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No. 1573: The case against me is a direct justice word, so it is so important that it comes up for the Strasbourg Human Rights Court, and I am acquitted to ensure freedom of belief and expression!

No. 1573:
The case against me is a direct justice word, so it is so important that it comes up for the Strasbourg Human Rights Court, and I am acquitted to ensure freedom of belief and expression!

Picture of Jesus, as they really pursue Norwegian authorities, not me !!
I have only kept the word of God, and then one is hated - for the sake of Jesus!
Had I been Muslim, Sikh or Common Norwegian Gentile, nobody had cared about what I wrote. Far less punishment, but as believers we will be persecuted for the sake of Jesus! It's just a healthy sign that we are living Christians and proclaim the message of truth.

The word justism is when a person is convicted of a crime that person has not committed. The word justism word was first used on "criminals" who were wrongly sentenced to death penalty, hence justism. But since the death penalty no longer exists in Norway and has been settled in several places in the world, the word is now used on all denominations of persons wrongly convicted in a criminal case.
From what the newspaper Our Country writes:
Call pastor psychopath and cheer
Blogger Jan Kåre Christensen has to pay 12,000 kroner to have a chancellor Jan-Aage Torp.
It settled Oslo district court on Monday. Christensen was charged with violating Jan-Aage Torp's "peace".
The reason is that Christensen has mentioned Torp in strong words on his own blog, and among other things called the pastor of psychopathy, horebukk, narsissist and horkarl.Christensen believes Torp is living in sin because he has married again.
The court believes Jan Kåre Christensen seems to be driven by a "personal pursuit motive", writes Our Land.
"The court also believes that the statements in general have moved far beyond religious and religious criticism, as well as the form of harassment and harassment of persecution. This is, after the Court's view, both reckless and highly blameless behavior ", it is stated in the judgment.
Jan-Aage Torp promoted a claim for reimbursement of NOK 30-50,000 through his assistance attorney. This does not allow the accused to pay, among other things because, according to the court, "Torp has contributed to escalating and lengthening the conflict in its statements of defendants."
In addition to the boat, Christensen must pay costs of 3,000 kroner. He tells Our Country that he believes the sentence is a form of justice words and that he will appeal it.
(Quote ending).
What makes this case so special, that's what I've been convicted of in 2 courts - the amount of what I've written - has not been addressed in court for the first time!
The judgment against me is as bad as we find in Congo, Saudi Arabia or North Korea!
We have a very good law here in Norway, but this judgment against me is as bad as it is in a dictatorship state. How can this be done? Of course it is completely unheard of!
The scripture says:
Jeremiah 17. 9 Deceitful is the heart, more than anything else, and evil is it; Who knows it?
Had I been Muslim, Sikh or usual Norwegian Gentile, the police did not bother at all. And had they bothered, had this been the first page of all newspapers and on TV and Radio that a Norwegian citizen was harassed by Norwegian authorities then what Torp and his disciples wrote about me are far worse and much, much more! It's a regular justice word!
But what do we see? No one cares, it's just an extreme Christian who keeps the word of God.
Then it is mostly allowed, something Jesus himself said we had to count on.
Joh. 7. 7 The world can not hate you; But I hate it because I testify that its deeds are evil.
15. 18 When the world hates you, you shall know that it has hated me before you. 19 If you were of the world, the world would love its own; But because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you from the world, therefore the world hates you.
A Muslim, Sikh or Norwegian Gentile hate they do not say Jesus, but we Jesus Christ believers they will hate as the world hates Christ Himself!
What Jan Aage Torp and his disciples have written and spoken against me surpass me many times, but I will be taken and punished. Even though I have now been convicted of not having been dealt with in the Norwegian court, even though the case has now gone through the entire judicial system.
I know that in this case, I and my family are subjected to gross abuse, but we are getting the "pimple".
We must see this case with three actors. There two oppose one.
I have had those who have spoken my case, but I have told them all, do not stand up and defend me. Because then you will be posted with your entire life story online. Either on Searchlight or the False Smyrna blog.
I have said that Torp is a whore and psychopath, something that is no doubt at all.
Torp again has called me for stalker, light bulbs, HateBlogger and Anders Behring Brevik trailer etc.
So, all those who support Torp have two people sticking out. There are Torodd Birdsteg and Ansgar Braut who have written so much ugly and crazy about someone I have never read about anyone else online. I should have been lobotomert, I'm lobotomert. I am autistic or asperger syndrome or tourette syndrome. I am mad, Jan Kåre Christensen, a mentally retarded person, and I can write a book about all that I and my family have been called.
Yes, if what I have written is 1 month. Prison which is the lifetime sentence of these two and Torp should have been burdened for its terrible childhood education!
