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No. 1538: Jesus disarmed and defeated Satan and all his allies on Calvary, therefore, the battle is over, although we experience some aftermaths of Satan's power and influence!

No. 1538:
Jesus disarmed and defeated Satan and all his allies on Calvary, therefore, the battle is over, although we experience some aftermaths of Satan's power and influence!
Everything that God has, does and stands for Satan tries to emulate. Satan also has his throne from which he rules.
Scripture says this, as I teach from my Bible commentary Ephesians 2. 2 You lived in the present world, and led you to rule the ruler in the kingdom of the air, the spirit now active in the disobedient.
Paul takes care of: "Yes, we once lived all that they. We followed the lusts of our sinful nature and let us guide it and our own thoughts. Such we were in nature under the wrath of God, like the others. " Ef.2,2-3. There must be a past and present in the life of a human being if they want to hear Christ. It is not a matter of getting better than others, but becoming a Christian is a violation of the sinful being of this world, and a surrender to Christ. "It was before repentance that Paul thought of himself that he was better than anyone else . In the philosopher's letter he writes: "I have, of course, what I can show of human preference. If anyone believes that he can count on such things, I can do it even more. "But after repentance, the tone has become another:" We have our praise in Christ and do not put our trust in any human. "By this clear Christian confession came He in opposition to the people and to religious leaders of the day. But after meeting the risen Jesus Christ, it was impossible for him to preach any gospel other than that he had received. The Holy Spirit had clearly revealed to Paul who he was. "I know that in me, that is, the way I am in myself, it does not live well." He maintains both for himself and everyone else that only way to salvation was turning to Jesus Christ to receive it Undeserved grace and forgiveness from him. He himself experienced the persecution he had previously committed to the Christians. But he who previously burned with hatred against the Christians now burns with love to both Jews and Gentiles. "I have a big grief in my heart. Something that always pours me. I would like to be cursed and divorced from Christ, only for my brothers and countrymen. "Rom.9,3.
It is not difficult to register that the anti-Christian forces are effective today. It goes on preaching and forms. The most active to persecute Christians are just those who think of themselves: "I have the right to show human preference." When both the rapporteurs, politicians, diocesan councils and the media oppose a bishop candidate because he chooses to stand on The words of the scripture are all about revealing the great distinction between this world and the kingdom of God. Actually, this is only natural, Paul writes in the Corinthian letter: "Such a human being is in itself, does not accept what belongs to the Spirit of God. For him it is incomprehensible, and he can not comprehend it; It can only be judged spiritually. "" As soon as the opposition is taken away, it's to be Christian wreck. "

From my Bible Comments Colossians 1, 10. Then you can live a life worthy of the Lord, and who is fully pleased for him so that you bear fruit in all good works and grow in the knowledge of God.
When the believer grows in understanding of both himself and others in this to please the Lord and when one begins to explain what it implies, enough carnal Christians may react with either shock or aggression. Such one can not speak, write and think etc. but enough about it. Paul speaks very strongly about our LIFE being worthy of the Lord. We all come to short there many times but this is and remains the Lord's goal with us. Who is full for joy to him, nothing in our lives shall be in the dark but in the light. Carrying fruit in all good works includes being mature, growing than in the knowledge of God. As believers, we begin to grow in the knowledge of God here on earth after we have come to believe, but we need an entire eternity to get to know him fully.
11 The power of his glory will give you strength so that you are always patient and patient.
We as believers have difficulties, many times have some more than others. But nevertheless, it is God's resources to meet our everybody's needs. The power of God and His presence shall be supplemented by His Spirit in all parts. But we must be prepared to be patient because through obedience and patience we shall be tested and it will be obvious what lives in our hearts.
12 Thank you very much, Father, who enabled you to share in the inheritance of the saints in the light.
We have been part of a legacy that the children of the world do not have. They fight the crumbs while we sit with the king's table, which is our Father (Luke 15). It is not yet obviously full, but in the Spirit we see it and act and live thereafter. On the walk, thank you when we have received such a great grace to be in the light. In the light we see completely different things and experience completely different things than those who live and walk in the dark.
13 For he hath delivered us out of the darkness, and brought us into the kingdom of the beloved Son.
Once upon a time we also were the children of darkness and lived as they were. We did not know better, at least most of us. But now we have been liberated and there has been a tremendous upheaval, we are now placed in the beloved kingdom of God's Son. What characterizes that kingdom is the opposite of the kingdom we were before. Before dark, reach light. Before hate, now love. Before the blunder, take responsibility to follow Jesus and God's Word. Before all permitted, now we live under the will of God and bound to Christ and the word of God. Everything has become new, so we must live then or it will be worse off with us than those who have never experienced this.
