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No. 1556: When Christianity goes along with the state to stop me and the heavenly blog, it bids what will soon come; Christianity persecution!

No. 1556:
When Christianity goes along with the state to stop me and the heavenly blog, it bids what will soon come; Christianity persecution!

This quote here is retrieved from Searchlight, which one writes very well that calls Pontus Pilatus.
Picture of Closed mouth.

This is a classic senary who has many parallels in Christianity's history.
The liberal Christians rejoice that the "state" gives their critics a mouthwash.
That a Supreme Court judgment will create the presidency that can limit their freedom of expression does not matter only they can shield themselves for justified criticism.
"Old-fashioned Christianity" focusing on sin and repentance is "out" nevertheless.
Freedom of speech stands for a fall. Together with the political left, the state has fought for this for a long time.
And when those who claim to be "followers of Jesus" themselves, this means something about what we can expect in the time to come.
What the Bible says does not matter anymore. Most follow in the same track as the state church has passed.
I ask as many have spoken through the ages. How can people become so blind?
(Quote ending).
Whenever they call me to be a so-called Christian netroll. And that's the anti-Christian spirit forces that go against me and the heavenly blog. Then carry the commandment of what will and is about to come. Christian persecution, but then deceived by being something else. Like here, I'm accused of not having written anything criminal, but too much of the same thing!
That I have responded I expect an approx. 300 articles directed against me and the heavenly blog. And over 20,000 messages are totally overlooked. Everything to get me and the heavenly blog.
All the time, it's like that person writes that there are forces that come together to get stuck with and the heavenly blog!
Dear friends, pray for the appeal to be left in the Norwegian Supreme Court. Or that they free me and the heavenly blog to use the wrong law enforcement against me.
To the depths, that's the truth, nothing else.
Here's an article I wrote about this:

No. 1448:
Upcoming trial in Borgating Court of Appeal on April 5 has tremendous repercussions for freedom of religion and freedom of speech in Norway if it will be curtailed, or function as it does today!

Ask for the case, not least what will happen on April 5 in Borgating Court of Appeal. That God will be present and the result of the judgment will either be full acquittal or that it will be sent back to the Oslo police error in law against me!
Pray that both God through His Spirit is present and his angels, for the matter is nothing but pure Christianity persecution.
When it is my view on remarriage which underlies the whole matter.

People do not understand very much now they say and claim that I have harassed January Aage Torp. The truth is exactly the opposite, therefore Torp really successful with what he wanted. He is the really "guilty" in absolutely everything.
Meanwhile, I will not turn up anything in this article.

The important thing to understand, it's not Torp and what he thinks is important.
But what I mean, and holding fast to be protected.

Such types Torp will always tricks, manipulate and ability to lay the blame on anyone but themselves! The apostle Peter says they are driven, it is something they can.
Whoever thinks otherwise have no idea what one is talking about!

That is why so important an one beats ring on me.
For in the end it will be you sitting in Scissors and need help!
Defend me, is basically a defense for yourself, and for religious and freedom of expression in Norway.

This is David's fight against Goliath. When the world's people always want the truth shall not come!

If one excludes that this is a fabricated judgment, then it shall be admitted in Borgating Court of Appeal be of great importance.
When the Oslo police have taken a statement to "wise" thing right with it. When the section talking about something completely different than what I was convicted of.
When the Oslo police and Jan Aage Torp has a common goal, get me convicted regardless of whether the sentence is true or not. Goal "sanctify" the agent called it off!

January Aage Torp stood to lied to Oslo City Court with the number of how much I had written. But what was worse was that he said that 99% of what is written and spoken, written AFTER HIS fictional REVIEW.

If this judgment is left is both a miscarriage of justice, a psychopath and a mockery apostle have been able to fool both the Oslo District Court and Court of Appeal Borgating. But I have high hopes that everything will be entirely different, with a posetivt outcome for me, finally!

Here an article I wrote a while back.
No. 1219:
Hat Pastor-Jan Aage Torp which has a bigger and more pompous notion about themselves than even Anders Behring Breivik goes Oslo police can do, talk about standing on thugs page!

Hat Pastor-Jan Aage Torp purports to be a Pastor (Shepherd) and an overseer, as God's word says not to be re-married. But a woman's husband. This would Torp not to follow, but is the (un) -skyldige party and feel when he can marry again, though his former wife is also now re-married. This is based on the word of God disqualification due to both salvation and Pastoral service. Should one then not be allowed to preach against this further? And if it does, then finds a just anything that was preached. That way, it is a matter for the police. I have to ask myself again and again, we find ourselves in North Korea or Norway? Oslo police runs here thugs errands, and acting on the same side as Torp who are more pompous than even Anders Behring Breivik!

The upcoming trial is for me easier and easier when I know for myself that this is not only is Christianity persecution, but it is becoming a form of madness the Hat Police in Oslo have done! They shall defend and vouch for a person who has a far larger, pompous and foolish picture of himself than even Anders Behring Breivik! Breivik saw himself as a knight, Torp sees himself as an apostle ala Paul. Talk about our psychopath of rank. This is simply madness, madness to defend such a person! What police do we have here in Norway? Ala North Korea, it looks like ?!

Bibeltro cabinet is often selective character. While others pay the price, it is quite ok. The Bible is a frequently used weapon to control other people. When someone is so brazen that they point out that the emperor is quite naked, only to take them to court.