What have I been called by Ansgar Braut, Torodd Fuglesteg, Bjørn Storm Johansen and others who hate me and my family? Something I have mentioned, but mention something more here:
JKC only understands raw power. The purpose of these posts has been to give JKC enough ropes to dive in. Thus the mission is complete.
In other words, these people have as a goal to kill and kill me!
Furthermore, they write the following:
I should have been lobotomert, I'm lobotomert. I am autistic or asperger syndrome or tourette syndrome. I am mad, Jan Kåre Christensen, a mentally retarded person.Christensen should be enforced and closed department. Christensen should be forced into prison houses. Christensen should be forced to put in place as he is a danger to others etc.
Here I am so dangerous that I will be posting, then with compulsion!
Moreover, these quarrels and online roles write about me:
I note that there is a marginal sect consisting of his cohabited wife, founder of the extremist party of Norway's Christian, and one who supports Jan Kåre Christensen!
It would almost be strange if there were no three people in this country who share JKC's lissom-Christian views and are as confused and disturbed as him!
I have had one wife and she is everything else a coward, just this passage here is far beyond what I have spoken and written.
Furthermore, they write:
Jan Kåre; You're a loser, the crazy man JKC. Everyone wants to see that JKC is totally out of mental balance. I think he certainly should not get peace from his wrongdoings.
Here we are at the heart of the matter, Jan Aage Torp writes on his blog that I am Norway's safest stalker and here it is written by these two online roles that I will not get peace.In other words, I have never ever visited Jan Aage Torp either privately or in a context of meeting. I've only met him when our roads crossed the Pentecostal movement.Otherwise never. But these people can seek me, but I do not.
Jan Aage Torp has contacted me on several occasions, but I never with him. That was exactly what Brynjar Meling had as the main argument during the trial that I only wrote and spoke for those who sought me and the heavenly blog. Then I can not be judged and punished by the section that the police use. The whole thing against me is nothing but a plot from a to!
Furthermore, they write:
Anders Behring Brevik fan, twin soul, sequel and child murder supporter! Jan Kåre Christensen has shown absolutely zero sympathy for the murdered youths and their families.
Much of this is probably due to the fact that Jan Kåre Christensen in Anders Behring Brevik instinctively knows a related soul. A twin soul.
And when we see what Jan Kåre Christensen writes about himself and others, they automatically get associations with Anders Behring Breivik's manifesto.
It is the same view of men and the same view of oneself.
Much of this is alike and it is only the degree of personality disorder that separates them.
Anders Behring Breivik lived out his narcissism with weapons. Jan Kåre Christensen with his blog.
The common features of their respective serious form of narcissism are that both believe that they are great people and that they require the outside world to regard them as great, great people. If not, it will be a mess. And both have made trouble. Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people. Jan Kåre Christensen has driven his blog where he has harassed the same number of people in his quest for admiration and status as a big man.
And yes, I see great commonality between these two individuals. Far more common strings than things that divide them.
Longer than this is not possible to sink!
Furthermore, they write:
Jan Kåre Christensen mentally retarded?
May 30, 2015 Smyrna Church in Oslo
We have received eight emails with just this question. Let me answer these eight people and others who wonder exactly this but have not asked us.
Is our very well-appointed pastor Jan Kåre Christensen a mentally retarded person?
He is reasonably well in practical questions like driving a bus and nobody has complained about him there. He is actually a good bus driver, very popular among his Muslim and Catholic colleagues.
But purely intellectually, he is what you can call mentally backward. He understands about 50 words. The rest of the words he uses in his own blog and in his many posts in the searchlight blog is a clean guessing song from his side.
His understanding of the concepts of morality and ethics is also diffuse and unclear. He is a pastor because he has pinned Bible verses without fully understanding them. He's understanding of the Bible is also diffuse and he survives by copying and stealing quotes and material from those who understand the Bible.
In a regular conversation, he comes to short because he does not quite know what he is talking about. We let him talk every Sunday and otherwise we keep something away from him when his contribution to any conversation and discussion is in the best case very limited.
There is therefore no doubt that he is mentally retarded. But it is just plain and mentally retarded, which are God's sentient servants to us humans. It is these simple souls without any noteworthy under the apex that best convey the word of God. If you use a microphone, you do not expect that microphone also to function as a dishwasher and an oven. That is how Jan Kåre Christensen is. A microphone without any kind of other benefit to God.
Longer than this is not possible to sink or to come!
Furthermore, they write:
This child murderer supports the apostle. There is no doubt that Jan Kåre Christensen is a Anders Behring Breivik fan.
We have revealed you as the liar, thief, child murder sympathizer, deceiver and self-appointed 'apostle' you are, Jan Kåre Christensen.
