torsdag 22. juni 2017

No. 1558: Norway's greatest justice word!

No. 1558:
Norway's greatest justice word!

Seems in fact this is undemocratic and a form of Christian persecution!
What I write is "fun" compared to what is written online and today.
Both in Norway and elsewhere in the world!
That I'm sentenced without spending 1 minute in two courts that it's the amount of what I've written that traps me!
That makes this case a tragedy!

NarreApostel Jan Aage Torp draws some numbers that are 120% lie numbers, which Oslo tingrett believes blindly without any kind of documentation.
As Borgarting Court of Appeal is based, and the Norwegian Supreme Court also believes blindly, then it is a justice word!
Faksmile from a letter from the Norwegian Supreme Court, where the Oslo District Court and Borgarting law firmly trust the narrative of a "lie apostle". Talk about being a kidding!
Miscarriage of justice!
They have judged me for the amount of what I have written!
It's fine, but when Torp and his disciples have written verbally tougher than me.
As well as the amount, is at least three times more, then there is only one thing to say, a justism and Christian persecution!
Can not see that this sentence is more correct than what Tjostolf Moland and Josva French experienced in Congo!
Do you?
Even Vebjørn Selbakk believes that I should not have been prosecuted!
Okay, Torp won - I lost.
Jesus also "lost" on Calvary, but he won the greatest victory as it has ever been won!
In other words, I think there's something good out of this when I'm 120% innocent judged!
Final Comment:
Right now you just have to pray for me and the heavenly blog!
This is a justice word - ala North Korea, Congo or Saudi Arabia!
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