I shall Torp accounts and wish to pay by 2 years in prison for his own iniquity! Torp said among others .: "I have no qualms with that he must serve." Imagine, here he is the culprit, and I shall serve and he has no qualms against. Talk about being psychopath of rank!

Torp is re-married as a believer, that's why he hates me and the Heavenly blog. He went with a fictional review of the Oslo police and managed to get under. Then he went out that I would get two years in prison as punishment frame for this, so it was deserved. But deserving of whose? He himself of course, but the psychopath is a master distort everything. As here, as always. Torp is clearly a psychopath who is able to distort such and even upheld by the police that it is I who should be taken as holding forth God's word and speak. And it does not surprise me if the police also want me to pay court costs for the whole. The brazenness of and hate the police and Torp knows no boundaries or limitations! It's good to be saved and to be both loved and give it back! It's sad to see how police and Torp hate, they can not possibly feel good with himself. If the police had done their job, they had in this case actually done everything 100% different. They have not done indeed a thing quite well here. That Torp keeps on the way he does, that he has done in all those years. And he will surely keep on with forward white he is not stopped, I have always come Torp and the police in the face, but nothing is good enough! It testifies against them, that I have set always up and nothing has been well enough anyway, but so it is with the kind of people. I meet Torp in Mediation and offer him to go through all of what I had written. But he rejected this blank, it testifies again that we are dealing with an "actor" to do. I've tried to change the words and expressions, such as the police asked me to do at first when we had a somewhat "normal" contact, but it is not good enough either. They said that they should not do some of this matter, after meeting in Mediation, but then they would run case anyway, poor hateful people! Torp's own verbal words and expressions against me and other surpasses the vast fleste.Han has called everyone else except themselves with the worst words and terms. Torp called homosekuelle of scum and they should be removed from all positions in society etc. about me, he has written and said this: "If you wanted a" dream opponent ", as Jan Kåre Christensen" perfected ". Furthermore writes Torp that I am stalker, totally unintelligent, a Nolde "hat blogger", idiot, demon, fancy lies, vile blogs, outcast who lack the mind of Christ, common judgment and social intelligence. "+ Much more! Hat Pastor Torp think he is the innocent party, therefore he can both remarry and make the most typical psychopath is this: If I am convicted, this will open the way for all kinds of people. They can only say that I am so kind and good etc. smile from ear to ear like Hitler did before he revealed his true colors! Torp is a leader, therefore it is essential that one has the opportunity to warn against such. Without it being Norway and we in the Western world as North Korea. Police on Manglerud seems almost like being snippet out of the nose of How an act in such secrecy and dangerous land, so one should work in a democracy like Norway and elsewhere in the Western verden.Hat Pastor Jan Aage Torp is more pompous than even Anders Behring Breivik, ridiculous and dangerous that one is not allowed and should be allowed to debate, warn and opinion about such a person. It is klebling of religion and freedom of speech! This printer Torp on its homepage to Oslokirken that he is both Apostle and now he will have a Apostel center in his church etc. More pompous and obnoxious it may not be. Husband is paranoid I think, he is living in adultery is an adulterer and live in sin. Is clearly a psychopath and a power man, and he will be Apostle with a book of center? Although Paul did not have a Apostel center and he was an apostle, no this is savagery. He is also called innocent and may remarry even though he has broken both his own family and many other people. If one can not warn against January Aage Torp, then it is free for all, even the Antichrist! Final Comment: This is essentially a struggle and freedom of religion and freedom of expression and to preach preach unhindered! Here is the topic of divorce and remarriage. But next time it will surely be preaching warn against the gays and lesbians or anything else. Here one should be subject to interminable. And I could have written ten times as much about Torp. After I came in contact with him and have studied and tried to put me into who this is, and whatever else he has written and spoken. So this was like a barrel that was turned holes and all kinds emerged. And he's really the only one, there abound of similar people within its the Pentecostal / charismatic churches and movement similar types and preachers! It testify that Jesus said fit perfectly Torp and large parts of the Pentecostal / charismatic bevegelse.Matt. 23 25 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye make clean the cup and of the platter, but within they are full of extortion and excess 26 Thou blind Pharisee cleanse first the cup and platter, that it also may become clean 27 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye are like whited sepulchres, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within are full of dead men's bones and all uncleanness 28 So you also outwardly appear righteous ge men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and urettferdighet.Ve you said Jesus, everything will look so nice and great. But inside it's awful! When Torp writes that I have mentioned him 100 times as is the bulk after he reviewed me. Then it was like squeezing a tube, and it came out all the works of the flesh, unclean spirits, and doctrines of devils + + much more! I've really only written a fraction of what I know, this defends police. Here is a saying: "The world will be deceived!", Here we can paraphrase it: "The police have been deceived!" When Hat Pastor Jan Aage Torp.Likte little as Behring Breivik was a knight, is Hat Pastor Jan Aage Torp an Apostle Well, actually they both villains! 2 Cor. 11. 13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light; 15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers masquerading as righteousness; But their end shall be according to their gjerninger.Legg noticed that their end shall be according to their works! This has now happened in Hat Apostel Jan Aage Torp's life and "Service". But he's just a fool Apostle!

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