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No. 1515: Hatpoltiet and hatred Pastor Jan Aage Torp have common agenda, now I think on a "light" victory over them in the Court of Court of Appeal when I only have written what I think and believe on his blog, which is not punishable, but fully legal!

No. 1515:
Hatpoltiet and hatred Pastor Jan Aage Torp have common agenda, now I think on a "light" victory over them in the Court of Court of Appeal when I only have written what I think and believe on his blog, which is not punishable, but fully legal!
Photo by Hans Nielsen Hauge.
I experience to walk in his footsteps in the preaching of the word of God and truth.
So it was for him too good 200 years ago, it is for me today to be persecuted and harassed by both police and prosecutors.
Now it is of course nowhere near as bad and serious for me as it was for the largest son and Chief Hans Nielsen Hauge.
But they try to stop me and the Heavenly blog, just as they tried to stop Hans Nielsen Hauge to preach and spread the message out!
Today 200 years later as liver Hans Nielsen Hauge name and good reputation on, while his opponents are no one will acknowledge.
How will it go well with me and in this case I am strongly convinced!

Joh. e. 13 27 When Judas had received the piece, came Satan into him. Jesus said to him: "Do it soon, what you should do."
That Satan get a foothold in a human, as here with Judas. It is something that one chooses.
Unfortunately, it is quite obvious to me that these people who hate and try to get me convicted.
That here Satan has gone into these people, that he went into Judas to get caught up and get "has" at me!
It is the story that repeats itself!
The same hatred that filled Saul, who later became the Apostelen Paulus now fills these people. Hat blinding and makes an even stunted as a human.
Acts 9. 1. Saul, yet breathing of threatening and slaughter against the disciples of the Lord, and he went to the high priest 2 and asked of him letters to Damascus to the synagogues, that if he found any belonging to the Way, both men and women, he might bring them bound to Jerusalem. 3 But on the journey it happened that he got close to Damascus, and suddenly there shone a light from heaven about him, 4 and he fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to him: Saul! Saul! why are you persecuting me? 5 And he said, Who art thou, Lord? And he said, I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.
We see here how the Apostelen Paulus gave before he partook of the love!
When it says that he yet breathing out threatening and slaughter against the disciples, who hated a man gets one to make.
But Saul, who was not only persecuted Christians. But he pursued Jesus, why is it I did not experience anything other than Christianity persecution!
At the Christian people of Norway have not been joined by it, comes from spiritual blindness!
The verdict in the Oslo District Court is fabricated!
I was sentenced for the amount of what I have written, not the actual words themselves. This is wrong on at least four different reasons.
  1. The law used against me, which we ruled in favor of the appeal. Therefore, it is the appeal comes up in Court of Court of Appeal. Paragraph 390 a has not I breaking on to a few points here, since I've never opps ø kt Jan Aage Torp neither private, im ø tesammenheng, per, mail or telephone the v æ re himself intercom or mobile phone. I've only written about him through the information that is available on to his own blog that here there is a "Pastor" who live a life, but God's word says that he will live opposite! In other words, what Article 390 a speak. Have I not at v æ been in æ vicinity of to Coated to dt!
  1. For what is written about Torp, is well, I expect 98% written AFTER HE review before me. IN OTHER WORDS, THE WHOLE REVIEW AND JUDGMENT AGAINST ME IS fabricated and L Ø GNAKTIG DA DE D E dreams ME FOR SOMETHING THAT IS NOT THAT OF REVIEW PROVIDES BASIS FOR!
  1. What Jan Aage Torp has written and spoken against me. Interest verbally if he has not written s to much as I have written about him. When I replied and written against and to his disciples, who have spoken n to r Torp v æ been quiet. January Aage Torp's language to kbruk against me is stronger and worse than what I have used against him.
  1. It is not least Norway 2 st ø first web roll, Ansgar Braut (his fictitious name) and Torodd Fuglesteg who have felony objected section 390 a. These two care Polti not d ø Yten about. It just shows that the case against me is nothing but kristendomsforf ø lgelse. It is simply kristendomsforf ø lgelse, nothing else!
Final Comment:
We got that said the appeal through with an error in law, and it was fantastic!
But this is a "way" out of this, I think will work.
The Court of Court of Appeal forhåpligsvis will come to that it is erroneous application of the law used against me!
In many ways we have already by getting the appeal through and by the Court of Court of Appeal writes. Indicates that there is tremendous opportunity for me and Brynjar Meling wines win over Manglerud Polti and Jan Aage Torp.
The Court of Appeal notes:
That is the case not alleged or sentenced to different reaction than fine, forfeiture or loss of the right to drive a motor vehicle, etc., And the appeal can therefore only be filed with the High Court's consent under the Criminal Procedure Act § 321, first paragraph. The Court finds that there are special reasons in favor of the appeal of the application of law. The Court does not find that there are special reasons for the appeal of the assessment of evidence the question of guilt. During its consideration of the appeal shall be subject matters that the district court found proven applied.
For the treatment of civil legal claims appear to the Criminal Procedure Act § 434 third and sixth paragraphs.
* The decision to refer the matter to the appeal proceedings shall be served on the aggrieved party, who will be given even to covet the treatment of the compensation order. For claims to be taken under consideration together with the criminal case requires the court's approval ref. Criminal § 434 subsection c). The Court finds no reason to give consent to process the claim for compensation with the criminal case. The requirement will not be considered by the appellate court unless the aggrieved party within one month after the decision has been served informs the Court of Appeal that he still requires treatment of the claim. Treatment should take place after a dispute Act. It must therefore be withdrawn an appeal which satisfies the requirements for appeal in the Civil Procedure Act § 29-9. In disputes will be incurred liability for costs incurred by the counterparty. It will according to court fees Act § 10 subsection generally be repealed for court fees.
The decision is unanimous.
The appeal referred to appeal proceedings in respect of the application of law.
Otherwise denied leave to appeal.
Christian Lund Hedda Remen Nils Ihlen Ramm
* Fixed pursuant to the Criminal Procedure Act § 44.
Christian Lund 5th July 2016
(End quote). 
Here it comes in my opinion very clear that Borgarfjordsgatan Court of Appeal in the appeal gives Brynjar Meling straight extent that it is used an error in law against me.
With that they only relate to that he has pointed out. At paragraph 390 a speaks about something completely different than it used against me in the Oslo District Court.
So we'll see in the morning and when the judgment comes, if it's true that the Oslo police and Oslo District Court has "field" me on faulty grounds or not!
Personal both think and I hope that the appeal leads.
Request this dear faithful friends, that love, truth and justice will triumph and prevail.
At the hatred and everything else as Jan Aage Torp and Oslo police stand for, will not lead anywhere. It is really nonsense and a waste of everything they hold on to, and use of time and effort!
Only that their arguments and points of view will be set aside and incised out! 

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