14 In him we are bought free and have been forgiven of sin.
We are bought free by his expensive blood. What we enjoy and enjoy the eternity forever is not easily purchased by God. He gave up his own son and let him die in our place.The forgiveness of our sins is so profound that God never remembers them and all of the effects of sin has he initiated a healing process for what the Bible calls for our sanctification.
2. 13 You were dead because of their sins, uncircumcised as you were with their evil nature. But he made you alive with Christ, forgiving us all our sins.
We were enemies of God and stood up for him through our lives and on our way. And most of us enjoyed it. But Christ came not only to this earth but also into our lives. Then we became alive who had died before. Is this really? What we enjoyed before we do not go anymore, there has been a big upheaval that grows bigger every day when we go with him
14 The bill of debt that came against us because of the commandment of the law, he stretched out and took it away by nailing it to the cross.
The debt was only bigger and bigger until older people became involved, usually getting worse. The law really only has a purpose, show us our true position and nature. Rom.3.20 No person becomes righteous to God because of the works that the law requires. By the law, we learn to know sin.
But Christ came with white paint and made everything new in a figurative way. All our sins in the past, present and future are hanging on Calvary. Those we know about and those we do not know about. Is this good preking? I think so. They are nailed there and will not go on. He stroked it out and over.
15 He disarmed the powers and the authorities and made them mock and speeding when he triumphed over them on the cross.
Satan and the demos had habits on our lives. We were in the dark and thrived in the dark and were Satan's property. But they were disarmed and stood out as liars, prosecutors and without real power. Satan and the demon had been robbed long and thoroughly enough. But no longer, now they were defeated. The victory is perfect. God's Father is satisfied through the work of Jesus at Calvary. We have forgiven the sins, and God can grace us and adopt us into his family as his own children. And Satan and the demon have no real power anymore, they live on borrowed time!
Jesus nullified the law for us. It does not matter anymore for us, only the grace of Christ Jesus.
(Quote ending).
Lewi Pethrus writes in the book victory times - breaking times in the chapter victory victory - our guiding principle the following: The victory of Calvary is victory over all others!
"The big crowds began to fail him when he began to talk about his suffering and death. Even the twelve he had chosen as his apostles, let him flee. Before that happened, one of them had succeeded in selling him for thirty silver money to his enemies. The most trusted of them all denied their discipleship three times during the public trial against him.
He forbid that he did not know him. In human terms, the beginning of Christianity ended with the fact that its founder hung solitary and abandoned by God and people on a cross between two robbers. According to Jesus, this was the breakthrough of Christianity in the very beginning, and many of the believing Jews saw in this his defeat forever.
They did not see the plan of salvation that lay behind these set of sobering external events. But in what seemed to be the greatest defeat, the greatest victory for the sake of God was ever won. 
The victory of Calvary is victory over all others! "
(Quote ending).
Jesus victory on Calvary is all inclusive!
But the focus here in these articles and some other articles I've had is Jesus' victory over our enemy - Satan!
This includes all his choices, but basically Satan had great power.
His name was then Lucifer - Light the Angel where it seems that he had 1/3 of the angels he counseled and Jesus 2/3 parties. It created envy, bitterness and annoyance with him. In fact, he would not only have more than Jesus, but take him and his position and position in Heavenly to become Jesus equal. In fact, he would be over Jesus.
There was a revolt against God's creation, and a rebellion against God the Father himself!
He was then deprived of high power, no longer became Light Angel Lucifer. But the chief of the army of darkness when 1/3 of angel army followed Satan or as he was - Lucifer - in his rebellion!
After the fall in heaven, Satan still had some power that was "expanded" when man fell into the garden of Eden.
Then he became the God of God, Lord and Prince. Prior to this he was the prince in the air and got to come to God in fact on some occasions as we read In the book of Job and Zechariah.
But after Calvary, he was deprived of all real power!
He has a certain power today, but on "borrowed" time!
He only has the power we give him, no more!
He controls everyone not believing his life to a greater or lesser degree.
He does not control any believer's life, without giving him power when we are God's property. Bought and paid with Jesus' precious blood!
Clearly, from the word of God, Satan knows he has a short time left, in this time we live today.
Therefore, he puts his power and influence into making the most of his work. That is death, corruption, destruction and destruction of and deterioration of all that is holy. What God has chosen and which is the property of God.
