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Nr. 1541: Do not need your money or admonitions, just your pals!

Nr. 1541:
Do not need your money or admonitions, just your pals!
Picture of the fool-apostle Jan Aage Torp who hated me and the heavenly blog where he has lied to both the police and the court to trap me and the celestial blog.
The result has become the opposite to this, so the message of the Christian marriage, divorce and relegation is spreading more than ever when others write about the hatred of the police against me and the heavenly blog!
God turns everything to the good he has done before, he does it now too!
Genesis 50. 15 When Joseph's brothers saw that their father was dead, they said, "Only now, Joseph will not hate us and repay all the evil we did to him! 16 Then they sent to Joseph, saying, "Your father gave us this order before our death." 17 Then you shall say to Joseph, Forgive, dear, the iniquity of your brothers and their sin that they have done evil to you! So now forgive us, who also serve your father's God, our iniquity! And Joseph cried when they spoke to him. 18 His brethren also came and fell down to him, saying, Behold, we will be thy servants. 19 Joseph said to them, Do not be afraid; Am I in God's place? 20 You thought evil to me; But God thought good for doing what he has done and keeping alive people alive. 21 Do not be afraid, I will take care of you and your children. And he comforted them and spoke kindly to them.
Verse 20 here is truly the same thing happening now in my case.
Torps hat and the Oslo police involved in this, the message about the Christian marriage, divorce and remorse is spread more than ever when others write about the hatred of the police against me and the heavenly blog!

I have been offered to receive 15,000, - kr to pay the total meaningless and incorrect boat I have received to have written the truth on the heavenly blog!
Have been commended to lay down the blog, ask God and the ward for forgiveness and much more. All of this is good advice, but I can or will reverse what I have written and spoken! Can not change anything or change anything!
That I have done something criminal is also just a lie and affair!
Here, Jon Wessel, Aas, writes that I have not broken Norwegian law.
Since the law they are trying to use against me, it is contrary to what I have done. Satan is raging in truth at this time.
Interview with Wessel Aas:
Freedom of speech expert, lawyer Jon Wessel-Aas believes that the statements to Christensen are not criminal.
"The special thing in this case is that punishment is used for punishment, which in any case, historically and in its essence, will punish the more direct peace crimes," he said.
Wessel Aas believes it is more natural to assess whether blog posts are defamations?
He points out that the Storting has the intention that defamation should be a matter between the parties and therefore must be prosecuted through civil action with claims for compensation.
Such cases are no longer a matter for the police and prosecuting authorities.
In principle, the view of the Court of Appeal also implies that the general publications of the press can be prosecuted in pursuance of the provision on peace crimes.
He would like to see the Supreme Court address the matter.
- This fundamental issue of law-making should ideally be clarified by the Supreme Court, Wessel Aas believes.
(Quote ending).
Do not need your money or admonitions, just your pals!
You can of course support me, the Heavenly Blog and Smyrna Oslo, you are free to do. We need that at this time.
Need prayer and support for further work and service, do you want to join?
Here is the account number in DNB: 0535 06 05845
Be blessed in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ!
The possibilities are many, but then we must stand together and help each other in the future!
Final Comment:
Prayer is the most important thing. Pray for me, the service and the family. That all things and things in my life and ministry go to full victory in the name of Jesus!
Everything but this is unimportant and is something that neither I nor can do anything about!
The only thing that is a prayer.
Here from my Bible remarks Ephesians 6: 10 Finally, be strong in the Lord, in his mighty power!
So, Paul is skipping from the human and natural part of the spiritual. But all this goes together. God's word encourages us to become strong and to be overcome. We become obedient to the word of God's word and appease to us his mighty power. Even in the GT there were powerful promises to be obedient as we find among other things. In Deuteronomy 28, how much more in the new covenant!
11 Take on the full armor of God so that you can resist the devil's lame attack.
Here we shall embrace God's full armor. What it is and includes comes in the next verses. We will not only care for any parts of the armor, but the whole armor. But there are so many believers who never come out or go out of the spirit struggle that this is something they can not fully relate to. It's only when you've been fighting that one understands how important and vital this is. If you have been in combat and suffer defeat, then one will do anything one can to avoid defeat in the next fight!
