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No. 1543: Vote KrF and join Homoparade, pride selection, stand up for gays, while warning against the FRP, which shows clear attitudes at this time, most of which is liberal!

No. 1543:
Vote KrF and join Homoparade, pride selection, stand up for gays, while warning against the FRP, which shows clear attitudes at this time, most of which is liberal!

Here is the new Homo favorite, who unfortunately lives up to this!


A voice to KrF, what do you get again? It is highly uncertain, but there can soon be a voice to the Labor Party and SV, where one gets a working bourgeois government removed and gets into Christianity parties and much more.
You will join Gayparades in association with Knut Arild Hareide and Lisa Marie Hareide.
But I'm doing well without a picture from such a parade that you are promptly invited to join. If you follow Knut Arild Hareide and wife, have them a model and stand with them and Krf.

KrF calls itself Christian, it makes just more sorrowful, hypocritical and nauseating!
To vote for the party the Christians are completely dead born as it is the "heart-child" of the false prophet and Vision Norway founder Jan Kaare Hanvold.
But what about KrF? Is not that a solid and good Christian alternative?
KrF has no doubt its good sides with a good and generous family policy, but then it stops for me.
Everything except this is so that you just wonder what counselors and people who are there. The Christian name they carry fits very badly with everything else they do. As it's so far from what the Bible - God's Word talks about!
KrF has come so far out of the sidelines that a voice to Krf can be a voice to the Labor Party working on a blast to remove Christianity from Norway, it looks like? They do not want the people to have anything about the gospel to make it look like? As they slowly but surely try to remove all traces of a 1000-year Christianity here in Norway!
Do we assume that the KrF Youth Party went strong to bring in 10,000 asylum seekers to Norway, and the time we spent in Norway did. Then they poured into Norway in a row.It sounds so Christian with open borders, etc. But the word of God warns against this, as he has set boundaries between peoples to make everybody live in their representative countries. Free limits and free relocation that Krf at times advocates, and accuse those who oppose this too little love and generosity is nothing else a rule of art and trickery!
Acts 17. 26 And he made all nations of blood to dwell in all the lands, and set them fixed times and boundaries between their places, 27 that they should seek God, if they could feel and find him, though he was not far away From any of us.
Here it is right that God has set limits. What KrF is about is contrary to the word of God when everyone is going to live in their own country and make the best of the conditions they are born into.
At the same time, but free and open borders, we get incredibly much in Norway, which we are not served with. Yes, we will take care of people in need, but mass immigration that KrF will open up for will unfortunately not be the solution for anyone. If I am to help people first and foremost in their neighborhoods, if it costs us a lot too, it's economical. With 8000 billion books, Norway can help instead of sending war planes to bomb as they did over Libya and create even more chaos than it was before!
We can vote for KrF well and mark if you want to arm your arm with Knut Arild Hareide on homoparades and Gayparades or the like that he does. We will show sympathy with the gays he says, so he sets up, in other words.
If you vote for KrF, you also promote the homosexual interests and everything they represent and represent!
How can one as a Christian warn against mass immigration to Norway, then is an unfathomable one. Warns against reprisals, homosexuality and everything else, according to Krf, a non-Christian nest love shows its modern politics. In other words, warn and stand up for Christian values ​​and the Christian message is laid down in Krf, so I understand it?Vote for Krf, is a voice in the process of becoming a recall of Norway and the Christian values ​​in society!
Here is an extract from VG. And after reading this and you support Krf and will vote for them. Then you do not understand anything in my opinion and assessment. It is impossible to support such a party that goes openly and supports Gayparades!
Picture of Knut Arild Hareide and his wife Lisa Marie Hareide in Gayparaden here in Oslo, which in my opinion is completely incompatible with Christian faith.

Oslo pride with Knut Arild Hareide and Lisa Marie Hareide, from the newspaper VG excerpt:
Although some withdrew from the Kr F in protest when KrF leader Knut Arild Hareide announced that he would go in the parade under the Oslo Pride, says Hareide that participation cost him little.
Oslo's city center is full of colorful life during this year's Oslo Pride. Among the many who stood up to show their support for homosexuals, lesbians and transgender, KrF leader Knut Arild Hareide was.
"I think it's great to be here," says Hareide, adding that he has received a warm reception.
He defied strong Christian conservative protests in his own party to join the homoparad. Among other things, several reported themselves from the party, who for a number of years fought for gay couples to marry.
- Someone asks: Has it cost me anything? It has cost me very little Someone has opted out, some have signed up. The most important thing for me is that this is right for me to do, "said Hareide, who went on the train with wife Lisa Marie Hareide.
He emphasizes that it is important for him to join as a solidarity act.

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