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No. 1559: Hans Nielsen Hauge made them stop by using the Conventional Poster, I want to stop by abusing Section 390a, which speaks of seeking them something I have not done once!

No. 1559:
Hans Nielsen Hauge made them stop by using the Conventional Poster, I want to stop by abusing Section 390a, which speaks of seeking them something I have not done once!This law is never used to anyone like the police uses it against me, and there are no judgments against anyone who has written legitimate things on the internet. In other words, here the riot breaks, the police and the prosecution force abuse and fabricate a law to take me. Talk about being kidding!
The same did they do with Hans Nielsen Hauge.
"The goal justifies the means only mean that one is willing to use to which- any method to achieve a goal. It has nothing of "holiness" to do, the word "holy" is only an aid tool in this context. "
More fittingly, it is hardly said about anyone but me and Hans Nielsen Hauge.
Picture of Adolph Tidemand depicting Hauge and his followers in the Haugian painting.
The film Skipper Worse, which is taken from Alexander Kielland's novels, the film itself has been recorded in Skudeneshavn in the Museum in Mælandsgården. In that house and living room we lived in 1969 when we came to Norway from Denmark before moving into a new house that was completed in 1970. The film was made 1 year before we lived there. Nice to think, already I had a link to Hans Nielsen Hauge.

Here about Hans Nielsen Hauge taken from the big Norwegian lexicon.
Hans Nielsen Hauge, born in Rolvsøy, Norwegian playwright. His parents were godly and enlightened farmers. As a child, he was busy with religious thoughts. Hauges spiritual fathers are found in the builders who read him, such as Martin Luther, Johann Arndt and Erik Pontoppidan the younger.
Life and work
April 5, 1796, while Hauge worked out on the ground and sang a hymn, Hauge experienced the history of Johan LC Allendorfs hymn Jesus, your sweet association, to taste his religious breakthrough. He was called to "confess the Lord's name to the people and tempt them to repent."
The preaching activities began in his home and local community, but already in the summer of 1796 he went to Oslo with the manuscript of two books he had written, the Evangelical Levy Rules and Consideration of the World's Daring, which came out the same autumn. In the years 1797-1804 he traveled throughout Norway. He talked to people he met and spoke for assemblies. At the same time, he performed a rich writer's business. Hauges writings were widely distributed.
Hauge was repeatedly arrested for violation of the Conventional Poster of 1741, which prohibited laymen from organizing religious meetings without the consent of the parish priest. He was usually released after a few days or weeks, but in Trondheim he spent a month in a dormitory after seven weeks of custody. In the spring of 1800, Hauge traveled to Copenhagen to appeal his case to the government, but stated when he got there. On the other hand, he published a new edition of his writings and a few new books, The Doctrine of Christianity and the Doctrine of Christianity.
The government in Copenhagen received several complaints about Hauges' "fanatic" preaching. According to Bishop Peder Hansen in Kristiansand, it led to mistrust of the authorities and the "Teacher" (priesthood). In 1804 the government asked the country's officials to report reports on Hauges activities. Most portrayed him as a swearer and ancestor who wore superstition, fanatism and false Christianity among the universe and utilized religion for money gain. The result was a circular to all county officials with orders to arrest Hauge. He was, however, again imprisoned for violation of the Konventikkel poster already before the circular came.
After his return from Denmark, he was arrested in Eiker in 1804 and led to Oslo to be appointed to a Royal Commission of Inquiry. The commission worked for nine years, and in the meantime Hauge imprisoned, the first two years under such bad conditions that his health was broken down. In 1809 he was temporarily released to travel to Sørlandet at the public expense to establish and improve salt boilers; Due to the blockade, the country itself had to meet its need for salt, and Hauge had insight into salt extraction. In 1811 he was released, but the sentence fell only in 1813 and sounded for two years of fortification. Hauge appealed the judgment of the Supreme Court, who sentenced him to 1000 riksdals in fines for violation of the Conventional Poster and insulting statements about the "Teachership" but fired him for charges for the founding and economic exploitation of his followers.
Following the verdict, Hauge concluded with his travel business. He settled just outside Oslo, first on Bakkehaugen, later on Bredtvet. He maintained the relationship with his friends and continued his writer's business. He also had talks with priests and other officials in Oslo.
Christianity Preaching
Hauges' Christianity was aimed at repentance and sanctification. In the teaching questions he would be orthodox Lutheran. The teachings are polemical to the preaching of the priests. He accentuated the importance of God's law to Christian life and the requirement for obedience to the commandments of God far stronger than Lutheran orthodoxy had done. Hauge preached with power to believe without deeds being dead. He distinguishes himself from the Pietists by his high judgment of the earthly calling, and from the Lord's Brothers, by emphasizing the sanctification and deeds.
Hauge was against any sect formation and himself wanted to be a faithful son of the Norwegian Church. He showed a touching devotion to the church who understood him so little and treated him so badly. In his Nielsen Hauges Testament to his friends, he warns against separatism and insists that the friends will go to church and receive the sacraments.
Hauge is the individual who has had the greatest influence on Norwegian church life after the Reformation. A complete edition of his writings was published in eight volumes 1947-54.
Economic activity
In addition to his religious activities, Hauge added a distinct sense of practical work and exceptional economy and organizational capacity. Despicableness he counted among the sins a Christian should shine. He even went with knitting on the country road and attended farms with those he lived with. One of his friends bought a book printing company in Hauges in 1799, and some of them set up a paper mill at Eiker, also after Hauges initiative. In 1801 he took commercial citizenship in Bergen and began trading in Nordland. He wanted to secure an economic basis for his business; The surplus would be used to invest industrial enterprises. Several of his friends put money into this trade, but the attempted economic-Christian joint venture led him to be accused of enriching himself.
Final Comment:
Feeling so good again in what Hans Nielsen Hauge experienced and experienced.
He was accused of ecumenical crime. And convicted and punished for violation of the Conventional Poster, which made him put together for 11 years in prison, which is completely absurd, meaningless and of course Satan was behind this! Not anyone else who would stop this biggest man who has stranded Norwegian soil!
They managed to break Hans Nielsen Hauge. But today, by 2017, have we come anymore?
If the verdict against me from Borgarting lagret retts, then it will put Norway exactly 200 years back in time with regard to freedom of belief and expression! 
This is not anyone aware of, so little interest in this matter with me and fool Apostel Jan Aage Torp who has been able to trick both high and low.
Play and learn in this case, deeply tragic if this verdict from Borgarting Law of Law is standing. 
Then you can use any paragraph against you and make you upset and criminal.
As well as restricting freedom of belief and expression, it is only true that is "generally" approved by views and opinions! 
200 years back in time, this judgment will put Norway in terms of freedom of belief and expression, and this is hardly known. Deeply tragic!
Then if it stays standing, I never think and hope it will be! Wake up before it's too late! Now it's time to shop in 1 to 2 months. May it be too late !? Now you have to act, ask and influence the decision to the Norwegian Supreme Court !!!

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