12 For we have not a fight against flesh and blood, but against powers and authorities, against the rulers of the world in this darkness, against the spirit of evil in the heavenly space.
The actual opponents are evil spirits under the leadership of the Devil. There are evil spirits of different magnitudes and positions. There are demonic world rulers operating in this darkness in which the world is located. It is a battle against the "breath of breath of evil in the sky." That is, they belong to the spirit world, and thus they are scary dangerous and luminous. Satan acts in many different ways, both as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14) and as a roaring lion (1 Pet 5,8). He is most dangerous when he acts as an angel of light, disguised as a messenger of the gospel.
God's word says about the last days: "But the Spirit says in plain words that in the coming times some will fall from faith and adhere to seducing spirits and demons' teachings. It happens by hypocrisy of false teachers who are burned in their own conscience "1 Tim. 4: 1-2. Accordingly, the false teaching has its origins in evil spirits, and the false teachings are influenced by, or under the influence of, evil spirits. Therefore, we can say that it is not a struggle against people individually, but the Devil and the evil spirits use or abuse people in their struggle against God and Christians.
The word of God does not hide the fact that we have an eerie opponent who together with terrible evil spirits will do everything possible to seduce God's children. But we must know that Jesus disarmed the evil spirits when he triumphed on Calvary (Col. 2,15). Even though the devil and his spirit army are defeated, the judgment is not yet enforceable.Therefore, they have yet another time to seduce and tempt us humans, but the judgment of them is already set aside.
But there are also different spiritualities we stand above. We can share them.
1.) Authorities and authorities.
2.) The world's rulers in this darkness.
3.) Breathing Army in Heaven.
Here we meet three different areas of enemy heroes who will defeat and disturb us. Two of the secret to winning win is to know ourselves and our own thrust. And know the enemy and his force.
1.) Here we meet people face to face. Why does not the mass media and everything else write and relate objectively and objectively to us believers and objectively? Satan is behind.
2.) It is an Spirit that the Bible describes as the Spirit of Satan, the Antichrist's Spirit, the Spirit that works in the infidel's children who work and rule in this world. The opposite of the Spirit of God can be said.
3.) Here are the demons and the fallen angels. Demons are usually "small" men of 1 \ 2m if one should see them visible to the eye. The fallen angels are left over the demons and can multiply we read in Genesis 6. They have assumed to rule this world before joining Lucifer. We read more places in the scripture that the demons infiltrated and occupied the people. While the fallen angels went so far as having intercourse with women and having children with them, they had the opportunity to propagate. But they are spirit creatures that can be both visible and invisible to the naked eye!
Genesis 6. 4 At that time, and since also, there was fighting on earth. For the sons of God lived with the human daughters and had children with them. These were the great men of ancient times, the namesake.
Human servants feed giants, they are God's sons have other genetic conditions that are stronger and different than humans after the fall.
King David eradicated those who survived the flood of water, and today they are the people of the Spirit, not flesh and blood,
2. Samuel's book 21. 18 Then there came a new battle with the Philistines, at Gob. There Sibbekai of the Husja family was a man named Saf and was a descendant of Rafa. 19 Once again, it came to pass with the filmmakers at Gob. Elkanan, the son of Ja'are-Orgim of Bethlehem, spelled Goliath from Gath, who had a spear shaft as thick as a crank. 20 Then it got hit at Gat. There was a giant man who had six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot, twenty four fingers and toes in all. He also belonged to the Rafa family.21 The man mocked Israel. But Jonathan, son of David's brother Shima, killed him. 22 These four belonged to the Raphaelite in Gath. David and his men felt them.
23. 21 He also fought a giant Egyptian. The Egyptian had a spear in his hand, but Benaiah approached him with a stick, tore the spear out of the hand of the Egyptian, and killed him with his own spear.
It is only at the end of the great tribulation that these spiritual sizes will reveal their true self to all people. Until then, we are their biggest opponents and they are our hardest and greatest opponents. But Jeus has defeated them on the cross once forever. It is good and reassuring to know.
Will also accept that Satan is very concerned with this, so he has put out lies that are not true about this. See here: According to ZetaTalk, David's grandmother had been raped or abused as a sex slave by an anonymous soldier, and then had given birth to a hybrid (David's grandmother). It was thus anunnaki blood in David's veins, and as a child he had learned from the mother to hate the giants. This is just a giant bluff!
