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No. 1571: If we make the Holy Ghost an "extra" god person, then we put something in both the Bible and purely grammatical that is not there and we are at risk of being deducted from our part in the Tree of Life, which is the salvation of Christ Jesus!

No. 1571:
If we make the Holy Ghost an "extra" god person, then we put something in both the Bible and purely grammatical that is not there and we are at risk of being deducted from our part in the Tree of Life, which is the salvation of Christ Jesus!

There are only "two" people in the deity, it is the father and Jesus.
The Holy Spirit is not the power of God alone, but part of the Father and Jesus, just as our Spirit is a part of us, but not us!
Picture of the two persons in the deity, the father and the son Jesus Christ.

From my Bible Revelations John Revelation 22. 18 I say to anyone who hears the words in this prophetic book: If anybody adds something, God will put on him the plagues that are written about in this book;
Here are some really strict words, yes, a message not least about our time where one would think that one had the best preceding sentences to follow God's word. The troubles one can get here can be nothing but the second death - fire or hell. This way I see it as serious as it is.
19 And if somebody removes some of the words in this prophetic book, God will take away his portion in the tree of life and in the holy city as it is written in this book.
Here we meet the same just rewritten. Now it is drawing something away from the word of God it applies. If we pull something away, our part in heaven will be removed. Do not gain access to the tree of life and get into the city or city, New Jerusalem. This is about to do or is not it? To me, this means everything!
(Quote ending).
The Holy Spirit is not a personal person, but a part of God himself, the scriptures make this!
That one makes the Holy Ghost into a scary "Gude person" is just totally wrong. That they call me misleading and other things to point out this I am very well aware of as I know that what I point out is both healthy, logical and biblical!
He can not be a being and be ubiquitous.
If He is ubiquitous, why are you asking for the Holy Ghost?
If He is omnipresent, so He fills every crack, corner, ajar, every cell, fiber, everything that exists. (...)
He is ubiquitous because He is all-knowing.
Read this and include comments or input. Also, submit what you are wondering and I will try to answer as well as I can.
There are only "two" people in the deity, it is the father and jesus. The Holy Spirit is their common spirit that goes out and works everywhere on their behalf today!
Here's an article I wrote about this topic for some time back!
The Holy Spirit is not an individual person!

Psalm 139. 1. To the coronary. A David's hymn.
Lord, you search me and know me.
2 If I sit or stand, you know it,
Far beyond, you notice my thoughts.
3 If I walk or lie, you see it,
You know all my ways.
4 Yes, before I have a word on my tongue,
Do you know that, Lord, completely.
5 From behind and back you surround me,
You put your hand on me.
6 It is too subtle to understand,
It's so loud that I can not grasp it.
7 Where shall I go away from your Spirit,
Where shall I flee from thy sight?
8 Do I go up to heaven, are you there,
Do I rent in the empire, are you there?
9 I take the wings of the morning red
And strikes me down where the sea ends,
10 then you also lead me there,
Your right hand, it holds me tight.
11 And I say, "Let the dark cover me
And the light around me will come to night "
12 then darkness is not dark for you,
And the night is light like the day,
Yes, the darkness is like the light.
13 For you have made my heart,
You've woven me in my mother's life.
14 I thank you because I'm created
In a terrifying, wonderful way.
Wonderful are your works,
I know so well.
15 My legs were not hidden for you
When I was created in wages
And was formed in the depths of the earth.
16 You saw me when I was a fetus,
In your book everything was written up;
My days were formed
Before one of them had arrived.
17 God, how high your thoughts are,
How very the sum of them!
18 Will I count them, are they countless like sand,
I'm done with it, I'm still with you.
Here we meet the Spirit of God, and he is present everywhere except in a wicked and sinful heart. It is the only place the Holy Spirit is not present, but otherwise everywhere in the whole universe.
To make the Spirit of God an additional God is to fable and not adhere to the true and true truth of the Bible.
When does the Spirit of God come to heart? When we repent.
