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No. 1549: The Progress Party appears to be directly Jewish and anti-Semitic as they will make it criminal to circumcise Jewish boy children who are 8 days old, even though the law of Moses prescribes this and has been practiced for 4000 years!

No. 1549:
The Progress Party appears to be directly Jewish and anti-Semitic as they will make it criminal to circumcise Jewish boy children who are 8 days old, even though the law of Moses prescribes this and has been practiced for 4000 years!
Picture of Arne-Rune Gjelsvik who unfortunately appears to be a very bad Israel friend when he will make it punishable to circumcise Jewish boy children in conjunction with Siv Jensen and all the smokers in FRP who are unable to go against this horrible and meaningless decision!

The Christensen family will probably not vote for the Progress Party anymore, but will vote the right to the next parliamentary elections!
Can not possibly vote for such a Jewish party as unfortunately the Progress Party to be. Sad that it has become such a real pain!
Word. 1. 7 fearing the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; Wisdom and discipline despised by fools.
Have written, sent SMS and ring several times to the head office of FRP. There I have exchanged views with Arne-Rune Gjelsvik, and it is resentful. It does not help with education or something, God's word says that the beginning of wisdom is to fear the Lord.
Here's some correspondence between us, I've tried to change FRP and Arne-Rune Gjelsvik, but no luck!
I'm writing this:

This is on FRP's internet site:
Forbid ritual circumcision of boy children.
Hope to hear from you latest by Friday.
It also states the following:
The Progress Party has long been Israel's strongest support in Norway!
(Quote ending).
Now FRP is the foremost Jewish party in Norway and does not understand it!
One can not be for Israel and be against circumcision of boy children, that's an impossibility!
The only option here is to reject this proposal as quickly as possible.
Israel and its inhabitants will never believe that the FRP supports them while adopting this resolution:
Forbid ritual circumcision of boy children.
I wrote this 6 years ago. More current than ever.
Jan Kåre Christensen
I get this from the FRP's husband:
From: Arne Rune Gjelsvik [ mailto: arg@frp.no ] 
Posted: 11 May 2017 4:14 p.m. 
To: 'Jan Kåre Christensen' 
Subject: Re: Circumcision
This decision was made by a majority at our country meeting this weekend. The recommendation from the Landsstyre and the editorial committee were the opposite. The editorial committee also presented a compromise proposal which fell, in an attempt to prevent such a ban on a ban.
The National Assembly is the party's highest body with elected representatives and elected representatives from all over the country. This theme has been at our country meeting for several years, but this year, for the first time, it became a majority to ban ritual circumcision. Any circumcision for health reasons is not prohibited.
The argument used is, among other things, that no one should cut into childhood bodies without any medical reasons for this. This applies to both girls and boys. The problem has probably been updated through the fight against circumcision of girls.
This was also passed at the national meeting:
Statement by the Progress Party's National Assembly
4. Strengthen Israel
The Progress Party has long been Israel's strongest support in Norway. We have clear support for the Middle East's only democracy, which is surrounded by terrorist organizations that are looking to weaken Western freedom values ​​and fundamental human rights.
Israel is a society based on the same legal principles as other western democracies. In Israel, both civil and military judicial systems operate independently of the political authorities. Women's rights are also strong in Israel, strongly contrasting many of their neighbors, where women are systematically suppressed, discriminated and lacking basic rights to live free and independent lives.
The conditions for gays and lesbians are also highly criticized in the Middle East. In most other countries in the region, gay people are forbidden. It is punished hard, many places with death. Israel, on the other hand, is a sanctuary in the Middle East for gays and lesbians.
Israel is increasingly being faced with sanctions initiatives and international condemnations. While several left-wingers have wanted a boycott of the Middle East's only democracy, and have still put forward proposals for sanctions against the country, the Progress Party has been sheltered in support of Israel.
The Progress Party's country meeting will continue to strengthen Israel, and contribute to a greater sympathy, knowledge, and understanding of Israel and the Jewish people. It is important that we, as Israel's friends, support the country also in 2017.
The national meeting will therefore:
Norwegian assistance to Palestinian or Arab authorities and groups rejecting Israel as a Jewish state must be settled.
The bilateral relations between Israel and Norway will be further developed.
It is cut in support of the Palestinian Committee.
Arne-Rune Gjelsvik
Phone: 924 23 533
I'll answer this:
It's like a guf in North Korea or Saudi Arabia you're up to and do not realize it!
A complete Jewish male identity

Written by Rebekka Rødner, General Manager,  Help the Jews Home
When the Help Jews Home was founded 27 years ago, the purpose was to help the Jews out of the Soviet Union where they were oppressed and unable to live full Jewish life.
One of the many things that made Jewish life impossible was circumcision was forbidden. Father and moel (Jewish educated circumcision) could be punished for five years in Siberian prison if it was discovered that they had circumcised the boy.
After a glass nostering, one could again circumcise. Thousands of adult Jewish men then chose to be circumcised. Why did these men who barely knew anything about Judaism be circumcised? Because they did not feel like full Jews without.
The same story is also found in Poland, where many anti-Semitic laws were introduced in the 1960s, including making it illegal to be circumcised. Through my husband's work as rabbis in Poland for several years, I met many Jewish men who had been circumcised in adulthood there.
They were angry with the state who had deprived families of the opportunity to do this when they were eight days old. They were disappointed with their parents who had not gone to the state and circumcised them anyway.
They felt they had been deprived of their Jewish childhood -for how could they be proper Jewish boy children without being circumcised? When they were finally circumcised, they finally got what they should have had all the time - a complete Jewish male identity.
It is not the same for Jews to circumcise in adulthood. The Jewish Russians and Poles who were circumcised in adulthood are fully aware of this and take care of their lost Jewish child identity.
The circumcision is done when the boy is eight days old, according to Jewish tradition and belief. Jewish parents love their children and do it because they think it's the best for the child. It's an important part of being a Jewish boy. To deprive the child of this - a clear Jewish identity, which a ban would be, is to misunderstand the rights of the children.
When Norwegian parties like SV and Frp play with the idea of ​​banning circumcision, they should be aware that there are dictatorships such as the Soviet Union and Poland during communism they are taking up the legacy.

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