Here from my Bible commentary Colossians 2:15 He disarmed the powers and the authorities and made them mock and speeding when he triumphed over them on the cross.
Satan and demons had the habits of our lives. We were in the dark and thrived in the dark and were Satan's property. But they were disarmed and stood out as liars, prosecutors and without real power. Satan and the demon had been robbed long and thoroughly enough. But no longer now they were defeated. The victory is perfect. God's Father is satisfied through the work of Jesus at Calvary. We have forgiven the sins, and God can grace us and adopt us into his family as his own children. And Satan and the demon have no real power anymore, they live on borrowed time! Jesus nullified the law for us. It does not matter anymore for us, only the grace of Christ Jesus.
13 Therefore take the full armor of God, that you may resist the evil day, and be left to overcome all things.
Therefore, the apostle encourages believers to take God's full armor so that they can resist the evil day (v. 13). The days are different. For a few days we look back with joy, we would rather forget about it. In the coming days, we know nothing but experience, some would be good other evil. We will notice that the Devil is a strategist and likes to find a day when we feel everything is hard and heavy, then he comes with his list and temptations to try to lead us to a fall.
Particular evil days for the people of God are persecution times. In our time, many in the world are being persecuted for their Christian faith, and the world experiences more martyrs than ever in history. The persecution time will culminate in the arrival of the Antichrist and the great tribulation. Therefore, it is important that we take on God's full armor so that we can stand.
14 Stand ready with the truth as a belt of life and with righteousness like a brow,
The apostle uses the Roman soldier armor as a picture of the struggle we stand in. It also seems as if he uses the same order the soldier used to put on this armor.
"Then be bound with the belly of truth about life and wear the brow of righteousness" (v. 14). First, mention the belt and the armor. Belts should hold the long clothes so that one was ready to move and ready for battle. The brow should cover and protect the vital organs like heart and lungs. When it is spoken of "the belt of truth," it is believed that one must be truthful and sincere in his way, both in words and in deed. A Christian has taken against the truth, Jesus, therefore, in his life, he must also reflect this truth by being truthful and honest in all his way. Only then is he able to go into battle. But he must also be wearing the "brow of justice". Here it must be the objective righteousness, that is, the justified righteousness that God attributes to a sinner who takes refuge for Jesus Christ. It must be a protection against the accusations of conscience and Satan.Therefore, it is important that a Christian, who is attributed to the righteousness of Jesus Christ, lives as righteous in all the situations and circumstances of life and equally lives a truthful and honest life among all people. The belt of truth is to trust the truth and always let it live and learn.
Joh.e. 8. 32 Then you shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free. "36 If the Son frees you, you will be truly free. The crown of justice is that life and learning match. It is when we live as we preach that we are strong.
1 Cor. 9. 23 But I do all things for the sake of the gospel, that I may share it.
24 Do not you know that they are in a race on the sports track, they all run, but only one wins the victory. Run then to win it! 25 An athlete must deny everything. He does it to win a wreath that fades, we to win a wreath that never fades. 26 Therefore, I do not run without a goal, and I do not like a boxer striking the air. 27 No, I am fighting for myself, forcing the body to listen, lest I, who have preached to others, be rejected.
15 and wear like shoes on the feet the preparedness of the gospel of peace.
Furthermore, the apostle mentions the footwear and says: "Have shoes on your feet the preparedness that the gospel of peace gives" (v. 5). The footwear is important in the fight. The Roman soldier had bound his feet with sandals or shoes. These were often made up of rivets to make him feel good. Here the footwear is compared with the gospel of peace. The gospel provides peace with God and peace in heart in a good conscience. This peace is again a fruit of faith's righteousness. Therefore, Christians should always be ready to proclaim the gospel wherever they came. The famous ex-Bengel says: "The feet of the Christian soldier are fastened to the gospel so that he can not escape from his place or folds."
Room. 5. 1. When we have become righteous by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.
