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No. 1568: Exclusive interview on the Heavenly Blog, with Evangelist and Bible teacher Jan Kåre Christensen, in front of the appeal to the Norwegian Supreme Court!

No. 1568:
Exclusive interview on the Heavenly Blog, with Evangelist and Bible teacher Jan Kåre Christensen, in front of the appeal to the Norwegian Supreme Court!
 Clarification when I wrote this:
"The worst is not Jan Aage Torp, he is as he always has been. But the judges in Oslo District Court and Borgarting Court of Appeal. None of them has come up with a single question to me why it has become as it has become. About the number of votes and why I have written in as much amount as I have done. In other words, the judges in both of these two judicial institutions are in my eyes the door that judges me without wondering why it has become as it has become. Here we talk about a fabricated judgment that does not stand out at all! "

What I specify is not that they necessarily are so against all the people I write. But in my case they have been.
They knew what they would emphasize in the judgment, or should have known.
I have now in two jurisdictions not received a question or gave a clear answer to what are the facts about what has been written and talked about me, Torp and they implicated in this matter.
That's a lot, that's right because this has happened almost 24 hours continuously debated now for four years, at least!

The motive, purpose, background and the amount from the other side has been a non-topic. Hopefully, either hopefully, or a new trial in the Norwegian Supreme Court, ask for these dear friends!

But through lawyer Brynjar Meling's very awesome appeal, all this has now been included, that the judges in the district court and the court of law did a simple job.
This should not be the case in Norway, but Christian persecution is taking place not only in Egypt and elsewhere. But here too in our dear Norway and Europe!
Picture of Therese Johaug who has experienced something of the same kind as me.
She has some blame and gets a very strict punishment! I have no guilt and shall also receive punishment!
The similarities are so absolute, as she probably experienced something of the same kind as me. Here are many "judges" and little grace to get, even if one has done their best!
My case is really far more important, it is freedom of belief and freedom of speech here in Norway.
Will it stand as today, or set 200 years back in time before Hans Nielsen Hauge appeared and ordinary people were allowed to believe and believe what they were convinced of?Or shall that freedom be restricted?