Room. 2. 28 The right Jew is not the Jew in the outside, and the right circumcision does not occur in the outside, on the body. 29 Jew is the Jew in the inner, and circumcision is the circumcision of the heart, not according to the letter of the law, but by the Spirit. He receives his praise from God, not by men.
Then the Spirit of God is also there when we accept Jesus as our personal Savior and Deputy!
As I see it, and as the Bible teaches, the Spirit of God is present above all. We see God Himself in nature and in His creation. We see and see his advantage everywhere and how he is, it is he who is the origin of all that it also created.
The sun itself can not heat up the whole earth, it only needs down approx. 1 km. But it's a volcanic mountain that goes through the whole earth that warms the rest so that there are fish and other plants in deeper water a 1 km down, is not God big?
How then can we say that the Holy Ghost is a personal person? But when it comes to the Antichrist's Spirit that also works? Then we understand that it is not a personal person we have to deal with, but an Spirit and a thought-making that makes people think and act in a direction that is in harmony with the will of the Wicked!
But we believe in the Holy Spirit, but then as the power of God.
That the Catholic Church began to dedicate the Holy Spirit to something that we do not have biblical coverage for, it should make us realize that this with Trinity is a misunderstanding. But let us nevertheless miss the blessing of experiencing the power of God and the truth of God in his life.
Just want to include some thoughts about the conditions of the Trinity doctrine:
God is the father of Jesus. Luke tells of the angel Gabriel's message to the Virgin Mary: "Behold, you shall be with children and give birth to a son, and you shall give him the name of Jesus. He shall be great and be called the Son of the Most High. God the Lord shall give him the throne of David his father . " (Luk.1; 31-32).
And further, we read: "But Mary said to the angel, How shall this come to pass when I do not know of man? The angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Most High shall shake thee. The Holy One who is born is called the Son of God. " (v.34-35). According to the Trinity doctrine, the Holy Spirit is the third person in this doctrine. But if this Spirit is a person, then it must be Jesus's father. But the angel gives a clear indication of what the Holy Spirit is: "The Power of the Most High". It was God who by his power meant that Jesus was born as the Son of God.
Martin Luther and several other reformers did not thoroughly reform, but were still under the influence of some false teachings in the Roman church. But Bible readers after the Reformation claimed that the Trinity doctrine both contradicts Scripture and against reason.
Trinity teacher's origins
At a church meeting held in Nikea in 325, Emperor Constantine forced through delegates to accept the Trinity doctrine, which consisted of father, mother and son. The Holy Spirit was first made into a person and incorporated in the Trinity doctrine at a Church meeting in Constantinople in 381.
Mary was taken out of the Trinity and called out to be "queen of heaven". This explains the Catholic Church's cultivation of Mary as "the mother of God."
In 1950-51, the same church proclaimed Mary's Ascension, an unreasonable and false statement that a worldly world did not respond to as far as we know from our standpoint in Norway.
Church history tells us that in the time of Constantine the Christian world was strongly influenced by Greek philosophy in several areas while at the same time willing to accommodate pagan beliefs to make Christian faith more appealing to the great masses.
The Catholic claim
A large part of the Christian world believes in the Catholic claim that faith in Trinity is a prerequisite for being saved. Let's look at what this teaching is about:
"God is one and only three, three and one, three people in one substance. All are as eternal, as mighty and equally all-knowing. Jesus is true God from eternity to eternity."
This wording lacks both reason and logic. For a very natural reason, a son can not be as old as his father, and therefore not as eternal. Psalm 2 is the prophecy of Jesus: "You are my son, I have born [Hebrew: Breed, brought forth to you today" (v.7).
In Genesis 18, 18, God allows Moses to predict: "I will raise up a prophet to them from their brethren, just as you [Moses]." When this prophecy was fulfilled, Peter in his speech in Jerusalem could point to this promise (Acts 3:22).