16 Grab the shield of faith above all; With that you can extinguish all the burning arrows of the wicked.
The shield was the large oblong shield that covered almost the whole person. It was usually made of wood, but with a thick cover of leather. The firepills were wrapped with a flammable substance like high or iron. They were dipped in the beak or tar to light when they were ejected. However, it was difficult to ignite the leather curtain on the shield.When the arrows hit this, they dropped off and fell to the ground and sank. In the same way, faith will protect a Christian from the temptations of devil for apostasy. It is faith in Jesus the Son of God who protects and protects God's children from the devil's burning arrows. The same thought we read about the apostle Peter where he encourages the Christians to stand against the devil, firm in faith (1 Pet 5,9). What are the burning arrows of the wicked? There may be words, books, magazines, movies, pornography, pictures, ideas, thoughts, (lusts and lusts) that attack the purity of our hearts. Who has not noticed that suddenly an image or thought appears to be difficult to get rid of. Some are bothered by sins and defeat from adulthood. Even though one has received the remission of sins, thoughts and images appear again. But they must be rejected so that they do not have room in their hearts. But how? Go to Jesus with them and put the matter before him. He has been tried in everything, but is without sin. In such situations, it may also be useful to seek out a soulmaker or another Christian to whom he is trusted.
The apostle Jacob writes about temptations and says that God does not tempt anyone and continues: "But everyone who is tempted, drawn and enticed by his own will. When the lust has conceived, it gives birth to sin. But when sin is full, it gives birth to death "Jak 1.14-15. It is the Devil as deadlines, and it can lead to a Christian's fall if one is not on duty. Therefore, let us live in the community of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, then the temptations of the Devil will be revealed and accommodated.
17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.
The soldier takes his helmet on his head, and then he grabs the sword with his right hand. The helmet protects the head which is the most important limb on the body. That the Christian has received salvation and lives in salvation protects him from all dangers. The consciousness of salvation, both that one is saved here and now and the eternal salvation, is a protection against the Devil and his spirit army. When a Christian is in Jesus Christ, the Devil can never hurt the believer as long as he stays in the community with Jesus, but he may be tempted to apostatize. Salvation helmet talks about having victory in mind, do not give the Devil's room we read in the 4th chapter. 2 Cor. 10. 3 We live like humans, but we do not fight as humans do. 4 For our weapons are not of men, but they have their power from God, and can lay fortresses in gravel. We tear down thought buildings 5 ​​and everything big and proud that rises to the knowledge of God, and we take every thought into captivity under obedience to Christ. 6 We are ready to punish all disobedience as soon as you have reached full obedience.
Finally, the sword is called an assault weapon. There is no fleshly weapon, but spiritual, something that the Holy Spirit of God gives a Christian. It is the word of God. The author of the Hebrew letter says of the effect of God's Word: "For the word of God is living and effective and sharper than any two-edged sword. It needs through until it cloves soul and spirit, joints and margins, and judges the thoughts and counsel of the heart "Heb 4.12. The word of God is alive and effective for the Holy Ghost of God is in the word, and it carries on the Holy Spirit when it is preached. God's Word is the strongest weapon of attack God's people have against the devil and his spirit army. Therefore, it is important to hear the word of God, read it, learn it (usually without), base it on the conversation about it, pray over it. In other words, take care of it. The word is the safest and best weapon to keep Satan away and drive him away because he does not tolerate God's word.
That was what Jesus used when he was attacked and tempted by the Devil in the wilderness (Matt. 4: 11-11). In the Revelation there are those who had conquered the prosecutor: "They have prevailed against him by the blood of the Lamb and the word they testified." Rev. 12.11.
Therefore, the Word is our help in need and tribulation, and comfort in life and death. The Bible says, "Blessed are those who hear the word of God and take care of it." Luke 11,28. They are blessed both here in time and in eternity.
18 Do this in prayer, and put all things before God! Pray at all times, in the Spirit! Wake up and pray in prayer for all the saints,
Taking on God's full armor and fighting in the spirit struggle can be a hard and hard work. But Jesus has not called us to sleepers, but to work in his vineyard, like limbs on his body, as volunteer auxiliaries and active Christians in church and church. Much has a sense of work. That's how it's also with prayer. The prayer is not supposed to be a leisure time only when you do not have anything else to do. It is pending to set aside time for prayer, but prayer is also resting. Jesus says to his weary soldiers for the gospel and the cause of peace: "Come to me, all of you who strive and carry heavy burdens, I will give you rest." Matthew 11: 28-28.
