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No. 1572: It is the complete madness to believe in Jan Hanvold and Vision Norway, not least Hanvold's doctrine of sowing and harvesting, which are direct demons' teachings and seductive spirits behind!

No. 1572:
It is the complete madness to believe in Jan Hanvold and Vision Norway, not least Hanvold's doctrine of sowing and harvesting, which are direct demons' teachings and seductive spirits behind!

Here is one of many of Jan Kaare Hanvold's begging letters, which is nothing but a robbery of gullible and seductive people who believe in the lie rather than the truth.
 It's bad!

1 Tim. 4. 1. But the Spirit says with clear words that in the coming times, someone will fall from faith, adhering to seducing spirits and devil's teachings 2 by hypocrisy of false teachers who are branded in their own conscience,
Jan Hanvold has a doctrine that many in the United States have of faith and prosperity publishers. You give in to his business so that it grows. You'll get back the same, but in a bigger time than the one you gave. You "sow" for example. 10,000, - kroner. And get back an amount, just it's bigger than what you gave. This is a so-called one of many principles of God.
You can also come in to get yourself a new wife if you are divorced or other things. Here's not the imagination to stop anyone, because Vision Norway and Jan Hanvold are after all God's foremost representatives on this earth!
This is of course no biblical or healthy learning. It only leaves people to believe in a bluff and one gets bad conscience when the "under" does not happen. Did I have enough and that in faith? This is just one of many questions one gets when one eventually finds that this is not working.
The Bible says we are going to give, and it's more happening to give than to get. But we do not allow ourselves to become rich, or to enter. We give to God's sake and the church of God because we have faith in the message being preached. And the blessing we get back, it's not primarily about the material. The very thought of giving money to a wizard and wizard, like Jan Hanvold, is bad simply!
When people discover this does not work, Jan Hanvold always denies responsibility. Then there are thousands of explanations and no true explanations because the only one who earns this is Jan Hanvold and Vision Norway, talking about being engaged in haze sickness which is one of many characteristics of the false prophets that the Apostle Peter writes about.
2 Pet. 12 But these, like unreasonable animals, born of nature to be caught and perish - they shall, because they scorn what they do not know, also perish in their vanity 13 and receive the wages of injustice. They want to spend the day at the shelter; These abominations and shameful spots, they deceive in their deceit when they keep in charge of you;14 They have eyes full of the harlot and unjust in sin; They prolong unconfirmed souls; They have a heart that is drunk in the sea, the children of the curse!
Notice especially verse 14: "They have a heart drunk in the sight of the children of curses!"
Jan Hanvold is a champion in rolling the money out of people and into his own pocket. He is and remains to be a false prophet. It is also more here, especially in verse 14: "They have eyes full of the harlot and unjust in sin; They prolong unconfirmed souls. "
Here are three things that fit perfectly with Jan Hanvold and Vision Norway:
  1. D e has ø ine full of scar ø gene.
  1. Unjust in sin.
  1. D e beguiling unstable souls.
Jan Hanvold is divorced and reprimanded several times as a believer and pastor.
He is, in other words, a person full of harlot, then viewed from God's word requiring the faithfulness of an apostle.
Not that d a is with Hanvold, fornication, whoring and monetary trickery!
Unjustifiable in sin also fits perfectly with him, as he carries on a kind of desire constantly.
Of course, he tricks those who are unfaithful, those who do not know the Lord and his Bible. Humans like the yeast are in need and attach a little or great "miracle" to their lives.Then they wound in here, giving off their funds. The only person they enrich and this is something for the good here. It is Jan Hanvold and Vision Norway, absolutely no one else!
Takes a bit of an article that is very good warning against this terrible teaching of the false apostle and prophet Jan Kaare Hanvold.
The doctrine of how to harvest and harvest!
God does not require my payment. He requires something much more, he requires all of me, my whole life, all my heart and all my love. Tenth and holy gifts do not hold the new covenant.
"What a man sows shall he also reap." Gal 6.7
