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No. 1570: Kjell Sørsdal - A man of God who is unfaithful with the biblical truths!

No. 1570:
Kjell Sørsdal - A man of God who is unfaithful with the biblical truths!

Having become acquainted with a brother in the past that I really am glad to have gotten to know me d. It's Kjell Sørsdal from Oslo.
Link to the book Hovmod as this is taken from from. It's free:
Here is a picture of Brother Kjell Sørsdal.

Here his personal testimony obtained from his book, which you can download for free.
Chapter 4 - Some prominent pitfalls.
For some time, I served in a church in Norway. I started right
After I gave up fighting with Jesus. I had been out in the world for about 33
Years (17-50) and "experienced" mostly on "good and evil." What saved me
Many times have been two things; I believed in my heart and confessed with my
Mouth when I was about 10 years old, as well as a lot of beans, mostly from mother and father (dead
When i was 43). My mother is now 87 years old.
My surrender occurred in 2002 and since then there has been a fire in the heart. The
Went this way to ...
I had long, about 10 years, approached me step by step, but always there was something
Which prevented the progress. The breakthrough just came after one
Engagement was broken and I found myself in total loneliness and solitude after
More cohabitants in 30 years. I was under alcohol, hash and
Gambling and could really be gloved with the last two but not alcohol. The
Is an addiction only Jesus can put you totally free from.
What an ending of love. I stood in the middle of the living room and said to Jesus; "Jesus, I do not fix my life. I'm totally helpless.
I can no longer be behind the wheel in this "car" I'm trying to drive. Now let me take you over and put me in the back seat »PANG! Opposite of puncture.
Filling; Not by air but with love, peace,
Joy, and with power, fire and boldness to go out. From that day I have
Preach the gospel
I was currently in church ward and had visited a congregation a couple
times. The trip went straight there and when the meeting was over, I went straight to one
Meeting attendance and said; "I have to be baptized, NOW!" (In water). Jesus had already baptized
Me in the holy spirit
This was indeed in July and everyone knows how the church is ready. Everyone is on vacation. Arrogance. I was asked to post a questionnaire
Check that I would be baptized. I did not like the outcome I had asked to
Be baptized there and then. But in humility, completely false, but excused because I was
Newborn, I did as I was asked. Later, when I became "grown up" did
I'm not there anymore. I did not obey anything that was not after Scripture, something like that
Has brought me persecution from the church. Baktalelse and other things. arrogance
From the congregation.
On the next Sunday morning meeting I said I had not heard anything and got
A message that it was vacation so that was natural. I wanted to ask;
"What if I had crossed to be saved", you can cross it too
questionnaire. Just as you can choose from a menu. Arrogance. Modest
Furthermore, I could call the church office Monday to hear about it
Was possible. Which I did. They said they would call me. Something they did. very
I was baptized by a returned missionary a while later and good was it. Got
Offer to start on Alpha course, but answered that I had read the Bible altogether
Through already as a child so it was not necessary. Arrogance. The Holy
Spirit spoke to me about this and I signed up. Thank you, Jesus. It was
Kick start to service ugly and completely. I thought, of course, that I had come to
Paradise on earth. How wrong could I take?
It is a special type of pride that is to be confronted and that's why I am
Have to take part of the testimony now. Remember this is what happened
Me on "good and evil" and no one can discuss facts without calling me one
Immediately after that, I was obviously confronted with a number of things because I
Started serving with a lot of things. It's strange how much you are
Can be confronted with in a church and from elders and pastors who say that we
Do not have a confrontational service. Arrogance. I moved closest to
The congregation and had many different tasks, both administrative, alpha,
Cook in the coffee we open to the disadvantaged and cook in different others
contexts. This made me almost thrown into the leaders, pastors and
Oldest group and had to deal with completely different things than expected.
Soon it became clear to me that praying in tongues was a must in this congregation.
This was a Pentecostalism and they are building all their doctrine around this.
The thing was just that I did not want tongues and I'd said that to
I'll explain why.
I have grown up in the church. In the Pentecost, or charismatic
(Incorrect) or what they would like to call. Fold all denominations and
Nickname for Christ's Body. Outrageous. It is a church, a church, a body
And an Spirit. My father was Sunday School teacher, oldest, administrative leader of
Songs and much more. My mother is as active at his side. The ties were hard
Linked early in childhood. Also to the church.
Sunday school start for me was on the two-year day and I got well as one of them
First in Norway; 12 years diploma. Without absence. Lots of stars were. So early became
I also attend all kinds of meetings. With all possible "exercises" of faith. Some
Was charismatic possibly, someone was healed possibly, but to me like
Child was just a lot of trouble when it was fired lots of tongues, lots of breathtaking
Hands and screaming and sure praise, but as said to a child, a lot of noise.
This made me get a relationship with this as something I did not want. I gave
My heart "to Jesus on a morning meeting 10 years old and announced
This from the back of the car on my way home, but I was never baptized in water or
Spirit. But protected, oh as I was protected. Thanks Jesus.
So when I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and eventually into water, I clearly said to
Jesus that what I experienced as a child was not desirable. Be aware of one
Thing folks; Jesus does not give or do not force anything you do not want. But
As you all understand, He baptizes Who He will when He will in the Holy One
Spirit. With or without gifts.
It took a year before I wanted language. It came after an evening meeting with one
Evangelist who had a special message (I believe in me but also others
Of course) about tongues. So in the car on my way home from meeting I simply said
Jesus. OK, give me tongues. PANG. It just dropped out. All the way home, while I
Dressed off me, in bed and until I fell asleep and when I woke up and constantly
since. Thank you dear Jesus. Oh how "gentle" you are Holy Spirit.
This did not make much difference to the service other than that I could now pray
Without shaping words with the brain. Nor with the fire. It was there
already. Nor with the performance of other graceful things like asking for sick,
Preach the gospel, (yes it is a grace), etc. I was equipped with power and power
Fire that day on the living room floor. There was something completely different from what happened
car. It was a handover of a special gift.
On the living room there was an enveloping love and fire. In the car, it was more like
Handover of a gift. For a long time, I had to struggle that nobody understood this
They went now, after hearing me tell and even heard me pray in tongues around
Congratulated me on the Spirit. As I had understood it with the Spirit of Revelation
On Pentecost, they were GOT OUT. Yes, they spoke to the men who were in Jerusalem
In your language, it was a necessity. It is not spoken in tongues
Which is the matter. That's the message about the Blood.
That's what Jesus says; You will gain power in what the Holy Spirit comes
Over you. What power, to speak in tongues. No to go out. To be a witness.
Therefore, they were asked to wait in Jerusalem to go out. If not, yes
Jesus slow; "Wait in Jerusalem until you speak in tongues" - if it were
case. But that's not the case. The thing is to testify. The thing is to proclaim
Gospel with Power and with the signs and below as follows. The thing is to love
God and almost.
Final Comment:
Take the time to read the whole book dear friend! That's my clear recommendation!
Here is a man and preaches as it is worth listening to his ear and heart!

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