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No. 1577: It must be timely to criticize Jan Kaare Hanvold, Jan Aage Torp and others without having to be criminalized or heard that one is envious or has bad motives as these are false apostles and "antichrist"!

No. 1577:
It must be timely to criticize Jan Kaare Hanvold, Jan Aage Torp and others without having to be criminalized or heard that one is envious or has bad motives as these are false apostles and "antichrist"!
Picture of Jan Aage Torp which is obviously a fool of Post!

1 Joh. 2. 17 And the world goes by and its light; But he who does the will of God will be forever. 18 My children! It is the last hour; And as you have heard that the Antichrist is coming, there have now been many antichrists; Hence we realize it's the last hour. 19 They departed from us, but they were not of us; for if they were of us, they were with us;But it should be obvious that not all of us are. 20 And you have the anointing of the Holy One, and know all.
4. 1. In love! Do not believe any spirit, but try the spirits if they are of God! For many false prophets have gone out into the world. 2 On this you shall know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus is Christ, come in flesh is of God; 3 and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not of God; And this is the spirit of the Antichrist, which you have heard coming and already in the world. 4 You are of God, my children, and have prevailed over them; For he that is in you is greater than he that is in the world. 5 They are of the world; Therefore they speak of the world, and the world hears them; 6 We are of God; He who knows God hears us; He who is not of God does not hear us. On this we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error. 7 Beloved! Let's love each other! For love is of God, and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.

