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No. 1528: Satan walks around like a roaring lion - but he is completely toothless after Jesus' wonderful victory at Calvary when all the "teeth" were pulled out once and for all!

No. 1528:
Satan walks around like a roaring lion - but he is completely toothless after Jesus' wonderful victory at Calvary when all the "teeth" were pulled out once and for all!
Picture of a baby with loose teeth. This is like Satan who has a big, big and terrible roar. But not a tooth that he can use against us, only loose teeth and a roar. This is scary, but he has NO real power over a child of God, except if we make this power!

Joh. Open. 1. 18 Do not fear! I am the first and the last and the living; And I was dead and see, I am alive forever. And I have the keys to death and to the death row.
This I write about this scripture about my Bible remarks for John Revelation 1. 18 and the Living. I was dead, but behold, I live forever and have the keys to death and the kingdom of death.
Here Jesus clearly states that he was dead. But is alive forever, as everyone who believes in him will have to experience and participate. Jesus defeated Satan on Calvary and therefore has the keys or authority over death and death kingdom as once the evil one had.
(Quote ending).
The struggle can be hard for us Christians - Jesus believers!
But deepest, the battle is over. Jesus has won victory for us at Calvary, so we are "fighting" to remain in that victory. And reject all the devil's krumspring!
What does that mean to us?
Let me give some examples. Both from my life, from others and from the Bible.
  1. We were on to holiday in Aalborg zoo. Where we walked among l ø vein, and I get actually s to n æ RMED one Hannl ø woe that it is almost possible to get. As with iron bars between me and l o ven. S to put it in a BREAD l, i never h ø rt taste either f o r or page. It was quite, quite special, fragile ø nd well that l o ven through its br o l may seem invincible, for anything like this does not exist!
  1. There was a lady that Dr. ø meeting, freely retold.
That she was bitten by a lion, as was Satan. It was like being bitten by an animal with only a gummy, where it was like a kid or a mollusk that does not have teeth. For that is what Satan is, a "lion" who has roared. But not teeth!
  1. Scripture says: 1 Pet. 5. 8 V æ r sober v to k! Your opponent devil g to r about like a BREAD for l o ve and keyword searching whom he may swallow.
Satan is today, like this roaring lion. Who walks around, where he has been deprived of everything. We read that Jesus had deprived Satan of the keys to death and the kingdom of death. In other words, he has only roared again, no real power is he in possession of dear friends!
Turning off means something happens fast and unexpectedly. That's exactly how Satan works and holds on. In our weak moments, he cuts! And we become his food and food!
Zac Poonen has written about this as I take a small excerpt from his teaching here:
In Genesis 3 we read about Satan's attack. It says that the snake was the brightest of all animals. Satan feeds into the snake just as the demons feed into the pigs when Jesus threw them out of the man. Satan spoke to Eve through the snake and asked her, "Did God really say, You will not eat any wood in the garden?" When Eva responded that he did not vote, he addressed her and said, "You will not die! "Notice how Satan is coming. The first thing he does is to question the word of God. In the same way he comes to us. "Did God really say we can not do that?" He asks. "What's wrong with doing that? The Bible's order is old-fashioned. They were written in view of the culture and the time in which Paul lived. We are not supposed that we who live in the 21st century should take all this literally, "etc. Both young and old still come with such questions without Be aware that they are the voice of Satan. Even if your conscience tells them that it is wrong, they will continue to use reason and to question what God has forbidden.
When something is ordered or forbidden by God in his words, we can be sure that he has a very good reason for it. But Satan always tries to ask us if God really believes that way. What is Satan's real goal of doubting God's word? Just the same goal he had with Eve: to take us away from God or force God to throw us out, as he threw Adam and Eve away from his presence.
