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No. 1579: I have never attacked Jan Kaare Hanvold for his two test children, as some claim that I grave in his privacy - it is his many marriage as a Christian, making him unfit and disqualified as preaching and hiring!

No. 1579:
I have never attacked Jan Kaare Hanvold for his two test children, as some claim that I grave in his privacy - it is his many marriage as a Christian, making him unfit and disqualified as preaching and hiring!
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Jan Hanvold has even talked about this both on Radio and TV here in Oslo at 107.7, that he had excellent sex with the last wife.
But there were no children out of it, therefore she had to have insemination or test tube children. This has never been a theme on the celestial blog, as it is Hanvold's many marriages, which makes him unfit for anything else to be a preacher and hired in the church of God.
Jan Hanvold is pretty silly, rude and goes on verbal attacks on absolutely everyone that he does not like or stands in his way in one way or another. The examples are many.

Here is Ulf Ekman who gets excuses that gets this triad by Jan Hanvold on his very "popular" Facebook page, which in my eyes is the worst Facebook page in Norway. 

Quote Jan Hanvold:

It's bad to see how the press takes advantage of a sick man. Everyone should understand that Ulf Ekman is sick! And therefore he did not hang out. When a leader like Ulf Ekman talks about Virgin Mary and that he now has Pope John Paul II as his guardian angel. As he pleads. Should call at most

Have received a lot of ugly accusations lately that I backdrop and write badly about Jan Kaare Hanvold. I have not written anything about his private life, even though he has embroidered it all on both TV and Radio.
He himself has revealed that he has four children. Two in from the first marriage, nobody from the second marriage. She wanted only sex and money, according to Jan Hanvold, what he wanted, I do not know in marriage No. 2.
But, last marriage, they could not have children when Hanvold himself said he did not have enough sperm to make his third wife pregnant.
Hanvold got ordered, he said with insemination, and she had two children with him, and even though he himself said he had heavenly sex now. Then there was a helping hand from the doctor to his last wife, Inger, to become pregnant. When he lived with his first and right wife, nature took care of this. Imagine, how much better Hanvold had when he lived with his first and right wife. Still he has it now when he lives in horror?
My concern has not been to attack a single person on the personal plane, but to focus on the preachers and shepherds of God's congregation being a model.
They are in an effort and a function that makes them something that no one else is.
They are in a special way set to convey the word of God to all other people, then they must also have a standard that makes them both worthy and is a model for the others. As the apostle Peter says, they are a pattern for the others - the flock of God!
1 pet. 3 Nor as those who will rule over their churches, but that you may become the pattern of the flock.
Jan Kaare Hanvold himself has said on several occasions that he could not have children naturally. Even though he had better sex than ever, it was not enough to have children.
Therefore, he and Inger received the help of the doctor to get the 2 children they have together that I have not written about this. For the simple reason, my focus is not on the personal plane.
We have written about Hanvold's economy, a little. Has also written about his teachings, which is the glory of theology. 
But our focus is and has been only one thing that he has been reissued.
Everything else is subordinate to it! 
In my eyes, Jan Hanvold is also a disgust at the ecosomical, although he is probably on the right side of the law? I do not know, but Norwegian law accepts so many, but to punish those who hold on to the word of God, everything will be turned over! 
We saw what also came through NRK's ​​program "cash prize" about him who is only the top of an iceberg.
Where he, as chairman and chief, leans in and out, back and forth to himself one day.
The next day he leans out to himself and back and forth, all behind the Vision Norway Foundation where he sits on both sides of the table and dictates everything.
If you oppose this, you will hear from Jan Hanvold that you are a Judas and abuse his trust.
In my view, Hanvold is also a typical psychopath and dangerous to do.
In many ways, Jan Hanvold is the opposite of being a spiritual and mature Christian man, not least as a preacher and apostle, he has all the qualities that one should not have as an appearance. The qualities he should and should have, they are a total shortcoming.
But at the same time, I have very little been aware of this, as it is his many marriages rather than anything else that disqualifies him as an apostle and preaches! 
Final Comment: 
Is it so important to warn against Visjon Norge and Jan Hanvold? They then live their own lives and those who support them. They will do it anyway.
Agree in it, but the scriptures say again and again that we both have to take care of and warn against the false prophets. In many ways, there is a main theme in the scripture and it will be in preaching. 
Acts 20. 29 I know that after my destruction shall waxing wolves come in among you who do not spare the flock; 30 Yes, among yourselves there shall be men who lead conversation to entice the disciples. 31 Watch therefore, and remember that in three years I did not quit, neither night nor day, to exhort every one with tears! 
Notice that the Apostle Paul warned against this for three years, and it was three years he worked here in Ephesus.
It was so strong and intense for the apostle Paul, and necessary to warn against such false prophets as Vision Norway and Jan Hanvold!
When attacking me to be concerned about this is so reprehensible it is possible to stay. On the contrary, support and encourage me to do this is the only right and right! 
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