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No. 1565: Jan Hanvold a liar and mega keltring! - First published on the Heavenly Blog 2011.

No. 1565:
Jan Hanvold a liar and mega keltring! - First published on the Heavenly Blog 2011.
Picture of Jan Kaare Hanvold, where he will appear as a businessman, apostle, pastor, television bases and much, much more!
Here you can talk about a cynical, clever manipulator who does everything to enrich himself, live as he desires and wants! Could it get worse? Hardly!

Jan Hanvold a liar and mega keltring
It's fair to compare with an episode I noticed in a TV movie, where Sylvester Stallone and some other Hollywood celebrities had the lead roles. The film was about drug crime and mafia relations. Stallone obviously had the helmet and, as a mafiaboss, one finds Rod Steiger. In the episode I'm aiming for, we find the mafi boss sitting in his luxurious giant house surrounded by obedient gangsters in his service ... he is seen with a big cross in the shirt opening (aha ... the boss is a 'Christian'). In the action, the boss hears from one of his gangsters that a certain opponent has been killed. And we hear the Mafi boss say: "Thank God! I'm so grateful that this one my enemy is now dead. "
This sounds quite right, right? Here we have a man who thank God in heaven for help-at least this mafiaboss understands the concept of God.
Likewise, although there may not be anything criminal in the sense of the law, but it is clearly a business that goes totally in the cross of the word of God and the gospel truths - I would say that the business TV-Vision Norway is not necessarily a business Produced and initiated by God.
Recently, I saw the front page of the company's monthly report 'Report' - where the leader, Jan Hanvold, is pictured with handsome hands and with a spell of speech bubbles, thanking God, who has so far brought in $ 5 million into account in a situation where The TV channel asks its support partners and viewers about 20 million.
Does God stand behind the business - and therefore possibly cast his mind by showing the world that he has given millions of millions to the business?
Completely uncritical and without checking what is really served on the TV channel's many diverse features, there are believers who only send their funds to it. There is no way to investigate whether what is served is bible and supported by the word of the Bible in the correct sense.
My perception of the content usually served over the channel is that this can hardly be of God .... because if it is of God, then you will hear the gospel correctly proclaimed and learned. I mainly think about the preaching of Hanvold and his Bible vision, with the emphasis on 'signs, under, miracles' and all the unbiblical and strange things that follow in the wake of his total confusion in Bible teachings.
Indeed, I do not fully agree with the general Bible view as one finds claiming from one of the TV channel channel Evangelis Center, but their channel programs are far better than it looks and hears Hanvold's total false teaching and miracle wreck - they In any case, keeps a better preaching of God and his grace, showing how the gospel can help the weakest people in society - drug addicts. The problem is not with these or other similar businesses.
In this media image, it may seem that the better ones, such as The Evangelism Center is almost like a hostage - they see no better solution yet, so they use the channel for their business, despite the fact that the leadership in the channel is holding unbiblical things - things he learned from his old model, Aril Edvardsen (Hanvold Went to a Bible school in Saron's Valley in his day). Not only the unbiblical miracle business of the Proof of Faith (Saron's Valley) - but not least the American heals within the American troops movement are examples of Hanvold.
More concrete
We can easily see what satanic occult spiritual and social connections Hanvold associates with. When TV-Vision Norway bought into the RiksTV network a year ago, who other than Rodney Howard-Browne - one of the ecclesiastics of the Toronto Blessing and the River is invited to cut the symbolic string of the event .
You learn in the school you go, says the saying. So also with Jan Hanvold and his staff of yes people who obey him obediently ... almost like robots without their own opinions.But they are not without guilt.
Not many months ago, Hanvold created Furore in a negative sense when he entered a US preacher who falsely stood out and threatened and black painted Christians' faith and said that it is because of one's sins that believers suffer from sickness and accidents. A total foreign teaching for the Bible and the words of grace. Hanvold performed in the same turn to present himself as such a "sinner" - because he had been punished with illness (had to have surgical procedures due to cancer of a kidney). The Bible has no word indicating that Christians in the time of grace are affected by sickness because of sin. (Penalty for sin was only enforced during the time of Moses the law and the time during the apostles' announcement of the kingdom of Israel, a time that ended when the Book of Apostles closed in 62 AD)
The TV channel's falsehood that the Christian can "put in his miracle" - thus give their money to them - for such a sowing in faith, then God (Hanvold will put this clearly in the form of promise!) Bless the giver back, but, implicitly Sense: If you want to be restrained and do not always give to the canal, yes blessings will be lost and you have become an edge with the Lord! In this way, we find no place in the apostles' business. This is Satan's false teaching and used by Hanvold (as Edvardsen often used to do, see his booklet "The Thief") to create a false conscience night with the viewers so that money will flow into the channel.