The Heavenly Blog (from when DHB) asks Jan Kåre Christensen (from now JKC) the following. Can you tell me something about yourself, short?
Both Danish and Norwegian, but have lived here in Norway most of my life.
Love the word of God, and consider me to be a Bible believing Christian who takes all the words of God seriously. Therefore, this violent resistance too. Married to Berit and three children. Has a regular job and acts as a publisher and writer in his spare time!
DHB: Now you have gone through two judgments. Only in Oslo district court, so in Borgarting law of law. The case is appealed to the Norwegian Supreme Court. But how do you look at the review that NarreApostel Jan Aage Torp came with?
JKC: There was no doubt a fictional review of Jan Aage Torp. Hated me and the heavenly blog because we proclaimed a reprieve. But he went to the Manglerud police with a fictional review where he found some words I had written which he thought was "offensive and harassing." What he himself has driven with all his adult life towards others.
After his fictional review, 98% of what I have written about Torp, written. In other words, what they use against me now, the crowd. It has come after Jan Aage Torp's review, so the report itself is not double fictitious. He notifies me when he hates my rehab remembrance. As well, he will take me for the crowd. Although when he notified me, only 2% of what I wrote about Torp was written. The whole thing against me is a plot and fabricated.
Jan Aage Torp's approach is the pillage, unfortunately he has been able to fool others to join his lies against me and the heavenly blog. But I think that this would happen more and more that Torp's lies and way of going forward will be revealed and viewed as directly evil as it is!
DHB: It was very, but how did you experience the judges in both Oslo District Court and Borgarting Lagmannsrett?
JKC: I was probably too naive and thought that when one came to a public dish, everything went right.
But in fact, here it seems like being obscured in the back of Norwegian justice.
Both the judge of Oslo District Court, which was Malin Strømberg Amble, and her judges who were ordinary laymen and I do not name them. 
In Borgarting Court of Appeal there was judge Øystein Hermansen. Besides, it was team leader Bjørn Edvard Engstrøm and team leader Leiv Robberstad was a third man. These I name as they are public people.
What has felt me ​​in two courts is not what I have written, but the amount of it. This is from the judgment against me and the heavenly blog:
"It is a key point that defendants over a period of well over three years have published a hundred blog posts where Torp has been mentioned a very high number of times in terms such as" psychopath "and" leprosy ". The numerous blog posts and the review of Torp do not have the status of posts in a public debate, but appear as pure shikans without any purpose other than demolished Torp. The situation has little commonality with the core value that freedom of expression must protect, namely the free word change, cf. Rt. 2012 page 536 section 38. »
This sounds so right, but it's all a lie and distortion of truth on several points.
  1. What is written about Torp is 98% written after his fictional review of me and the heavenly blog. Quantity and amount is something that has come as a main point rather than anything else after his fictional review. In other words, Torp has reviewed me to f to remove me and the Heavenly blog from the Internet no matter only he managesto f to it. Here fits the saying "m to look justifies the means"!
  1. That I have, I expect the last four to clean written about 300 article against me and the Heavenly blog.
I count on over 20,000 messages against me also in the same period and over several years. It is clear that then there will be a large amount.
  1. The number b to the Oslo District Court assumed, and Court of Appeal. Is a fictional number that Torp mentioned in Oslo Tingrett, which is entirely uncritical. There is no one else who has neither contradicted him or tents on the number of votes. The number is for me completely beyond, it is fabricated and a l o gnantall. Jan Aage Torp is anaccomplished storyteller and he has a vivid imagination - it gave him prestige and an opportunity to n to be with their up goals. F to remove me and the Heavenly blog, then m to he have a final judgment has v æ rt his agenda and m to l from the start!
  1. The worst is not Jan Aage Torp, he is as he always has v æ rt. M one judges in Oslo District Court and Court of Appeal. Not one of them has come with a sole askedquestions l to me why it's been like it's been. If the number of votes and why I have written in an s to large amount as I have done. In other words, the judges in both of these two right bodies are in my eyes or gjennomr to tten as d ø mmer me without having renascen carr ied me why it's been like it's been. Here we are talking about a fabricated judgment, which does not at st to r off!
DHB: This was very Jan Kåre, what do you think of the Christians in this struggle for the Christian marriage? Support and especially the Christian newspapers?
JKC: What should I say? I know, there are more believers who pray for me and my family than ever in my life. At the same time, it is also a lukewarm to me, the struggle I stand in and what I want to say and convey. That upsets and hurts me!
There are very few believers, if anybody no matter what church, or church that really fronts today that they are against reverend publishers.
At the same time, the victory of the Cross, the newspapers Norway today, the day and our country have written about this matter. But there are not any newspapers that have taken a real-life interview as here we are doing on the Heavenly blog. Where one also gets my side of the case without anything and again! There one tries to illuminate the matter from my point of view, not everyone else's!
