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No. 1560: The magazine Kapital does not understand that the police and the prosecution force put so much resources down to stop me and the heavenly blog!

No. 1560:
The magazine Kapital does not understand that the police and the prosecution force put so much resources down to stop me and the heavenly blog!
Picture Mina Hadjian who, on the radio directly, wondered about Torp as follows: Call Jan Aage Torp "a star psychopath".
Furthermore, "You are really a small and insecure and pitiful man. A woman may be unfaithful, or you may be far into gay self. In one way or another you are at least really dissatisfied and bitter in life, or simply psychotic. "
(This is from 2006 and everything has happened as she said on radio when Torp claims he is the innocent party and is allowed to marry again as a believer.)
"You are really a small and insecure and pitiful man. A woman may be unfaithful, or you may be far into gay self. In one way or another you are at least really dissatisfied and bitter in life, or simply psychotic. " Imagine, so aptly can say that, thanks to Mina Hadjian.

It is strange with Torp he claims he is the innocent party, something that God's word is not talking about. But his x is also reprinted, really wondering which of the two is the innocent party?
In essence, this teaching of the innocent party is very ugly. For if one for example. Is the first man out to marry again, so ergo is the other party the guilty party. But what does the scripture teach? That is what applies.
Scriptures talk about if there is a breach of marriage, either one should live alone or agree.
1 Cor. 7. 10 For the married I have this commandment, not from myself but from the Lord: a woman shall not divorce from her husband. 11 But if she still stands, she shall live unmarried, or divorce with her husband. And a man shall not divorce his wife.
If one marries a divorced one comes under the same judgment as him.
Luke 16. 18 Whoever divorces his wife marries another commits marriages. And the one who marries a divorced woman breaks the marriage.
And the marriage or the covenant is alive!
Room. 7. 2 A married woman is bound by law to his husband as long as he lives. But if the man dies, she is loosed from the law that bound her to the man. 3 Therefore, she applies as a marriage writer if she marries another while the man lives. But if the man dies, she is free from the law and does not break the marriage if she marries another.
This from the web:
Brother Christensen never bends for such religious persecution. That Torp has allied with such a female person tells us all that Torp is only looking for Christensen. He will never succeed! He will never push the truth away from the net. Your claims Bird's steps are clown-like and you stand the anointed of the Lord.
We all know what Torp's agenda is. It wrote one on Searchlight:
I see Searchlight's omissions a lot of what Brother Jan Kåre has written in his case and ask why? Thus, the case does not tell what Jan Kåre really wrote about pastor Torp, who obviously seeks to bring Christensen into silence.
We all understand what Torp's agenda is, but it is a bit difficult to understand that Searchlight, which claims to be against repatriation, continues to participate indirectly in Torp's crusade to stop Jan Kåre, who must almost be a prophet warned against a sin Widespread among Christians.
We have faith and freedom of expression here in Norway, although Torp and the police are trying to narrow it down.
Jan Aage Torps' tulling of the year? Nobody strikes Torp in chickens and bullying others!
Solomon wrote: Will be overcome, shame.
The overwhelming Torp now shows it will punish you, be sure!
The newspaper Kapital called me the other day and wanted my observations regarding the appeal to the Norwegian Supreme Court.
It became an interesting and rewarding conversation, in which they actually agreed with me a long way!
There are many who are amazed at the Oslo police and the appellate's assessments, my language use is like children's food in relation to much else happening online.
That they will spend so much resources and pursue me and the heavenly blog is nothing but a form of witch hunt and Christian pursuit.
As well, Jan Aage Torp is a slugger himself. He has attacked everything and everyone, and been in conflict and hard weather with the vast majority he has come into contact with.
It is typical of such as Jan Aage Torp that they come into conflict with all the people they come into contact with, even their own family.
This also writes Brynjar Meling in his ancestor, and unfortunately. This has not been debated either in Oslo District Court or Borgarting Law.
They have blindly grounded a fantasy number of Torp, and that 98% is probably written after his fictional review is not mentioned. It was and is Torp's hatred for me and the celestial blog when we have pointed out that he has a reprieve that forms the basis of everything!
Jan Aage Torp has been in conflict with his first wife. And afterwards he said he was completely innocent in the marriage break and then he could marry again!
Imagine living in such a self-deception, completely unthinkable that it is possible!
Torp hates not only me and the celestial blog but also the gay men.
Because he has a prayer that they should be removed from all positions, regardless of whether they are doing a good or bad job. According to fool Apostel Jan Aage Torp, they are to be removed.
Torp hates not only me and the heavenly blog, but also the child welfare and everyone who drives this way. I agree with Torp a little, but Torp is a man who has zero credibility in this area. Then after he has treated and publicly attacks his own children, even on his own blog!
He not only hates me and the celestial blog, but Reidar Hjermann, who responded when Torp publicly defended children, talked about being totally devoid of self-esteem. Just that Torp with such an effort in relation to own children attacks everything and everyone! It's self-perceiving not only equal to zero, but lies on minus!
I could have continued but stop here when everything against me and the celestial blog is a fighter staged by a person who hates and hates and hates everything that goes against him as he is a typical psychopath and narcissist!
From major Norwegian lexicon: narcissism, really sickly or harmful self-esteem (a crush in itself), a name derived from the Greek myth of the young narcissus who saw his own reflection in the water and became so in love that he was sentenced to die and die . In daily language narcissism is practically synonymous with self-esteem. The narcissism concept as used in psychiatry and psychology, however, has an important additional dimension, namely that the person is not only concerned about himself but also enjoying himself, his characteristics, abilities, success and performance (products). Narcissism is therefore separated from the selfish concept, which limits itself to addressing the tendency to just think of oneself and own gain, without the self-reliance, self-esteem of quality that lies in the narcissism concept, need to be present.
(Quote ending).
I said that if the judgment against me is standing, it leads Norway to the same level before Hans Nielsen Hauge. That there are only a few, and those who pronounce correct who can write and let themselves out! For us others, it becomes almost impossible. Since the police and prosecution force can always use the law and paragraph they wish to use against any citizen to punish, repent and cause fear to speak freely and right about what one believes and believes! 
If the verdict against me from Borgarting lagret retts, Norway is in 2017, if not worse. Any other country I know!
Final Comment: 

This matter is much, much more important than me and the heavenly blog.
If the verdict against me from Borgarting lagret retts, then it will put Norway exactly 200 years back in time with regard to freedom of belief and expression!
This is not anyone aware of, so little interest in this matter with me and fool Apostel Jan Aage Torp who has been able to trick both high and low.
Play and learn in this case, deeply tragic if this verdict from Borgarting Law of Law is standing. The consequences are much worse than anyone can imagine. Then anyone can use this judgment to stop others! 
Then you can use any paragraph against you and make you upset and criminal. 
As well as restricting freedom of belief and expression, it is only true that is "generally" approved by views and opinions!
200 years back in time, this judgment will put Norway in terms of freedom of belief and expression, and this is hardly known. Deeply tragic!
Then if it stays standing, I never think and hope it will be! Wake up before it's too late! Now it's time to shop in 1 to 2 months. May it be too late !? Now you have to act, ask and influence the decision to the Norwegian Supreme Court !!!

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