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Nr. 1520: Enevald Flåten speaks openly on Facebook about their defeat - as I said thirty years ago would come when he was super extreme!

Nr. 1520:
Enevald Flåten speaks openly on Facebook about their defeat - as I said thirty years ago would come when he was super extreme!
It has not surprised me one day that Jan Aage Torp goes with suicidal thoughts and Enevald Flåten living a life of sin and wickedness which he now openly stands up on Facebook and says according to the newspaper's Day:
Former-PASTOR: Enevald Flåten was pastor of the church Living Word until the collapse in 2006. Now he speaks out about the challenges, depression and personal flaws, in a video he has published on Facebook.
In a new video, which was posted on Facebook Thursday, is Enevald Flåten open including whether the divorce he has gone through and what he describes as "defilement and the use of alcohol."
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Pred. 11. 3 If the clouds are full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth, and if a tree falls, whether it's to the south or to the north, so the tree will remain at the place where it fell.
It's no surprise this has happened with the former Living Word Pastor and Apostle Enevald Flåten! 
The fleet has a very special relationship with women, especially married women who he believes will give the man all the sex he wants at any time, not unlike the Jan Hanvold believes and preaches!
When Jan Aage Torp fell to appeared and were separated, I remember that then-pastor at Bethany Lillestrom said to me: "THIS WAS NOT surprised, IT HAD I ACTUALLY ON FEELING WOULD HAPPEN BEFORE OR SINCE!"
In other words, this has happened in the past, is not surprising in those who live with God, to walk in his will.
Amos 3 7 Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.
But one need not be a prophet - to understand these mechanisms are triggered. When Enevald Flåten, Jan Aage Torp and many other of these so-called Pentecostal Charismatic preachers are pronounced egoists who thrive only when they are "catered" by people who admire and serve them.
When Jan Aage Torp got in trouble, so he announced that he wanted and wanted to kill himself several times. This is essentially a narsisstiske personality that has turned into both the Jan Aage Torp, Enevald Flåten and others.
They obviously have so deep personal flaws, that they have been "big" spiritual leaders shows that the whole Christian world is totally out running when they can not expose people with such great deficient personal flaws!
The big egoist will never really cope with a life on an incline. Therefore, it is so about making that a really early in life experience this. Unfortunately, these types here managed to manipulate, deceive and control people right where they want. When they then get to the "end of the road"! So there is a new beginning, but then comes their true nature forward!
This is from Wikipedia about egoism:
Selfishness is a fundamental attribute, and an ethical doctrine that claims that it is right to act in such a way that it serves the acting. Egoism antitheses is altruism (self-sacrifice), who argue that it is right to act in such a way that it serves others (society).
By famous philosophers who advocate selfishness, include Max Stirner, Ayn Rand and Aristotle. All these, however, have their own names for their ethical theories; While Rand talks about rational egoism, using Aristotle term eudaimonisme.
In everyday language is often used egoism as synonymous with ruthless and irrational behavior, but most selfish philosophers regard this as a caricature of selfishness. In everyday language, for example, would an alcoholic could be argued to be selfish, because his actions affect other. Selfish philosophers to this object that it is not in alcoholics interest to be dependent on alcohol, and that he consequently is not egoist. 
Selfishness is a narsisstisk personality traits. 
Narcissism can be said to be an umbrella term for conduct relating to an individual's perception of themselves, in relation to the environment. Narcissism can be both positive developments which the individual is assured of themselves in relation to the environment and the negative nature where individuals experiencing problems in relation to the environment.

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