You are a tragic figure. He's a pitiful little figure.
Your spouse Berit Nyland Christensen fetched her husband from Denmark. Is she, too, a jerk?
We have revealed you as the liar, thief, child murder sympathizer, deceiver and self-appointed 'apostle', Jan Kåre Christensen.
A man who has sympathy for a child murderer and mass murderer.
I am very glad to avoid being present in a home where the Prophet is more concerned with a massacre than he is concerned with all the people who were killed, injured or traumatized by the massacre.
Then we know that Jan Kåre Christensen believes that remorse is a greater sin than killing. A pity he has been trivialized and impassioned throughout this debate.
Here I am lied in the worst possible and imaginable way of slowing down the killing and claiming that the remover is worse than killing. This is dirty by Jan Aage Torp's "poodle" and "lakeier" to claim.
These two, + some others write the following. All of this, I can document where and when it is written, but for it to be readable. Then I only write the sentences and words:
- Jan Kåre Christensen has admitted to have great sympathy with the child murderer and terrorist Anders Behring Breivik.
- Jan Kåre Christensen has admitted being a follower and successor to Anders Behring Breivik.
Of course, I have never been close to thinking and claiming!
Furthermore, they write:
We call that blog from the abyss. We call that blog the hell blog.
We call that blog's spam blog. We call that blog Anders Behring Breivik blog! Mentally reclaimed sewage blog.
Finally, it seems to be an action against Jan K.'s blog.
Glad someone tries to stop him.
I would like to advise this lady who defends the Smyrna man (Randi Ingwersen).
She sounds completely brainwashed, manipulated and guided by him, and I encourage her to trust her own judgment more. She does not even dare answer some simple questions, but draws attention to the apostle's instruction.
You see, I've said to everyone who supports me in the public space. Do not write anything about me because the polder at Manglerud is holding these killing rings that show that they are on the same level!
Furthermore, they write:
In the end, he is nothing but a poor man with a storm's gale and a mental illness that no medication or treatment can cure. A man who identifies himself with Anders Behring Breivik and who has more sympathy for this abominable child murderer than with his victims.
The one who is concerned with sex and abdomen is YOU, Jan Kåre Christensen.
There is hardly anybody in all of Norway who has sex on your mind like you and who loves digging in other people's abdomen.
This and the like I hear again and again when I warn against relegation. Talk about being unfinished.
They write the following:
Reproduction is worse than killing, theft, fraud and lying, cf. the teachings of Jan Kåre Christensen. It's an original version of God's word, one can say. Like originals like satanism.
I think you look very much like this child murderer in what you write here and in your blog. The same type of reality, the same monomania, the same delusion of grandeur, the same insane thoughts about a self-same type of lack of empathy for children and others.
You know very well what you wrote, Jan Kåre Christensen. I see no reason to repeat your hateful, untruthful opinions about Utøya and the Government Quarter. Those who know some of those who became innocent who accidentally passed by know the evil spirit from your mouth.
Stripped to the skin for honor and dignity, it stands back a little pitiful and evil man. He steals, lies and deceives. He destroys for God's sake, but unfortunately does not have the ability to see it.
You are crazy, evil, demonized, nauseating, nasty, lizards, psychopaths, etc. etc. These are the stamps you stumble around with support and still. Your blog is filled with such names by all others as you hate and spit out your curses against. We realize that people can not take up the discussion with you and therefore choose to leave.
Christensen is an evil, nasty, nauseous and demon-influenced light-lover. Hallik is he too.
He is obsessed with women and wants a new wife.
You look at Christensen that he is influenced and taken by unclean spirit powers from demons. Even face his expression bears the impression that he is under strong demonic and sinful influence. It is clear that he is tired of his old spouse and wants a new and younger wife.
He belongs and serves one, Satan! It is clear when looking at the sunken eyes. She is looking for lamb meat, a new wife.
With this, Christensen is able to taste his own medicine. His demons must be furious over all that is on this page. A true servant of God had taken the signals and chose to regret his demonic statements. But not this bitter, greedy self-occupied tull that has been disguised for the whole world.
But we see a wounded, bitter, ravenous person who most of all needs professional help from the health service.
Your Jesus is not the same as the Bible Jesus. But what we have seen of you is an insight into the satanic Bible. A Bible where thefts, zero respect for children, tribute of mass murderers, fraud, deception and the strongest right are claimed as good moral values. Just like your own moral values, Jan Kåre Christensen.
There are over 20,000 hate messages to me, to bring someone to, not so many more. There is a sea of ​​hatred from Jan Aage Torp himself and his disciples. 
Look here:
You have expired on the date of my part. You act like a child. A bitter, childish teacher, without any kind of social antennas. You are revealed. Everyone knows that the false prophet is you.
