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No. 1580: When "apostle" Jan Hanvold receives a test tube child, it is "prayer answer" when gays get the same, it's from Satan!

No. 1580:
When "apostle" Jan Hanvold receives a test tube child, it is "prayer answer" when gays get the same, it's from Satan!

Picture of Inger and Jan Hanvold who have two test children in concert, according to what Hanvold himself has said on radio and television.

If gays and lesbians have children, and Hanvold gets children in "unnatural" ways.
So it seems that Hanvold's test tube child with the help of doctors is worse than anything else. Can not see any difference between surrogate mother, test tube child and so much else. This is about artificial humanitarian aid, so people get what they want about this.
But Hanvold did not have the ability to have children without the help of the doctor, even though he claims he has great sex now!
Acts 10. 34 Peter then opened his mouth and said, "I truly understand that God does not make a difference to people.
In the word of God, it is very clear that if one lives as an educated believer, then one shall not inherit the kingdom of God!
In other words, you have married you again as a Christian and your first spouse lives, so you play Russian rolled with your spiritual life.
Room. 7. 2 The married woman is bound by law by her husband, as long as he lives; but if her husband dies, she is released from the law that bound her to the man one. 3 Therefore she shall be called a whirlwind of her, while the man lives, another man; But if the man dies, she is free from the law, so that she does not become a whore if she owns another man.
That's how it's also if you are a time you live with a man and you are a man yourself. Or is woman and living with one of the same sex as yourself, such shall not inherit the kingdom of God says the scripture.
1 Cor. 6. 9 Or do you not know that those who do wrong will not inherit the kingdom of God? Dad does not want to! Neither wizards nor idolaters, nor marriages, nor those who sins against nature, 10 or thieves, or oaths, or drinkers, or strikers, or robbers shall inherit the kingdom of God.
All who live in open conflict with the word of God and the will of God are not under grace and blood longer with their lives. In other words, they are not true believers such scripture claims they should be.
Believers today almost everyone has an excessive hatred, aggression and much more to gays. While the same people both defend, conceal and embrace those who have been reprimanded as believers. But the scripture is very clear, they live as far from the word of God and the will of God both. Those who are married and those living with a partner of the same sex.
How can then those who are re-assigned get blank power to all things in the church of God?
While those who live like lesbians or gays are banned?
Both groups of people live beyond God's Word and the will of God!
We can not treat such people differently, then we make a difference to people.
Read and hear that if gays or lesbians get their own children, it's absolutely terrible.
While revered believers have their own children, it is both God's blessing, bonus child and most of the good for the same people who can hate and dislike gays and lesbians!
The scripture is very clear to me that Norway's society allows both married, gay and lesbian to live in a safe environment, perfectly fine for me.
But in the church of God, none of them belongs at home, as both those who are reunited, gay and lesbian will not inherit the kingdom of God, the scripture says.
Final Comment:
I'm writing this in the headline: 
"When" apostle "Jan Hanvold receives a test tube child, it is" prayer answer "when gays get the same, it's from Satan!"
Unfortunately, believers do not see what God's Word says. All people, regardless of whether the parents are such or so, all human beings are created in God's image.
In other words, the kids, regardless of this, are glorious and blessed by God, even though the parents do not live and do the right thing.
Therefore, to claim such things as individuals do is completely contrary to God's word.
There are pastors and shepherds of God's congregation rather than anyone else who should and should be held accountable for his actions and preaching. But here we see that believers attack the gays and lesbians all the time, while repentant believers, not least pastors and shepherds are both defended and protected!
This is hypocrisy and against God's word! We are going to treat all people alike, but that Norwegian society allows both gay, lesbian and reunited to have an organized relationship about their cohabitation. It is not something we as believers should and should blend ourselves in.
But what we should and should, is that no one who lives against the word of God and the will of God should and will be in the congregation.
Psalm 1. 1 Blessed is the man who does not walk in the wicked's counsel, and does not stand on the way of sinners, and does not sit in the spotter's seat; 2 but desires in the law of the Lord, and in his law day and night. 3 He shall be like a tree planted by flowing streams, which yields its fruit in its day, and whose leaf does not turn away, and whatever he does he shall have good luck. 4 Not the wicked, but they are like agnos that are spread by the wind. 5 Therefore the wicked shall not stand in judgment, neither will sinners in the congregation of the righteous. 6 For the Lord knows the way of the righteous, but the path of the wicked shall perish.

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