Jesus said that Satan was a thief. He does not steal money because he knows that money has no eternal value. He only steals what has eternal value, mainly human soulmaker.Furthermore, Jesus says that Satan murderes and destroys what he has stolen (John 10:10). Jesus, on the other hand, says about himself that he has come to give us abundance of life. It is amazing that in a world of more than 6 billion people, most people prefer to believe in Satan's lies and obey him instead of believing in Jesus Christ and obeying God's Word. On this we can see how Satan is making every effort to convince people that it is not so carefully to listen to the word of God.
Do you think Satan warns people when they drink their first drink, smoke their first cigarette or start drugs? Do you think he says that it will destroy the body and mind and that they will eventually end up in hell forever and ever? No. He does not tell them the truth, because it is uncomfortable. He says they will experience excitement by trying it. It's the same as he told Eve. In the same way, today he seduces millions of young people around the world. Even when it comes to immorality or stealing other people's money, Satan says, "What's wrong with that? Do not be guided by untouched ideas from the 19th century. Etc. Take care of those thoughts that Satan tries to get into your head. His ultimate goal is to destroy you.
We read in Genesis 3: 6 that as soon as Eve saw that the tree was good to eat, her body became attracted to it. The forbidden fruit has many aspects in the 21st century. Much of what God has forbidden us will be attracted to our bodies. God's word further states that Eva also thought that the tree was a pleasure for the eyes. Our eyes are attracted to many things that God strictly forbids us to look at. It is further stated that Eva also thought the fruit appealed to her sense. In the fruit she saw something that could make her show. Our mind is also attracted to many things that God has forbidden. Wake up so that your mind and your body are not drawn to something that your conscience says is wrong. I'm sure Eve's conscience clearly said that what she should do was wrong. She knew that God had said she should not eat that fruit. But what did she do? Because both the body and the mind were attracted to the fruit, she convinced herself that there was nothing wrong with eating it. So she accepted the conscience, took the fruit and ate it.What did Satan accomplish by making Eve sin? Many years earlier he had fallen away from the presence of God. Once he had become a devil, he was determined to make others into devils too. Likewise, it is with the people now. If one has done any harm, he is not happy to be alone about it. He wants to bring others into evil.
I want to encourage all of you young people to read the pronouns. This book can keep you from many traps. Proverbs 1:10 says, "My son, when sinners lure you, do not consent!" Satan became angry and wanted to bring Eve down with him. And when Eve got into the same poisonous spirit, she wanted to pull her husband down too. She took off the fruit and gave it to Adam. That way, wickedness grows rapidly in the world. When one gets angry, he will pull someone else. Therefore, we must always be awake. If Satan had always come as a roaring lion, we would have easily recognized him. But he does not always like that. Sometimes he comes as a sweet and beautiful "angel of light" (2 Corinthians 11:14). That's when we need to be extra careful.
Think of the time Jesus told his disciples that he was going to die on a cross, and Peter answered, "God deliver you, Lord! This must never happen to you ". Then he was reprimanded by Jesus who said, "Fold Behind Me, Satan" (Matthew 16:23). The proposal to save himself for cross and death, he recognized from Satan, even though it came through Peter. Jesus knew that he had to suffer the death of the cross, because that was the only way the sins of man could be forgiven. Peter did not know. Peter thought well, but did not realize that Satan spoke through him to try to prevent Jesus from being crucified. Satan can even come to us through close friends and propose something that works both well and carefully, humanly. Therefore, we must be awake all the time.
We must always seek a sensitive conscience that can speak to us even when we make small mistakes. Look at the soles of a little baby. They are so soft and soft. Compare them with your own and look at the difference. Your has become so hard. That's how it goes with the conscience too. You had a sensitive conscience when you were young - just like those soft feet of a baby. It was sensitive to the slightest mistake you made. But then you grew up and lied to your parents, deceived them, stole, hurted other people in many ways, cheated on the exam, rebelled against your parents and a lot of other evil. How to kill your conscience until it became hard and insensitive to sin like your soles.
