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No. 1554: It is far more important to resist repentance among believers than to stand up for the poor, Israel and everything else, as we live in the age of grace and church!

No. 1554:
It is far more important to resist repentance among believers than to stand up for the poor, Israel and everything else, as we live in the age of grace and church!
Picture of Jan Kaare Hanvold, who receives 100 Millions of Christians in Norway. It is a fallen declaration of a man who lives according to the word of God in whores can get money at all. While such as me and the heavenly blog must go in regular paid work to run the business. But on the day that God will pay, I am convinced there is only one thing that holds. Did the individual learn and live the word of God? Or do somebody who does what Hanvold does, just write in the word of God and do as a self desires and follow his own evil person. Then a childhood is a child and leads your neighbor. But living and learning than for the word of God, one shall be called great in the kingdom of God, and one will lead not only to heaven and the new Jerusalem. But be a model and pattern for all who are born by the word of truth who lives and stays forever!

No matter how important everything is, the most important size in this age of ours; It is God's church that Jesus used to buy with his own precious blood on Calvary!
There is obviously widespread confusion about the very definition of "age of grace." The age of grace began when Jesus called "it is accomplished" and it will end when it is no longer possible to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord.
It is not the same as the church age, which began on Pentecost, and which will end when the church is taken home by the raid.
I mention this because many tend to blend these two together, especially those who believe that the congregation must be removed before the tribulation period, ie before God's final anger is poured out on earth.
But these can not claim that the rapture means the end of the age of grace because the Bible is aware that a greater number of people will be saved by the grace of Jesus after the final judgment of God has begun: "These are those who come out of the great tribulation and Who has washed their clothes and made them white in the blood of the lamb. "(See Rev. 7:14).
We then live for a time that is both grace and it is the age of church!
Since both of us live in grace, and above all, the church age.
Why is one then overwhelmed with anything but God's church?
That it works according to God's principles?
What is the church? We read about this more place in the word of God. Here are some:
1 Tim. 3. 15 But if I wait to come, that you may know how to walk in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the support and the foundation of truth.
The church's main task is not to defend Israel, helping starving people. But to be careful with the word of God inside us there, without doubt today, the remission of believers is the most important truth it glides.
I'm for all this, but that I experience so much contradiction to claim to repent is sin. And among preachers and shepherds, this is completely unacceptable!
In other words, the way they relate to my message of remission. Is deepest seen the relationship the individual has to the Lord himself.
The church is the support and the foundation of truth, not the world, Israel or anyone else, but the church.
Who is this church? Is it all childbirth? All Pentecostals, or?
The church is all born of the word of truth, which lives and becomes. In other words, those who do not support me and the heavenly blog in our struggle for the Christian marriage. They want to say to God, you do not belong to me because you were not with me and the heavenly blog that promoted the word of God!
James 1. 18 According to his will, he has born us by the word of truth, that we may be first fruits of his creatures.
This is a little skewed, but God is careful with his own words. That's not the case, we have two or more choices. We he really only one. It's a marriage that's alive! There preachers and shepherds in the church of God shall be and a pattern and model for the church in general!
End Comment.
Is divorce and remarriage the only thing I can write and talk about? No, but when this very important truth comes to the degrees, either overlooked. Or as many do, also speak to me and the heavenly blog. Then it is in my full right and it is necessary. That I again and again defend, explain and they do to me what God's Word says about this subject. As well as what the Spirit of God shows me by the approaches that God's Word is above all and all!
James 1. 18 According to his will, he has born us by the word of truth, that we may be first fruits of his creatures.
Finally brings an article from the debate page at the newspaper. The day:
Many have taken on Visjon Norway's big event in Telenor Arena, where supernatural miracles and "apostles" Guillermo Maldonado are the main focus.
I have watched the TV broadcast from yesterday's meeting.
When Maldonado enters the stage, he begins as a boxer. He has written a number of books that one can buy to be blessed. Nor does it take a very long time to talk about money and Jan Hanevold instructs how to give in different ways.
Maldonado further states that his ministry is also teaching. And this evening he will teach from a chapter in the book "Divine Remission", which he himself wrote. Not from the Bible, therefore.
