not match him with what is said in the word of God, he "laughs" happily. In other words, this is the classic hypocrisy that Torp operates. The script says that we will not marry again after divorce, We will not report to our Christian brothers, we will not exploit other people. Yes, all this +++ much more tells us that we are faced with a man who can "fronte" Christian truths one day. The next day, he lives just as Satan pleases. There is no doubt that Torp is either infiltrated or obsessed. As the scripture clearly states that if one lives as a torp, one will give Satan an opening of his life seven times worse than before he was saved! Luke 11. 24 When the unclean spirit is gone out of a human being, it passes through dry places and seeking rest, and when it can not find it, it says: I will return to my house as I left. 25 And when it cometh thither, it findeth it sweeping and adorned. 26 Then it goes away and brings with it seven other spirits worse than himself, and they go in and live there, and the last one gets worse with that person than the first .Narreapostel Jan Aage Torp stands for all that Satan stands for , he can "swing" beyond the words of God that does not "match" him. But is very careful on other sides of the word of God, as he can fronts. He is simply an Antichrist saying the word of God by "replacing" things all the time for his benefit! We will subordinate to our powers, but we shall not report anyone who calls Christians either. In other words, Torp puts "excessive" emphasis on some words of God, and "jumps" over others, he is revealed by the same Spirit as Saul was in, opposed to God and his words! When God's Word says that we as believers do not should report each other, so it is important that we follow the word of this god. Or, we'll live our lives under Torp's reunion now, notify me of a fictional review, as it is my view of reverberation like Torp hater! During meetings at AA Allen demons were expelled and one Once upon a time, the demons are scared "We once lived in Saul from Tarsus." It is possible that the same demons who have now occupied Torp have the same attitude that Saul had before he was saved and demonized. Just listen here. From our country! Christensen says he will not meet you in the Conflict Council? - If he does not voluntarily join a scheme and removes everything from the web pages and limits himself to general views, I wish the police to take charges and ask he for trial. I have no hesitation that he has to son. Here Jan Aage Torp has gone with a fictional review, false accusations. He is even a "world champion" in chanting me and dreaming of others! Then he wants me a prison, another place he wrote 2 years imprisonment. I point out that he is a narratist, wizard and a false apostle! There's nothing to wonder about? Final comment: When the script says that we should not report each other, then it is for obvious reasons. Firstly, the world does not understand spiritual conflicts, but it does one in the church. To report, it was like throwing meat pieces into a predator. They were ready right away to get me. The police, the courts and others have behaved to me in the most primitive and fraudulent manner. They have only had an agenda, judging by it, is as "small" as possible. A judgment against me has been the agenda no. 1 even though the actual trial and everything is a lie story from beginning to end! I've only written "miles" in front of freedom of belief and expression, but they found out that I had written "too much" to get me. This was not in the actual sentence or was dealt with in court, with this they sentenced me for even though I in Borgarting Court of Appeal said that Torp numbers are not documented and they are completely beyond. This is Norway's "rottenest" judgment, and a father is the trial process against me and the heavenly blog! Narreapostel Jan Aage Torp "jumps" bows over God's word and always takes "shortcuts" and the easiest way when it's in his favor. This did Saul before he was saved, so does Torp live today! We can certainly find out that Torp is highly demonized as Saul was before he was saved. And it is not an impossibility either that there are the same powers that once lived in Saul as he became free from. They now live in Torp's life when he, like Saul, draws the Christians to the authority and has no hesitation in them to sunken them so that he can get "sunbathed" in the shine. But Torp does not obviously know what is left in his life , there is no progress or revival. But they are stupid when he pursues Jesus!

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