These days, we are exposed to one, in my opinion, man-made construction and learning from Vision Norway as mistrust and distort Biblical scriptures as above.
The preachers Oral Roberts and Kenneth Hagin were among the first to introduce the "saw and harvest law" for the charismatic movement of the 1950s and 60s. Since then, celebrities like TL Osborn, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, David Cho have been suppliers of this so-and-autumn teacher. Spokesmen for this teaching in Norway are Åge Åleskjær, the pioneer of the faith movement, and Jan Hanvold in Vision Norway.
The teaching has also been spread through the teaching at the Oslo Christian Center, the Word of Life in Sweden, and at that time Living Word in Bergen. The teaching has gained ground in Scandinavia long before the Internet, when Norwegian ministers like Aril Edvardsen and Åge Åleskjær invited theologians to Norway. Among them were David Cho and TL Osborn.
Åge Åleskjær and Ulf Ekman have both attended Kenneth Hagin Bible School.
The principle of learning is simple. You will reap from what kind of sperm you sow:
If you're hurting money, you're reaping money. If you wound money into a cure, you will be healed yourself.
If you enter church or TV channel service, others will serve you.
Give and you'll get. So come in and get a fall. Give a bike and you get two back. The idea is that you are going to advance, God will see your financial effort and pay you prayerfully. You must get progress, economically, healthily and socially.
The alternative is therefore curse. If you are passive, do not give tenth, do not pray, do not attend meetings regularly. Then you will reap the horror and corruption. Economic ruin, illness, social and family problems.
Is this teaching biblical?
The solemn and autumn teacher is the bondage of the law and the old covenant. It is based on commandments and deeds of crime. The Bible teaches the opposite that "for freedom, Christ has called us, stand firm, and do not let you go again under the yard of the trumpet" Gal. 5.1.
The doctrine has eliminated God's overriding grace, the predestined grace. The seed and harvest principle promotes sweat and self-effort. It relies on the goodness of the pastor or priest, so the slaughter trade in the Catholic Church worked in the Middle Ages. Your bad conscience, or personal illness or distress, gets relieved of the money you give.
The so-and-autumn theologians claim that you are raging from God by not giving tenth and holy money to the church, the pastor, or the television channel.
What does the New Testament tradition teach?
In the Old Testament donor system, you "escape" with ten percent and sacred gifts. In the new covenant, this system is terminated. Jesus made every believer to his disciple to follow him one hundred percent, with all his life, with everything he owns, and with everything.
In the new covenant, you give off your workforce, your talent and gifts, your efforts in all areas, and this can not be measured in money. The donor service has become spiritual.The one who seems to give a lot can be the one who gives a little. The one who seems to be great may in the eyes of God be small. Larger is she who has spent a whole life in virtues and cooking, than those who have adorned with preacher titles. Who "gives" the most, knows only God.
Try the doctrine of Paul and the practical life. If harvest and harvest theology is right, then we scourge from God, by not giving tithes and sacred gifts. (Mal. 4).
If we can rob God, can we also buy ourselves a deal with him? Paul believes otherwise in 1 Corinthians 13: "If I have prophetic gift and know all secrets and all knowledge, if I have every faith so that I can move mountains but do not have love then I am nothing. If I give all that I own for food for the poor, and if I give my body to burn, but do not have love, it will not help me. "
(Quote ending).
Final Comment:
This about sowing and harvesting is something that Jan Hanvold has obtained this wildly learned lesson from these so-called great US presidents of faith. It has come a lot in the US, but also a lot of error. That Jan Hanvold sucks in what is obviously insane is nothing more than expected. But that so many believe in this and supports this TV channel. It's only bad, Hanvold says he has 10,000 support partners and he had a turnover of 100 Millions, but has apparently gone down after Channel 10 began and he allowed NRK to make a program, the cash prize. Which has meant that his support has been falling, but unfortunately there are still too many who give to the spiritual pig line!

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