When he then read some verses from the Bible, he chooses Genesis 3: 17-18 where we read that the earth was cursed when Adam sinned. Out of this he builds a doctrine that says disobedience activates curse and obedience activates blessing. Therefore, you must be obedient to enable blessing. How is obedient? Yes, by giving!
The first part of his "apostolic" teaching states that you must give in order to receive a blessing. If you do not give up, you will be cursed.
Furthermore, there is much talk about throwing demons out and being freed. Often there is not much talk either, but repetitions of words and sentences. Furthermore, he says that doubting such deliveries is to spell the Holy Spirit. We are being warned to be careful with such doubts. It can cause us to be lost!
That way, he uses Bible words to scare us if we should be critical of his message.
Jesus also spent 25 percent of his time throwing demons. He did not say anything about how he arrived. Maldonado also tells us that Jesus could do miracles because he proclaimed that the Kingdom of God had come. If a miracle of liberation happens somewhere, then it is a sign that God's Kingdom is in that place.
The cross is mentioned sometimes during the preaching process. But then in the context of Jesus paying for miracles on the cross. We also hear words like Jesus' blood and repentance. But we do not get any Biblical explanation of what these words mean.
That a newly appointed youth leader and layman might stumble a little theology when he takes pride in the prayer house we will carry on with. But an apostle, who has a special authority from the Lord Christ himself, must be placed under very high demands. We can not listen to him if his preaching does not match the Bible's message. That an "apostle" still in his sermon must ask the audience to lift their hands, say "amen" and repeat mantras I find strange. But that's what we preach, we must essentially try it out. If we test Maldonado's prosperity against the Word of God, he shows himself as a ward teacher.
That Christian leaders and pastors do not have the ability to review this spiritual task game is highly regrettable. People do not believe by seeing signs and beneath. The Scripture is clear.
Jesus did not die on the cross so that we could be healed for bodily ailments. It was our sin He paid for on the cross. It is our sinful debt letter he nailed to the cross, not the medical record. This he did so that in Him we could stand righteous within the throne of God on the day of judgment. In his grace it happens that the Lord heals us from sickness. But not always! All of God's children are not healed, although it is often difficult to understand why.
Signs and beneath is also no proof that something is from the Lord. Pharaoh's wizards also made signs and underneath.
Many seem to have been captivated by this miracle circus. That people fall into the ground and notice a power does not mean that they have been saved. This is what happens during New-age trials as well.
Dear friends! We risk people attending these meetings and believing they have eternal life because they know a power and fall into the floor but end up in hell on the day of judgment.
Should pastors and other Christians stand by and shout "amen" and clap their hands every time someone falls into the ground instead of giving them the gospel? Imagine how dreadful it would be if we witness that our friends who experienced these things are met with the words "Wake From Me, I've Never Known You!". We had the opportunity to preach the gospel to them, but it was more enjoyable to see that supernatural things happened to them and to invite them to more spiritual circus shows.
Jesus said that no one can enter the kingdom of God without being born again. Yes, we actually died in our spirit until we realize our sin and see that we have violated the Holy God. When we understand that we are lost in ourselves, we will fly to the cross, which is our only hope.
We are saved by repentance and faith in the crucified and risen Jesus Christ. This does not enable us sinners to do in their own power. In repentance, it is God who acts. And that's the biggest miracle! A converted soul that is born again and obeyed Jesus' righteousness. It's a miracle that lasts into eternity.
That's what we want to see and that's what's revival; That people turn around and believe! This saving faith comes from hearing the word of God!
Dear brothers and sisters! We must stop praising supernatural experiences and catchy stage shows. We must strive to understand more of God's mercy.
Read the Bible! Listen to godly preachers who teach in line with Bible teachings. Then it will be the grace of God and the richness of His Word, which in awe of fear brings us closer to our Savior.
Let's pass on the clear and early gospel. We must talk about sin, judgment, repentance, mercy and forgiveness. The Lord does not need the help of loud music and light shakers.The word about the cross is the power of God for salvation.
And the word about the cross is the gospel we are called to proclaim!
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