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No. 1531: Lost but will appeal to the Supreme Court!

No. 1531:
Lost but will appeal to the Supreme Court!
Picture of Attorney Brynjar Meling who has assisted me and the heavenly blog!

The verdict of Borgarting is the way I see it, fabricated lies and untruths.
But it has now been known that the verdict of the district court based on Jan Aage Torp's presentation of the case.
For at least that is what both judgments are based on!
What they assume that I've written so much about Torp, it's only a fraction of what they're supposed to be true.
What Jan Aage Torp and his friends wrote about me surpass all that I have written and talked to Torp, many, many, many times.
They have written over 20,000 hatred messages to me in the last four years.
Braut and Bird's Cross has sent hundreds of personal mailer to me, my employer, my wife's employer, her job email, her private mailer, my son, document forgery, fake letter +++ much more.
This is not included at all!
Does not explain the verdict as it's just a big big miracle!
Here's an article I wrote for some time back!
No. 1234:
It was like I was a thorn in the flesh and debris in the eye of Jan Aage Torp which meant that he went to the police with the fictitious review of me; where he hates to hear that he is living in adultery and was an adulterer by the word of God!

Picture of the largest distribution network roll Torodd Fuglesteg which ia have written endlessly with hate speech on the nefarious website Searchlight welcomed me and my family along with Norway's other major networks roll, Ansgar Braut. After what I experience so drives the two false Smyrna blog in together, which is a continuous uthengning place of me and my family!

Glad recently interest to hear the real truth about me and the criminals Jan Aage Torp!

I had no plans to write about the criminal manipulator mockery apostle Torp. But after what is now beginning to happen, which is very pleasing set of family Christensen eyes! Now, finally after so long finally people hear the truth.

Everything I have written and spoken about before, but I will refer to links and write a few sets ins and word about what is the real truth.

What happened in shorthand?

I have the past three years received, I expect 20,000 hate speech against me, not least from the site Searchlight, Jan Aage Torp many Internet forums, the false Smyrna blog and other sites ?!

From this I then have given an answer and charges collected Torp some words together and created a fictional review of me and the Heavenly blog.

The goal was to get a final judgment so that he could go to Google and get stopped my two blogs Torp hate and can not be postponed. They include Jan Aage Torp's enemies today no. 1.

This has Torp both stated philosophy to newspaper Our Country and written in Searchlights what his agenda was. He currently has tried to remove all traces of this and other he has written against me! The man is obviously criminal!

Torp hate, as I said the English blog which finds a his name in unattractive plainly telling the truth about a mock Apostle and adulterer.

It was like I was a thorn in the flesh and debris in the eye of Jan Aage Torp which meant that he went to the police with the fictitious review of me; where he hates to hear that he is living in adultery and was an adulterer by the word of God!

This is the background and realities regarding January Aage Torp's false accusations. Torp is a criminal lurking both Polti and rettsvesne completely proven to get a judgment against me.

Torp continues to lie and distort the truth in order to achieve their criminal and mendacious intent. Now it's not what I've written, but how much he buzzes with. Why?

It is eneneste way to get me convicted on, that I have written "a lot" about him. But it is more than 20,000 hate speech against me and my family fails he completely proved to say and write something about. That what he has written exceeds the interest verbally what I have written and spoken ten times he talks only reluctantly about.
That 99% of what is written about Torp, after his fictitious review. There he mentions not at all, there is no time to show that it is the crowd, but this is and remains a fabricated lie! The amount has nothing to say but it is what one writes and speaks. Rosland once wrote, and was convicted. Torp has even straddle many times, and he will also then be judged. But really, as I see it. This I endure Torp, but that his review of me are false accusations, it makes January Aage Torp to a criminal!

Why do not the two largest and worst net roll indicted? This applies Ansgar Braut and Torodd Fuglesteg? It's a mystery to me? They have verbally surpassed Torp so many times, so if anyone would be convicted and indicted in this case. So are the two largest networks roll guaranteed for miles within its here. I understand just not.

Here are some related links, to review the case as seen from my side:

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