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No. 1570: "Apostle" Jan Hanvold is convicted of corruption and ecumenical infidelity where he was in jail - today he is pouring into 100 Millions In the year of seduced Christians, does this madness want to end sooner or later?

No. 1570:
"Apostle" Jan Hanvold is convicted of corruption and ecumenical infidelity where he was in jail - today he is pouring into 100 Millions In the year of seduced Christians, does this madness want to end sooner or later?
Picture of Jan Hanvold from the early 1980s. The man was a detention then convicted and imprisoned. Today, better than ever, ability to flee Christians in Norway for 100 Millions each year.

Is Jesus coming again soon?
Yes, but the Christian people had not known him again when they could accept a man like Jan Hanvold, obviously a wolf in sheep's clothes, or a jap as "Apostle" !?
Here from the Capital tab:
From miracles to prison
Those who followed in with the news in the 1980s may remember pastor Jan Hanvold, driver and spiritual leader in the New Vision Foundation in Drøbak.
His miracle conferences were controversial. The same was his focus on money. The effort was endless, and Hanvold stated that they should "turn down on Norway and Europe, economically and morally."
The only thing he turned down on was his own existence. In 1989 everything went wrong, the company network he had created collapsed, bankruptcy followed bankruptcy, and the claims against the companies were around NOK 45 million. Hanvold was beaten personally by bankruptcy, charged with the rivalry, and in 1992 sentenced to 120 days imprisonment, hence 45 days unconditional.
Vision Bible Center - or the VBC Bible For All As It Was - was also created in 1989. At that time, it was about turning bibles to Moscow. Since then, they have conducted various forms of more or less questionable collection actions.
Now they call the Vision Norway Mission, collecting money, among other things through a sponsorship scheme for poor children, and have 24 hours of television broadcasts throughout the Nordic region.
(Quote ending).
The scripture says: Jeremiah 13. 23 Can a moron change his skin, or a leopard's spots? - Then you can do well, you who are used to hurting.
Jan Hanvold is worse now ever, now he has even more marriages on the conscience than he had when he was sentenced and put to prison in the 1980s!
There is nothing to suggest that Hanvold has repented, he continues in the same sins as before!
Hanvold is as Jeremiah writes and speaks: "Can a moron change his skin or a leopard's spots? "Then you can do well, you're used to hurting." No, a leopard has its spots, and Hanvold is a sinner who loves sin out of everything else. He loves God, but loves the lusts higher!
Joh. E. 10. 1. Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that goeth not into the sheepstreet through the door, but riseth elsewhere, he is a thief and a robber.
Jan Hanvold makes his own way for salvation, his own Christianity, and has built up his own "empire" where he is in the center.
Believe that Hanvold will let go of this is like believing in Santa Claus!
Jan Hanvold is a mega enthusiast.
Marries and stands out just as it suits him and his flesh.
Ability to manipulate and fool, and when Selbekk and others are busy only with his transactions, Hanvold fits perfectly.
That is where he has control and knows that he has all his legal on the "dry"!
Is Selbekk and Christian Norway so stupid as this? That focal point was just to get Vision Norway on the track to account for its madness. We as believers must then go a lot, much longer than what the world does. And we must go to the word of God, above all!
Jan Hanvold has two "heartchildren" whom he does everything to fight for.
1.) It is her last marriage, as the scripture says is untrue. It makes Hanvold everything to preserve, and could live and shame in sin!
2.) He looks at everything that stands Vision Norway name as his "empire." And as such, no one will get tampered and touch.
Then Hanvold's anger comes forth, and everyone gets his stamp on Judah. The man is typical psychopath and of course has nothing to do in a Christian context to do! The man lives both in sin and is a typical narcissist!
Sad that the Christian people, not least the shepherds in us, are in such a low level that they are unable to set Hanvold. I could have done that in 5 minutes, but unfortunately.Today's Christianity with today's Christian leaders obviously does not have this. Hanvold lurks with his game where he attacks both victims and victims. After all, he earns the best. And Christian leaders take into account this man who does not own either conscience or shame in life!
We look at comments on the web, where ordinary people understand hundreds of times more than what Christian leaders today understand.
Here is an example:
Laila Huse Thorsen