The Father and the Son are two people, Jesus says: "But also in their law it is written that the testimony of two people is true. I am the one who testifies of myself, and the Father who has sent me testifies of me." (John 8; 17.18). First claim in Trinity doctrine: "Everybody is as eternal", therefore, can not be right.
The second claim in the Trinity doctrine: "Everybody is as mighty" may not be correct, because Jesus says "the Father is greater than I" (John 14:28), "I can not do anything by myself" (John. 5; 19 and 30).
The third assertion: "Everybody is as omniscient" contradicts the words of Jesus in connection with His ending time: "But this day or hour, no one knows not even the angels in heaven, not even the Son but the Father." (Mark 13; 32).
The father and Jesus are two people. The Holy Spirit is no person but the Father's executive power.
No one can see the Father: "He who alone has immortality and who lives in a light where no one can come, whom no man has seen or can see." (1.Tim.6 16). In order to communicate with humans, God revealed himself in the Scriptures through the angels who acted and spoke on behalf of God and often referred to as "Lord." The three men who came to Abraham in 1Mos.18 to tell him about Sodom and Gomorrah's coming destruction were not "a triune god" but three angels.
Jesus is the greatest revelation of God: "God revealed in flesh" (1 Tim.3: 16). Therefore, Jesus could say, "He who has seen me has seen the Father" (John 14: 9). And Jesus revealed God by showing the qualities of God in words and actions:
"I have glorified you on earth as I have completed the work that you have given me." (John 17; 4).
"He humbled himself and became obedient to death-yes, death on the cross. Therefore, God has exalted him and given him the name that is above all names." (Fil.2,8-9).
He had completed the task the Father had given him and was raised from death. Therefore, he was given all power in heaven and on earth, and could give this mission and baptismal command: "... I have been given all power in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make all nations to disciples, baptizing them The name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, teaching them to keep all that I commanded you "(Matthew 28: 18-20).
Jesus had preached and worked in his Father's name. Now Jesus commands that the disciples should proclaim in his name and with his authority. The followers of Jesus should do the deeds of Jesus, which were also the Father's. To gain power and wisdom to this, they received the Holy Ghost. The actions of the disciples require both the involvement of the Father and the Spirit.
Jesus' mission and baptismal order is therefore not an invitation to baptism in the name of a triune God. It is the name of Jesus to be baptized, it is only Jesus' salvation that made this possible. And Jesus is with those who are baptized, according to his promise!
But we also want to maintain the qualities of the Spirit. They are important, but we must nevertheless let the word - word of God - be crucial.
Here are some aspects of the Spirit of God: The Holy Ghost drives us to Christ, Rom.8,14. It is a gift we have received by faith in him. The Holy Spirit can not draw with paper and pencil or through the intellect of man. Therefore, we can not "imagine" the Holy Spirit. He is not a mindset that can be taken with our thought. It is only through the pictures the Scriptures draw from Him and through the work the Spirit carries out that we are learning the Spirit.
When the "old" spoke of the Spirit, they brought forth three pages of the Spirit, as evident in the scripture:
The term "spokesman" corresponds to the attorney's functions, primarily as a defender, but also as a soloist and a helper. This page of the Holy Ghost is unfortunately not always as prominent in the preaching, neither in Lutheran or in the Free Church context. Or we can also say that he completes us as it says about the Holy Ghost in Rome. 8. 26.
Secondly, the Scripture speaks of the Holy Ghost as the only spirit that works with the Father and the Son. Strongestness is expressed in the apostolic blessing: "Our Lord Jesus Christ Grace, the love of God and the Holy Spirit's community be with you all."
And finally, the Scripture speaks of the Holy Ghost as "power" from the high, Luke 24:49, and this power serves the Christian at the service.
To have a holistic image of the Holy Spirit, it is important that these three pages of Scripture are emphasized in the preaching.
Why did God give us the gift of the Holy Ghost?
Because it should testify with our spirit that we are the children of God, help us with faith and salvation, Rom.8,16.
Because the Holy Spirit should live in us, 1.Cor.3,16.