This will come to an end in the battle of Armageddon, referring to more places in the word of God. Blue. In Zechariah the book, Joel and not least in John Revelation chapter 16 and other places in the word of God!
See my Bible remarks John Revelation and if you have any questions about this, please enter me and I will reply to the Heavenly Blog!
From my Bible remarks Hebrews 2, 5. It is also not under the sovereignty of angels God has laid the future world that we are talking about.
Here Paul points out that God has never put the angels in the center. And at 1.14, he says that they are serving spirits. We are like people who will be in control, not the angels.
Room. 8. 17 But if we are children, then we are heirs too. We are the heirs of God and the co-workers of Christ, as we suffer from him; And we shall also share in glory with him.
6 About this is one who has witnessed a place: What is a human being, since you remember, a human son, since you take care of him?
It is a paradox that we humans are set lower than the angels, yet it was a human being the Son of God became. Would not he rather become an angel and save 1/3 of those who fell and became with Satan? No, it is a human being and our God takes care of it. The angels who have fallen have no opportunity for restoration.
7 For a short time you have set him lower than angels. But you have crowned him with glory and honor,
Even Jesus by becoming human was lower still lower than the angels. The angels can see the Father's sight and be close to him without passing away. We humans can not.
8 have you put all under his feet.
When it says: "Put everything under him," then nothing is excluded; Everything would be subject to him. Yet we can not see that everything is under him.
But in Jesus' God, "the Father put everything on him. Should there be salvation, redemption and we humans could have with God to do. Was all the knot for if Jesus passed the test and the Father would recognize it!
9 But we see that Jesus, who was for a short time lower than the angels, is crowned with glory and honor because he suffered death. Thus, by the grace of God, he would taste death for all.
Jesus held out to be human and completed his work. But it was the most bitter way. He was not spared anything, even death made him in his favor.
10 For God, the cause and all the origin of all things, would bring many children to glory. Then he had to let the chieftain lead them to salvation, reach the completion through suffering for the son of God.
This is such a great paradox that we must take eternity to help understand and get to grips with this. That God himself could allow and acknowledge that salvation might and should go through humiliation, suffering and death.
11 He who sanctifies, and those sanctified, all have the same origin. Therefore, the Son does not ashamed to call them brothers.
Now we come to the deeper things in Christian life. That Jesus was so overwhelming was not only that Jesus died for sin, but the sinner also died with him, then puzzled.
The sanctification process lasts for life, but it is a living condition that it works for us to be living children of God.
12 He says, "I will preach your name to my brethren, and will sing praise to you in the church.
It is in the name of Jesus, not in our own name or in any denomination of its name, the possibility of victory lies. Then comes the song of praise when what we have in the name of Jesus is experienced.
13 Further: I will trust in him. And yet another place: See, here I am and the children God has given me.
That this is about Jesus is not doubtful. He is not ashamed to call us brothers. God has put a little to Jesus, therefore, can and will he also trust us!
14 Since the children are people of flesh and blood, he also became human as they are. Thus, by his death, he would put an end to him who dies, it is the devil,
Jesus became human and not an angel. Without having become one of us, he would not have been able to save and free us from sin, bondage and death, which is our last enemy, as Jesus also defeated.
  1. Choir. 15. 54 And now to when it happens, and this corruptible and d ø lethal has been put on the imperishable, and ud ø mortality, then met the st to r written: D ø it is swallowed up in victory
15 And deliver all those who feared death were in bondage all their lives.
All who have gone ahead both those who lived and we who live today are salvation included. If we are to see death and not to experience the resurrection, salvation is just as great, wonderful and safe.
16 There are no angels he takes care of; But he takes care of Abraham's seed.
Here we have it again, it's not the angels who are the sight of God but our people. And the blessing lies within reach only by sharing the same faith that Abraham had and then we become part of his family.
Crazy. 3. 14 This happened in order for the peoples of Jesus Christ to share in the blessing promised to Abraham, and that by faith we should receive the Spirit as promised.
17 Therefore, in all, his brethren had to be equal, that he might be a merciful and faithful high priest in the service of God, and to sins the sins of the people.
Because Jesus did not remain to be with God and to be like Him in His likeness. But became a man and knew everything like us. Then he blows our perfect high priest.
18 Because he suffered and was tempted, he could help those tempted.
Jesus suffered the struggle and suffering, and he fully understands being human. But he is not in the distance and believes we can and will manage the match alone. He will help and come to the rescue of His Spirit that will strengthen, guide, comfort and complete us!Related links:

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