DHB: Now it is going to be a decision whether the verdict of Borgarting Lagmannsrett stands either, you will be acquitted or there will be a new and final court hearing in the Norwegian Supreme Court. Therefore, Jan Kåre, is there something you regret in this case?
JKC: When you go into a case or what it's about in life. Then you are in a position in life, and act on this. That's how I've done in all situations of life, like here too.
Of course, things are supposed to be different, but where I was there, I acted in good faith.
My meeting with the police and the judiciary was basically good, quite so naive and I thought everyone was much more reasonable and straight than they were. My experience is that the police are simply Christian haters when it comes to the point they've treated me. Read one about Hans Nielsen Hauge, how the police treated the Jews during World War II. Then it's actually at the same low level the police have treated me and my family. We are free to feel for everyone without having to think about the consequences when everyone is allowed to write and absolutely believe what they want about us.
As well as the judges and the judiciary, I am very amazed at how rude and unreasonable they are. In fact, that is the basis for this whole thing, something I have not been aware of. That's the amount of what I've written, which has felt me ​​both in the district court and the court of law. There have been no discussions at all. What is the very essence of this case based on the judgments. It's not debated except when Jan Aage Torp came up with a fantasy figure in Oslo district court that nobody has checked whether was true or not. In other words, greater dishonesty than this, it is not possible to experience.
This also writes my lawyer Brynjar Meling in his anchorage so strikingly and well, see here:
"The fact that the Court of Appeal in its premises does not discuss the issue at all, is stated to mean that the ruling grounds in the judgment are insufficient. This even though strl. (1901) Section 56, No. 1, point b), was not explicitly invoked by the defendant: The Court of Appeal monitors the application of the law ex officio. "
In other words, unless the entire case is rejected due to incorrect law enforcement, and there will be no new negotiation in the Norwegian Supreme Court. Then this time's justice word in Norway, something I do not believe or hope it will be. I do not want to be a "martyr", I want to be acquitted, as I have never done any punishable action in some areas of life except for driving a few kilometers over speed limit sometimes!
Meling uses the strongest words it's possible to use "Whatever does not discuss the issue". What the core itself has become, the amount of what I have written has not been debated for a second either in the district court or the court of law. Here, Attorney Brynjar Meling hits his head once more!
DHB: How did you experience your lawyer Brynjar Meling?
JKC: When this case started, I did not initially claim a lawyer.
But I soon realized that I did not have a nubbesjanse without having a lawyer with me when the police really went in to take me. I did not understand the hatred of the police against me and the Heavenly blog that it was so limitless, but I had to have a lawyer, I realized.
Contacted Brynjar Meling who applied for Oslo District Court to be appointed, which fortunately he became.
When we were in court in Oslo District Court, Brynjar Meling made an excellent job. Unfortunately, in the court of law, it did not work as well. But it was written as he joined the Norwegian Supreme Court, that is exquisite. I'm 120% satisfied with that!
There he got all the things in "space"! So now I know that we have been told about both the wrong law enforcement and that the case has not been discussed in a proper and good way. Something that the Oslo police really owe when their investigation and work has been miserable and put up for just one thing, getting me and Jan Aage Torp 120%!
DHB: Ultimately, what do you think the outcome will be and is there anything you want to say to your believing friends who are in your heart?
JKC: I hope for an outcome, that is, the Norwegian Supreme Court freed me because of the wrong law enforcement applied to me. Before there will be any new trial.
Since the law they have used against me, the so-called "phone jail" is the law. There somebody searches for interfering with their peace, something I have never done.
Secondly, to all our faithful friends. Who believe in prayer, pray.
Prayer is our foremost tool, our great opportunity and our starter as a believer.
To pray to God the Father in the name of Jesus. Something bigger and more important than this does not exist, and it is our starter as Jesus believing Christians, therefore, ask for freeing!
If it does not come true, I hope for a new trial in the Norwegian Supreme Court, where I will be acquitted!
It is written in the scripture: 1 Sam. 3. 1. The lord Samuel served the Lord under Elisha's supervision, and the word of the Lord was expensive in those days; Of sight there was little.
I have only stated that preachers and those with a leading minister in the congregation should not be divorced and renegotiated as believers. This resistance I have encountered and the loss of other believers is due to the fact that the word of the Lord is unfortunately untouched, and afterwards, as the word of God says, we will do.We will follow the Lord's commandments, and carefully!
Psalm 119. 4 You have given your commandments that one should keep them careful.
2011 Overs: 4 You have given your order to keep them carefully.
DHB: Thank you for your answer Jan Kåre, we wish you good luck in the name of Jesus and that you will be acquitted in the end if it happens in one way or another!Related links:

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