What is the work of the Holy Ghost?
Answer: They are many and significant.
The Holy Spirit awakes for sincerity, cure and sin, Luke.15,17-19.
The Holy Spirit convinces us of sin, righteousness and judgment, about the basic sin of our lives (unbelief) and of the righteous work of Jesus to our salvation, John 16:13.
The Holy Spirit directs us and guides us to the whole truth, John. 16.20.
The Holy Spirit testifies of Jesus, reminds us of what he has said and explains it to us, John.15,26 - John 14:26.
The Holy Ghost glorifies Jesus for us and lets us see His greatness, John. 16.14.
The Holy Spirit leads us into the struggle of faith and tries to cleanse our faith as the gold is tested in fire, Matt.4.1 - 1.Pet.1.7.
The Holy Spirit teaches us to pray (John the Spirit of prayer), Gal.4,6 - Rom.8,26-27.
The Holy Spirit creates faith, Gal.4,6 - Rom.10,17.
The Holy Spirit testifies to us about our infancy with God, Rom.8,15.
The Holy Spirit creates love, Rome. 8.1 to 27.
The Holy Spirit makes us living with Christ, John 6,63.
The Holy Spirit equips the believers to a deed that they can not execute with their own power, 1.Cor.2.4.
The Holy Spirit is the true leader of the church of God in church and prayer house, John 14:16-18.
The Holy Spirit will once again transform our body of indignation so that it resembles the glory of Jesus, 1.Cor.15,43 and Rom.8,10. Conclusion: Without the Holy Spirit - no faith, no contact with God, no Christian life.
How do we get the Holy Spirit?
The Spirit of God works with the Word as a medium. It is the Spirit of God that creates faith through the preaching and reading of the Word of God. See Rome. 10,17 and Gal.3,2.
We receive the Holy Ghost by asking for it, Luke.11,13.
We receive the Holy Ghost by hearing and believing, Ap.G.8,14-17 and Gal.3,2
We receive the Holy Ghost by laying on hand, Ap.G.8,14-17.
Is it necessary for us to be filled with the Spirit?
Our strength as Christians stands in relation to the dominion of the Spirit over us.
The progress of God's Kingdom is in relation to how we allow the Holy Spirit to work between us.
We can not pray for victory in life and service without having the spirit of prayer.
The sword of the word will not penetrate without the power of the Spirit.
We make nothing in the kingdom of God without the Holy Ghost.
We are born of the Spirit John. E. 4. 14 But whosoever drinketh of the water that I will give unto him shall never thirst again. The water I will give him shall be a source in him with water that springs forth and gives eternal life. "This source is salvation.
We are baptized in the Spirit John. E. 7. 37 On the last day of the feast, the great feast day, Jesus stood up and shouted, "He that dares, let him come to me and drink! 38 He who believes in me, from the inside of him, as the Scriptures have said, shall pour out streams of living water. "39 This he said, the Spirit who believed in him would receive. For the Spirit had not yet come because Jesus had not yet been part of the glory. This stream of living water is breathless.
Have tried briefly to explain the importance of the Holy Spirit-the powerful power of God-and yet do the Holy Spirit to an additional God, but the Spirit that extends from the Father and the Son!
The Holy Spirit has no self-will to say so. Nor should we pray or worship the Holy Ghost as there is no person whom the Trinity teachers and Jesus alone claim in their own way.
The task of the Spirit is to convey everything from the Father and the Son, preferably to us.
Joh. E. 16 14 He will glorify me, for he will take away what is mine and proclaim it to you. 15 Everything that the Father has is mine. Therefore, I said that he should take away what is mine and proclaim it to you.
That we can make the Holy Ghost sorrow and awake joy with him, we also do with our own spirit.
Words stick like a syl and they seem happy, where then?
Of course in our spirit and inner person.
We must not fable and believe in the Catholic lie that the Holy Ghost is an individual.
But it's God's Father and God's Son's Spirit, sent from them to give us what the heaven brings and gives! 

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