19 also for me. Pray that the right words must be given to me when I speak so that I can boldly proclaim the secret of the gospel,
Paul would rightly proclaim the secrets of the gospel. Here is a lot of it. To name a few truths here is the death of Jesus on Calvary, Satan defeated. But this is just the beginning of all the secrets of God.
20 as I am also a messenger in prison. Pray that I know the gospel to speak boldly as I should.
Now he was in prison, this was part of God's plan. Then he got the time and opportunity to write the letters we have from his hand today. Without his "break" we probably would not have had all the good letters. The fact that God allows things to happen, even the negative is usually a part of his great and meaningful plan and purpose.
21 So that you may know how I am and how it is with me, Tycikus will tell you everything. He is our dear brother and a loyal servant of the Lord.
Paul describes Tycikus: "Tycikus, our dear brother, faithful servant, and serve in the Lord ..." (Col. 4,7)
It is clear that Tykikus is a person Paul has great devotion to. His character, lifestyle and love of Christ tied strong ties between them. Tykikus also took great care of both the work Paul did and for the health of Paul. He was sensitive to the practical needs the apostle had and attempted to cover them as far as possible. Being someone described as "faithful servant ..." shows that Tycikus was a selfless person, helpful and kind. Nothing was "too much" for Tykikus. A serving spirit was the "trademark" of his life.
But Paul is not done with this. He also calls Tycikus for "faithful". With those words, the apostle describes that Tycikus was one who cared for people. He was preaching, but also one encouraging one who exercised a great service in comforting and challenging. Tykikus had the believers in his heart.
Tycikus was faithful to the word of God and against the assembly of Christ. He was therefore the right person to send to Colossa, at a time when the teacher cursed at the door of this church. Tykikus taught in truth, in the apostolic doctrine, faithfully, as a co-servant, in loyalty to the missionary order.
For Paul, Tycikus was also a "co-worker". In this word there is a deep meaning. First, it describes Tykikus as a colleague, a member of the team. Tykikus was not looking to take care of his own reputation, or grind his own cake. He was part of something bigger, of a context. He worked for the kingdom of God, not his own interest. He was happy and pleased to serve the apostle Paul. That in itself was reward enough.
That is the case with many of us. In meeting with some of Christ's disciples who live such a rich life with Him, it's a blessing to be alone. This was also the case with Tycycus in relation to Paul.
But it is important to note this. Paul did not look at Tycikus as his personal servant. Tykikus was a co-servant in the Lord.
22 I send him to you just to hear what it's like for us, and to give you a fresh look.
Paul let him go. We see that Paul became more humble over the years. That's how it's going to be with all of us. And what does the community best do? It should always be in front of what best serves us best. This change became more and more visible to Paul. But everything has its time and purpose. Occasionally, God allows our fleshly curse ring for his eternal and best purposes to come forth.
23 Peace be with the brothers, and love and faith from God, the Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ!
Here we see the division in the deity again. It is the Father as No. 1 and the Son as No. 2. We need to get an understanding here that is correct and biblical. The Father is from eternity, the Son has departed from Him, this was Jesus' own testimony. Joh. E. 17. 8 For I have given them the words you gave me, and they have received them. Now, in truth, I know that I'm leaving you, and they thought you sent me.
24 Grace and immortal life be with all who love our Lord Jesus Christ!
Here's Paul's "usual" greetings. Grace is in the center! Secondly indestructible life. We only get through the Son Jesus Christ. Anyone who does not have him does not have this life as only through him we can get and achieve it.
1. Joh. B. 5. 10 Whoever believes in the Son of God has the testimony in him. But he who does not believe God has made him a liar because he has not believed God's own testimony of his Son. 11 And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. 12 Whoever has the Son owns life, but he who does not have the Son of God does not own life.
Immortal life is something only God the Father has and possesses. That we also get it shows the immense trust he gives us by accepting Christ and remaining faithful to him.This is mercy and grace, incomprehensibly great!
Joh. E. 1. 16 We have all received of his fullness mercy over grace. 17 For the law was given by Moses, grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. 18 No one has ever seen God, but the only one, who is God, and who is in the father's favor, has shown us who he is.

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