Just before Pentecost 2011, the channel sent a series of typical 'miracle meetings' with troublemaking minister Mel Bond from the United States. The meetings went directly, and it was only to be noted that the various visible sick (totally or partially abusive people) were not healed during the prayer. Mel Bond proclaimed classical Word-Faith teachings and threatened the viewers with false teachings that disease was demons, and if not filled with faith and words of healing after prayer, the disease demons would seek back into the body of the believer and that Would get worse with him! This and many other typical Word-Faith garbage were served over the TV channel. And Hanvold believes completely childish on this miracle-dared, thinking that everything is God. But he is not just seduced, but instead plays the role of the farmer.
One could hardly end up pointing at all the bends and traces that TV-Vision Norway performs, but this holds true.
I can only confirm that the channel generally is by no means any 'servant of God'. It speaks with 'two tongues' - on the one hand, there are mentioned businesses such as the Evangelical Center and their more biblical activities with the gospel (I am still disagree with their torment) and the like, and on the other hand - what dominates the channel's activities: False teaching and miracle cultism, which there is no team in the Bible. Juvenile Christianity from the Devil.
It is not possible for God as such to be captive as a hostage and stand behind them since a more biblical form of preaching is escaped through the television route from time to time, thus implying to support the false and false falsehood as Jan Hanvold and his staff promote. No way.
When Hanvold appears in his monthly magazine, and 'thank God' for being with them, example, because millions have come to their account (after falsely promising God's blessings to the donors), then it is not God who stands behind. God and Christ do not interfere with lies and deception, just so that some of his truths could get through the TV route. God does not conduct political negotiations with humans. If you do not believe and practice the word of God as it is in its authenticity and truth, then you are lost for salvation! No bad dealings with God are given, just because it offers time for a certain amount of money over the TV medium. I must say again like Paul: Far from there!
The channel is a mediator of lies and a completely false representation of the gospel and what belongs to it. I do not think that such a Christian organization like Normisjon has made a crush and buys time there! It seems that many Christian leaders do not at all have the ability to make any kind of correct assessment of things. How do they read the Bible?
The money comes mainly from viewers who have been seduced by, on the one hand, false conscience press, and the other side - false promises of blessings and miracles. We can not blame God for seduced and naive viewers send their means to the devil's businesses.
I strongly doubt that Hanvold is at all saved in the Biblical sense. For how could it happen that as soon as he opens his mouth over the television route, an uncontrollable frame of lies, deception, false promises of miracles, and openly support for the occult 'miracle heals' - in short: Hele The Bible was all over the head!
A word from Paul comes up in this context, and we must note this:
"With gentleness he will direct those who say (the right doctrine of the gospel) whether God could give them repentance so that they could know the truth and wake up of their substance in the devil's snare, whom they are trapped so that they Must do his will. "2. Tim. 2, 25-26.
There is a big difference at times of stumbling in his understanding of the Bible and some teaching concepts, and this being in a constant false preaching where about 98% of what is said and done is completely without teams in the word of God. This is what Hanvold does - he is not just one who has stumbled in the name of ignorance, - no he maintains, defends, and censures cynically an accomplished false gospel, which has ingredients consisting of loads of lies and false promises. He fits the description Paul gives us in the above verses in 2 Tim. 2, 25-26 - He and all Word-Faith false teachers are regrettably caught in their rusks in the devil's snare so they are forced to do the devil's will: To be used as sinners with the Bible in hand. Penalty awaits such! Paul puts a parable of this to teach false teachings and to be trapped in the devil's claws. My admonition and punishment here are not empty words. But it is possible to repent - IF God could give them repentance.
Christianity's responsibility for the rest
Javel - you know the status of the said manager and said business regarding TV-Vision Norway.
But do not believe that you are held without responsibility in these terrible fraudulent businesses, you who run with them in their business by supporting this. You already know it, but let me say it right: God judges not only the leadership and those who are at the forefront of such devil's activities, where the gospel is perverted and false promises made in the name of the Lord may dominate. There is something called co-responsibility.
You may not be the actual burglary in this picture I have painted, but you are as a healer, because you help to sell that product that the TV channel produces. You have as unclean hands as the thief, when you run the helmet of his loot. 
You are lost as an accomplice. 2. Joh. 9-11. 
John just says that if you are not in the right doctrine - DO NOT HAVE GOD.
So I have coverage for my rating of TV Vision Norway and the leadership. The employees who support Hanvold, and all donors supporting the business, are in accordance with.The Bible accomplices in the false leather syndrome driven by, and who also runs Hanvold!
To be trapped in the devil's snare so one must do his will, it is very serious. And the reward is a desolation from the Lord for ever and ever. The Bible does not accept discussion about this!

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