Bottom line; Ignores Jan Kåre Christensen as a whole, as everyone else does. Also, send care messages to those who should receive it. And that is all the attention he deserves.
Jan Kåre Christiansen is so wild and hardened that he believes that he lives right for God, even if he proves to steal, thieves, inflows wrongful money, abuse time, etc. etc. etc.
It's no use to say anything. The behavior he shows here on this thread shows that we are dealing with a person who is not at his fullest five.
He is unstable and should not drive a bus.
Jan Kåre Christensen, you are disgusted time after time and people steer away from your malicious blog. There is hardly a comment there, and the few who comment on something do it to ask you to keep up with the hat. There is professional help to get if you do not manage to break away from the bad hat circle you are in.
For the record; what this scammer suffer from is in my view http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissism
JKC is totally out of mental balance.
This means psychology professor Aage Mattson at the University of Lund, Sweden.
"A man who has run a long-term campaign against vegetable asparagus is too mentally ill to drive a bus," said the same professor. He supports his view of all psychology professors at the University of Oslo. All of these have warned their friends and family against taking the bus with Jan Kåre Christensen on the wheel.
In 2014, Jan Kåre terrorized the death-sick preacher Bjørn Olav Hansen with the assurance that Bjørn Olav could not defend himself against this terror. A common tactic Jan Kåre uses against Christian people.
Fembar's father met in court for jailsters against Pastor Jan Aage Torp.
Father of Sara Caroline Christensen, Jan Benjamin Christensen and Benedikte Rebekka Christensen met yesterday as accused of a malicious case brought by Jan Aage Torp. This after several years of jailbreaking from this fatal danger against Jan Aage Torp.
Here are so many lies and delusions that there will be a book about this if I'm going to write everything. Finally brings some of what Jan Aage Torp has written and spoken to me:
What matters to the story, which is the most important. Is there at least 20,000 hatred signs against me online that started at least 3 years ago!
This ignores the police and Torp completely proven, so I am writing on my own blog an answer to this shit against me and my family!
Here the police run two sets of laws, all I write and speak is criminal.
In their opinion and the way they add to everyone!
Everything what Jan Aage Torp and his disciples are not punishable, no matter what I've written and spoken verbally a hundred times "worse"!
This is stated in the judgment:
The defendant has further explained that Torp has been at least as bad in his characteristics as he and his family, and adds Torp statements made under other names, possibly pseudonyms, and statements made by a blogger accused call "the false smear log." The false smear log must be created in the name of the accused, but the accused rejected him who stood behind it. Torp has rejected that he has written about the accused under the pseudonym, or on the false smear log. Torp has acknowledged that he has responded and called him "Anders Behring Breivik sympathizer" twice that the blog is "idiot", in a case called him a "demon", called him "fools" that the blogs to the accused Is "downright" that the accused is a "smoker" that the defendant has "lack of insight into English and Norwegian" that he is "bad", "evil and stupid" and that the blog is "a variant of social pornography".
The Court considers that, according to an overall assessment, it is not reasonable to award Torp reimbursement compensation. The court shows that Torp itself has helped escalate and prolong the conflict in its statements about the accused, and that he has used roughly rough characteristics of the accused himself. The court also shows that on several occasions he has called him a Anders Behring Breivik sympathizer. Moreover, Torp was aware that he is a famous figure in the Christian environment, and that he has more followers who turn on his statements, and, in part, makes gross and insulting statements to the accused and his family.
Torp's appearance has probably helped escalate and lengthen the conflict, but this came as an answer to the accused's ever extensive writing about Torp and his spouse. The court has taken the view that Torp as a public and prominent person in Kristen Norway must withstand more than an ordinary person's must. However, there must be a limit also for what public people may tolerate, as the court believes is violated in this case.
This has Jan Aage Torp written about me in many different forums and websites.
«Anders Behring Breivik sympathizer». "Roman Catholic view, but really much, much worse, nothing less than curses. Christensen has put out a text that's just the mind in "Two Shoes" »
"If you wanted a" wish opponent "Jan Kåre Christensen is" perfect ".
Furthermore, Torp writes that I am dirt, stalker, totally unintelligent, a node, "hat-blogger", idiot, demon, lightning lover, downright blogs, commissions that lack the minds of Christ, general judgment and social intelligence. Spokesman JKC and true to say, his insight into English and Norwegian is fairly limited as well!
I'm struck by what low level JKC acts on .... "
About the heavenly blog: "which is confused, bad, evil and dumb - through. It should be closed short and well. He also writes this about the heavenly blog: "Jan Kåre Christensen's u-heavenly blog!" 
One should probably call it a variant of social pornography "+ Much, much more!
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