Paul says somewhere: "For what he has in mind, we are not ignorant" (2 Corinthians 2:11). Satan then fooled Eve and tempted her with something that looked great, but eventually ruined her. Satan comes to us today in the same way to destroy us, not only with the things I have just mentioned, but also with more direct forms of Satantilbedelse.He seduces people with sorcery, through games like "Dungeons & Dragons", through psychography, astrology, horoscope, handwriting, etc. Satan tries every method of getting into a human mind if possible. Through all these means, Satan tries to reach people. Ecclesiastical worship also brings people into contact with Satan. Therefore, God hates all idolatry and asks us to keep us completely away from it.
Young people's thoughts are also contaminated by Satan through feature films, television shows and video films. When you see all the sex and violence on the screen, it will not affect your dreams? You dream of both dirty and creepy things. That way, the devil manages to penetrate your mind with fear and impurity so that he gradually gains an impact on your entire life. If only Eve had cried out for God for help as she felt pulled toward the tree, everything would have been completely different.
When I became a Christian, 19 years old, I knew I had to stop going to the cinema. But one day some comrades came and wanted me to watch a movie in the military camp where I worked. I did not have the courage to tell them that I could not join because I had become a Christian. So I joined them at the cinema. On my way there I prayed all the time: "Lord, help me out of this situation. I do not want to go there ". When we finally arrived, there was a patch on the door that the show was canceled when they did not get the film. I praised God because he had answered me in such a wonderful way. Then the Lord spoke to me and said, "I helped you this time, but next time you have to say no one."
My comrades came back later and wanted me, but then I had been so strengthened by the Lord's wonderful prayer that it was easy to say no.
When God confronted Adam and Eve with their sin in the garden of Eden, God cursed Satan by saying, "And I will put enmity between you and the woman between your seed and her family. He will crush your head, and you shall crush his heel "(Genesis 3:15). It happened on Calvary. Jesus Christ was born of a woman and he broke Satan's head on the cross and Satan broke his heel with the nails that went through his feet.
At the end of Genesis 3 we see that there is hope that Satan will not rule over humans forever. Jesus came and overcame Satan and can release all people from Satan's power.Satan does not need to have any power over you anymore. Your conscience, which has become so hard, can be as sensitive again as the feet of the baby, only you think that when Jesus Christ died on the cross, he completely overcomes Satan's power that has bound you to so many bad habits. Remember that Satan's head is thoroughly broken by your savior! Hallelujah!
(Quote ending).
Final comment:
That said, only one possibility that Satan has. What is it? That we give him the opportunity to come into our lives!
Otherwise, he is shameless!
Jesus defeated and overpowered us for all of us!
Therefore, he is playing fear, manipulation, lies, intrigues and anything else that puts us out of play. He attacks us on our weak points with temptation and by distorting our thoughts to believe in the lie rather than the truth.
The truth is that God is for us, who can be against us? No.
Room. 8. 31 What shall we say then? Is God for us who is against us? 32 He who did not save his own Son, but gave him to all of us, how can he do anything but give us all things with him? 33 Who will accuse God's elect? God is the one who justifies; 34 Who is the one who condemns? Christ is the one who is dead, yes, what is more, which is also the uprising, which is also by the right hand of God, who also commits us; 35 Who Will Divorce Us From Christ's Love? Tribulation or anxiety or persecution or hunger or nudity or danger or sword? 36 as it is written, For your sake we are killed all day long; We are considered as slaughtering sheep. 37 But in all this we win more than victory by him who loved us. 38 For I am sure that neither death nor life, neither angels nor powers, neither what is present, nor what shall come, nor any power, neither shall nor depth or any creature separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.
1 Cor. 1. 29 For no flesh shall rejoice in God. 30 But by him you are in Christ Jesus, who has become wisdom from God, and righteousness and sanctification and redemption. 31 For as it is written, He that prays himself praises in the Lord.
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