My struggle is not against repatriation in general, if divorce and remarriage are not good.
My struggle is against reproach among preachers and shepherds, the actual "elite" in the church of God! 
The scriptures say that such people as Jan Kaare Hanvold, Jan Aage Torp and other Pinse Kararmatic preachers who do not live and learn right after the word of God, they are antichrists! 
They are not the Antichrist itself, but antichrists! 
Should not it be allowed to say? And warn, without having to make up for it?
Hear they say when one talks about something. They have done so and so much to Jesus, how about you?
I have never measured myself or others according to what one has done.
But I measure everyone according to the standard I hold.
Something that is even more important, that's what God's Word says is the standard!
It is also necessary that opposites be promoted, or things will definitely come true!
1 Tess. 5. 19 Do not excuse the Spirit, 20 confessions do not prophesy speak; 21 But try everything, hold on to the good,
I believe in the new birth, I believe in tongues, I believe in prophetic speech, yes, I believe in all the word of God. But I also believe in a holy life and teachings that are in harmony with the word of God. This is where it fails for the false prophets of time. This highlighted both Jesus - our Savior. Apostle Paul, Apostle John, Apostle Peter, and all other Saints God's men and women!
I take some quotes down to show clearly that I have the word of God with me:
Matt. 7. 15 But beware of the false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are wailing wolves! 16 Of their fruits you shall know them; Can a good grape of torn bushes or figs of thistles? 17 Therefore every good beareth three good fruits, but the bad tree beareth evil fruits. 18 A good tree can not bear evil fruits, and a bad tree can not bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is chopped down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore you shall know them of their fruits. 21 Not everyone who says to me: Lord! Master! Shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my heavenly father. 22 Many will say to me on that day, Lord! Master! Have we not spoken prophetically by thy name, and cast out vain spirits by thy name, and done many mighty works by thy name? 23 Then I will testify to them, I have never known you; Depart from me, you who did injustice!
2 Tim. 3. 1 But this you shall know that in the last days there will be difficult times. 2 For men shall be self-loving, money-loving, profane, proud, proud, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, profane, unrighteous, unreliable, reluctant, immense, unmoved, without love for the good, 4 deceitful, bloating, inflated Love his lusts higher than God, 5 who has the skin of godliness, but denies its power - and these turn away from you.
4. 1. I testify to God and Christ Jesus, who shall judge living and dead, and by his revelation and his kingdom; 2 Preach the word, be timely and expound, convince, rebuke, exalt with all longsuffering and learn! 3 For there shall be a time when they will not tolerate the sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, teachers learn in their heads, because it is clawing them in the ear, 4 and they shall turn their ear away from the truth and turn to adventure.
2 Pet. 2. 1 But false prophets also arose among the people, as among you, and false teachers, who shall trespass evil lessons that lead to destruction, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring upon themselves a sudden perdition. 2 And many shall follow them in their shamelessness, and for their sake shall the way of truth be spotted; 3 and with blasphemy they shall make use of your words in earnest. But judgment over them is not desolate from ancient times, and their destruction is not asleep.
1 Joh. 4. 1 In love! Do not believe any spirit, but try the spirits if they are of God! For many false prophets have gone out into the world.
2 Joh. 7 For many sinners have gone out into the world, who do not confess that Jesus Christ is in flesh; This is the seducer and antichrist. 8 Take care that you do not lose what you have gained in your work, but that you may receive full wages! 9 Whosoever betrotheth not, and cometh not in the teaching of Christ, hath not god; He who is in the teaching, has both the Father and the Son. 10 If anyone comes to you and does not teach this doctrine, do not accept him in your house and do not welcome him! 11 Whoever commends him, becomes accomplice to him in his evil deeds.
3 Joh. 9 I have written something to the church; But Diotrefes, who would like to be first-class among them, does not accept us. 10 Therefore, when I come, I will recall the works that he does, by stopping us with evil words; And not satisfied with this he does not take for himself.
The whole word of God gives a complete testimony that false teachers, false teachings and false Christians are the most dangerous and most contradictory to our spiritual lives.Therefore, this is so important and important place in all the word of God that the extent and importance make this a major part of the word of God and in the teaching of both Jesus and the apostles.
Should one not be allowed to both warn against the false prophets, and name the false prophets in time? It is of utmost importance that we do it! 
Final Comment: 
I see, for example. Such as now where I have been falsely reported. The whole thing against me is a lie and turned upside down. The real truth is the opposite.
1) The entire judgment against me is based, is not what I have written.
But that's the amount. This will also be completely wrong to make without reservation, without including this.
a.) It's being assumed, is what Jan Aage Torp came with the district court. Firstly, it's completely misleading, it's simply a fantasy number. Secondly, none of the large numbers are documented.
b.) It is I who have been I expect 20,000 hate speech against me online (figure is formidable, and the two who are behind most of the police. But the police cares jot about Torodd Fuglesteg and the man with the fictitious name Ansgar Braut). There I have responded to these mostly on their own blog. Therefore, there are large amounts.
2.) It is I and my family have been subjected to section 390 a of Jan Aage Torp his disciples. Through countless mailers sent my email address. In addition to what has been posted online, they have contacted my son, my employer, my wife's private mail, her job post, her senior at work and my friends. All in all, I am, and not Jan Aage Torp who has been exposed to this massive harassment.
3.) I consider this also that what I have written against Jan Aage Torp, it is written and spoken of it all. I count 98% after his fictional review, this is essential. Then his whole review becomes fictional. It was my view of reunion and divorce that Jan Aage Torp hated and wanted to be deleted from the web, nothing else.
4.) Everyone should bear this in memory, that Jan Aage Torp is a slugger. He seeks conflicts, trying to pull everything to his advantage. He has been in conflict with the vast majority he has come into contact with. Be it the Pentecostal Movement, the Gay Movement, the NRK editorial, the child ombudsman and the list are even longer.
5.) I consider the whole case against me to be a kind of conspiracy, and if I am being judged. An justice word in the sense that I am the culprit here if those who have written on the net have to be punished for it.
6.) It is regrettable that we have not got forward our arguments well enough now. But now we must do our best to get it if this is needed.
7.) They have also set up a blog - the false Smyrna blog - which aims to frame me and my family. If this is not punishable by anything that is written online, then the whole thing will be even worse for me!
8.) That I am right in my accusations, it has come clear through VGTV, what his son Anders has written about him (his own book about this, he has released) and many others.Here are many moments that have not been included and which one should have emphasized to make the verdict correct if we also lose the case in Borgarting law of law or the case is appealed to the Supreme Court!

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