I'm so shocked to read the comments here. Here are adults, and most have passed 60, who support and defend the customs that Hanvold both says and does. Where was the life vision of? They claim that Hanvold is doing so much, so he must be allowed to behave like a killer bag! Remember that Hanvold and TV UN called for a boycott of the TV collection when the money went to Norwegian People's Aid. The reason was that they did not have the right view on Israel. But there was no one who focused on the good work done by Norwegian People's Aid. Talk about hypocrisy.
(Quote ending).
In other words, Hanvold warns against others where there are things to delay.
But itself, most of it does not matter. Then one should be defended and one should look through the fingers not only at all, but all that Hanvold requires. Or you are a Judas in Jan Kaare Hanvold's eyes!
This was the first time since he started Vision Norway 13 years ago that he was confronted with what he is doing. And how does Hanvold react?
Just like a four year old who was greedy pampered and was spoken for the first time. Absolutely loses sight and every upward person should realize that he is not good at this.
But what does the Christian people do? They say a little bit from, and Hanvold thrives back. That's how they tied the boom, the man does so much after all. We can not remove him, because then Vision Norway goes the whistle, and this is so much affected by.
Even though he has broken and ran a bunch of people. Destroyed his own family, man must after all have!
Here's something more that different has written against Jan Kaare Hanvold online:
Britt Endresen Jan Hanvold has got his own song.
Hear the song: Comedian thugs against Christian preacher
Comedian Jon Niklas Rønning takes a hard settlement with TV minister Jan Hanvold and disputed TV Vision Norway. http://www.p4.no/programmer/michael-direkte/hor-sangen-komiker-tordner-mot-kristenpredikant/artikkel/678631/
Rigmor Kristine Næss
Mr. Hanevold guarded you and mocked God's word ... do not use the word of God's sake ..... look up for the red mark you can get in your forehead if you have not already got it ... in my eyes are you Not a true Christian after the word, but one who utilizes people's weakness in their hard working life. You were fainted by your own and that's the truth, you're an antichrist riding on the white horse ... nothing else.
Stig-Thore Grønås
A little "angiveri" can you afford if you have clean flour in the bag Jan Hanvold?
Judas Jakobsen
Rascal Pack.
Lise Hovde
I also pray for Hanvold. Pray for everything to go to hell ... And that his saue flock will wake up from coma.
Laila Huse Thorsen
Berit Hildebrandt Waasjø Do not think the wording against Hanvold is the least criticism. He must be able to stand out, especially when he puts himself in such an unfavorable way. But as you Hanvold fans say to the boring; The truth can be bad to swallow ... Do you think his word usage fits one titles as an apostle? Paul had probably punished him if he had the opportunity to comment on his reprehensible posts, do not you think?
Laila Houses Thorsen Hanvold never fails to shut up. He can not help getting along with you and bile. Must say I'm incredibly happy I do not have such reprehensible friends as Hanvold.
Britt Endresen
Hanvold allows both false and genuine teachings to be merged and preached from Vision Norway. He is not a shepherd, because the shepherd protects the sheep. The Bible says much about such a blend. It is not tolerated by God, even though it draws a lot of money that is also used for good things. The goal has never sanctified the means.
Laila Huse Thorsen
I am so grateful that I do not have such insidious friends as you. So be angry and ridicule your "good friend", whom you call Selbekk, that you call him hair wounds when you cough his mother. See to grow up and get over it. Anyone who knows how to use the wits you have been deported will see that you are calling Selbekk's mother. How little self-opinion can you have, Hanvold ??? It is clear that you are both bitter and injured that Selbekk took a strong and fair settlement against you. When you mention Selbekk and the post he wrote for the third time, it is clear that you can not take the criticism that he addresses to you as an adult man.
Britt Endresen
Unfortunately, Hanvold behaves like an insulted child, not as a responsible leader. Is it really the way the Vision Norway leader is? No wonder, it is unrest in its own rows.Naughty behavior against an old friend. He should contact Selbekk in a timely manner and arrange!
Laila Huse Thorsen
Britt Endresen Wise words from you  
We must never stop warning Jan Kaare Hanvold and Vision Norway, they are wolves in sheep's clothes!
Had thought to stop writing against Jan Kaare Hanvold for this time.
But just have to bring this one.
Since many do not understand what is what.
Hanvold's sin is his biggest obstacle in life, that he is reprisalized as a Christian!

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