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No. 1583: I've tried to get in touch with those I warn against - but with little or no response, so I'm writing "free" today on the heavenly blog!

No. 1583:
I've tried to get in touch with those I warn against - but with little or no response, so I'm writing "free" today on the heavenly blog!
Picture of Aril Edvardsen whom I personally tried to get in touch with and get feedback. Without success, Emanul Minos I succeed, but the response was labs. He continued with his weapon until he died as Edvardsen also did!
We just say that both I and many with me who warn against today's preachers and leaders in the church of God as an avenue of what today's preachers proclaim of God's word should be alive and learn!

I have personally sent many letters to Aril Edvardsen, without response.
Countless others have I tried to warn, mostly either overlooked or heard abusive words against me.
Emanuel Minos I have talked to Tomaman hand, but he excused himself all the time and just continued in his madness until he died!
This article I could write a book about. But today's preachers do not want to hear unfortunately on the words of any admonition. Unfortunately, unfortunately, they all want to thrive, without thinking about changing course and meaning.
Here from my Bible remarks Titus letter 2. 7 Be an example to them in good deeds! Let the doctrine be fake and carried out seriously.
Titus, who himself was young, should be an example. The power of the example is the greatest power factor we have in showing another way.
The ladder should be clean and not brushed. Today there are many unbiblical teachings that will mislead, but still the word of God is ours.
And the message must be carried out not flipping and having fun. It must be carried out with seriousness and diligence.
8 Then your preaching will be healthy and irreparable, and every opponent will be ashamed because he has no trouble to say about us.
There are plenty of those who want to say to us. And they dictate and have more personal opinions than one manages to keep track of. Man was selfish and selfish before and is it today.
How to meet these? By being irreconcilable yourself.
Having a healthy preaching, irreplaceable life and a clear and straightforward teaching, even our worst opponents, must go for granted sooner or later.
3. 10 A false teacher, please speak once and twice and show him from you.
We will listen to all, but if the person does not say voices with God's word, he will receive an answer. And opportunities to hear the truth and then go in and repent.
If this does not help, one can take one more time and give you a last chance.
Secondly, one should not discuss too much with ungodly people, but show them in the name of Jesus.
11 You can be sure that such a person has come to a deny. He sinners and has ruled himself.
Because of this you have done, the judgment is hanging over him. And they must make their own choices. They have had chances and must decide if they will follow the words of Jesus and God or go their own ways. The choice lies with the one who has been offered the word of God and the grace of God.
(Quote ending).
It's really simple, make me a model and upset about me and all other preachers who live and preach in accordance with the word of God.
I have been able to warn, both personally and through the celestial blog as far as possible! Unfortunately, most people will and do not want to hear! But still praying for all who wish and preach the Word of God, may it be time for repentance and mercy for these too? Not that all is reversed, but God has ways to speak as we do not have.
Here is an excerpt from Laila Thorsen who was promised a meeting with the false prophet and the wizard Jan Kaare Hanvold. But, of course, everything was canceled when she said willing to stand up. Read yourself and make your own assessments:
We want dialogue!
We know your message, Jan Hanvold. What we clearly expressed in the mail to Vision Norway is that we want dialogue. And this requires at least two parties, where each party is allowed to say its opinion.
In May of this year, Jan Løvig, in a discussion on Dagen.no, urged everyone behind the keyboard to "slash shit" to Jan Hanvold, chairman and editor of TV Vision Norge AS, to meet him under four eyes. He is going to get to know which handsome guy he is. Furthermore, he encouraged us to have an evening at the call center.
It's not the first time that Jan Hanvold's fans and supporters come with such a request, but this time the call came from one of Hanvold's employees at the call center. I asked Løvig to arrange a meeting, and at the same time thanked me for an evening at the call center. It turned out he had been a bit big in his mouth and did everything to get away.
Jan Hanvold calls himself Christian, and often refers to Jesus. But, does he like Jesus? Jesus liked to bypass the people, and attracted large crowds. It did not like the Pharisees and the scribes, and did everything to get the crowds away. They told him and called bad words. Hanvold claims repeatedly that he is being persecuted. Jesus was persecuted by Pharisees and Scribes, because he lived in truth and was a good person who helped others. Hanvold meets criticism (not persecution) because he abuses the Christian faith and God to operate his business. He gets retired, disabled and sick to believe that God's mercy and blessings can be bought for money. He has not understood that all that comes from God is free.
There is a difference in living in truth and abusing the Christian faith. When the Pharisees and Scribes criticized Jesus, he took the time to discuss with them. Jesus was the one who enjoyed playing with open cards. He also enjoyed treating his opponents. He did not hide behind fuzzy phrases like "no comment", or failure to answer. He took the time to both discuss and eat with them. Jesus never said that he did not have time for the people and punished the disciples when they tried to make him "important" by chasing away people. It does not seem that Hanvold is interested in following Jesus, even though he calls himself an apostle. In the Focal Documentary, Money Editor, Hanvold replied "No comment", almost every time he was asked a question. According to himself, he still says "no comment" when getting questions. At worst, he answers with silence.
I wanted to give the chairman of TV Vision Norge AS an opportunity to do as Jesus so that I could experience the claim to Løvig; That he is a handsome guy. In an email to Visjon Norge AS, I and two others, Sigmund Voll Ådnøy and Marianne Johansen, asked for a deal to invite to dialogue. I also posted a post on his private Facebook page, where I expressed the same wish.
Experiencing it is difficult to get leaders of light-skinned businesses in speech. The chairman of TV Visjon Norge AS is no exception. I had to purge several times before I got an answer. Eventually, I received a response from his secretary who could inform him that he would not meet me. I asked why, wondering if he would meet any of the others. The answer was that he did not want to meet any of us, and we can look at Vision Norway and read Facebook, then we will know his message.
We know your message, Jan Hanvold. What we clearly expressed in the mail to Vision Norway is that we want dialogue. And this requires at least two parties, where each party is allowed to say its opinion.
To read facebook or watch TV Vision Norway where only you say your opinion and we are not able to raise a question or correspond, is not a dialogue. But it is as if Løvig says;It's easier to sit behind the keyboard and slam shit, than to face opponents under four eyes. And I doubt that I'll ever know what "handsome guy" Jan Kaare Hanvold is.

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