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No. 1527: Thank you for all prayer through all of us as Fam. Has gone through lately, god stands with!

No. 1527:
Thank you for all prayer through all of us as Fam. Has gone through lately, god stands with!
Picture of praying believers, it makes a significant difference. Prayer, praying for each other. It makes a much greater difference. I thank God for all who have prayed for me and my family, especially for the past six months. Continue, the match is not over yet!
Matt. 18 19 Again, I say to you, All of you on earth agree to pray, that shall be given to them by my Father in heaven.

From my Bible Comments Colossians Letter 4. 2 Be Praying in Prayer, Wake and Pray, Thank God!
Having a stayer ability and being able to sustain is crucial. Some prayer answers come right away while others have to wait. Some prayer answers do not come at all. Reasons for this can be many, but there are obstacles in prayer that may lie in ourselves, in others or in the evil spirits. We are doing wisely to be enduring and at the same time thanking in prayer.
3 Pray also for us that God must open a door to the word, so that we may proclaim the secret of Christ; For this sake I am now in prison.
Paul did not ask if they should ask for his prison stay to end, he was confident he would become a free man again. But when he relaxed and otherwise; "Also pray for us that God may open a door to the Word so that we may preach the secret of Christ." This praying is important that it is not a formal prayer. Paul wanted concrete prayers and concrete prayer answers. Here it was for opening the Word's preaching and the truths that God had entrusted to him would be conveyed to him.
4 Pray that I may proclaim it as I should.
Paul showed him reaching the hearts and getting the right reason was of great importance. One day, a person can be very open to God and spiritual signals, the next day completely closed. Using the right words is very important if the result is to be the salvation of souls and the progress of God's Kingdom. It is no success to succeed, we all need great grace and wisdom. When Paul needed prayer, we could also boldly pray for the compassion of other fellow believers.
5 Show sense in dealing with those who stand outside and buy the right time.
We Christians are very good at tracing God. Discussing politics, morals etc. can very easily be a search. It is a great grace from God to be able to discuss and interfere with the engaging things of politics and other societies. Conversation about God's Word and Jesus. The blood and the eternal judgment That is the essence of the gospel and the questions that are most necessary.
6 Always speak friendly words, but let them have salt and power so you know how to answer each and every one.
This speaking of friendly words applies to all people, but in this context it is geared to our dealings with non believers. Jesus could be extremely brutal against the religious (Matt.23), but always gentle to sinners and wrong people. We are many times the opposite, brutal to the world but mild to religious hypocrites. Here, Satan has been fooled by the whole congregation of God. But it is possible to repent and become like Jesus. There is a hard talk to the world and fun to the hypocrites in the church of God!
7 Tycikus is going to tell you all about how it goes with me. He is a dear brother and a faithful servant and employee of the Lord.
Tycikus was going to tell them everything together, he was a committed brother and a faithful servant. Only in the small words Paul tells us that it was a man to trust. How do we talk to each other? A skewed word can make great damage, think about it. A good word means a lot, but never mention a good word when words come afterwards. Then it's better to say that I do not trust that person.
8 I send him to you just to hear what it's like for us, and to give you a fresh look.
Tykikus was a co-worker who was on the verge of the Apostles and who surrendered this and several other letters to the churches in the vicinity. He should also speak things orally and they had the opportunity to ask Tykikus. The first Christians had much more dialogue between one we have today where the monologue is very prevalent.
9 With him I send Onesimus, the faithful and dear brother who is from their city. These two can tell you everything from here.
Onesimus is devoted to a whole letter in the Bible, the letter to Philemon. That this new-born brother had such great confidence also testifies to the transforming power of the gospel and the love that is between the brothers after believing. That he got to travel so freely must we also see that Paul was good for him and Paul asked financial guarantees for him. File. 18 Has he made you wrong, or does he owe you something, so put it on my bill! 19 This I write, Paul, with my own hand, I will pay! I do not want to talk about what you owe me to yourself.
10 Aristarch, my companion, greet you, and so does Markus, cousin of Barnabas. You have been told about him; Take good care of him if he comes.
We hear sermons from Colossians the letter and other letters in New Testament. But as we go through the Bible, we often get a whole new understanding. Not least when it comes to the person gallery we meet of men and women who served the Lord and the church.
Aristarch was Paul's co-fellow and for joy and encouragement for him.
Mark Barnabas siblings were now with Paul. The disagreement they had between themselves was now laid and the relationship restored.
11 Jesus, whose name is Justus, also greets. These three are the only Jewish Christians who work with me for the Kingdom of God and they have been very comforting to me.
This was undoubtedly a Jew who had come to believe. The first Christian church consisted of both Jews and Gentiles. Eventually, there have become more and more heathens that have become Christians. But soon, the gospel will return to the Jews, they will be 1000-year-old missionaries.
12 Epaphras, who come from their own congregation, greet you. He is the servant of Christ Jesus and always fighting for you in prayer so that you will be standing, mature and fully certain of all that is the will of God.
Epafras had founded the church in Colossa, and perhaps also in Hierapolis and Laodikea. Perhaps he was more Evangelist than Hyrde? The secret to succeeding in service and being the greatest blessing is also to be in the right place. They are the ones who will work out of place as evangelists and those who will stand as shepherds and teachers.However, to write off an Evangelist for not being able to address also the learning questions are unbiblical. 2.Tim.4.2a. Preach the Word. 5 But you must be sober in all that you do. Put on suffering, do your work as an evangelist and complete your ministry.
(Quote ending).
Final comment:
The praying is a priority and starter we have as believers. Praying for others, just mentioning them and the matter is of crucial importance.
The most important task of Jesus now is that he prays to us believers inward of the Father.
From my Bible Comments Hebrews 7. 24 But Jesus has a priesthood that does not end because he is and will be forever.
Here we must just take away the hat to God how exceedingly good and wonderful he has done. We must break out like Paul in Rome. 11 when one sees the way of the Lord and the wretched wisdom.
Rom.11. 33 Oh, deep of wealth and wisdom and insight with God!
How urgency his judge is and how unimaginable his ways!
34 Who knew the Lord's mind, or who was his counselor?
35 Who gave him something first, that he should receive remuneration?
36 From him and through him and to him are all things. Him be glory forever! Amen.
25 Therefore, he can also completely salvation those who come to God by him because he always lives and prays for them.
That Jesus died and resurrected laid the foundation for His persistent priesthood service. His greatest and most important service for us is that he prays for the believer and speaks our cause to the Father. The fact that this is so little taught is a tragedy.
Joh. E. 17. 9 I pray for them. I do not pray for the world, but for those whom you have given me, for they are yours.
1. Joh. B. 2. 1. My children, this I write to you, that you should not sin. But if any sinner, we have one who speaks our cause with the Father, Jesus Christ, the Righteous.
26 Yes, such a high priest was what we might have: holy, good and pure, separated from sinners and raised above the heavens.
We read about the great reconciliation day in Leviticus 16 that the High Priest also had to make atonement for his own sin.
V. 11 When Aaron makes his own sin offering, and makes atonement for himself and his household, he shall slaughter the bull.
We can never find such weaknesses with Jesus, even Satan might have lost here.
Joh. E. 14. 30 I will not say much to you after this, for the world's first coming. He has no right over me.
27 He does not need, like other high priests, to sacrifice sacrifice every day, first for his own sake and for the sins of all the people. He sacrificed himself once and for all when he sacrificed himself.

The very main purpose of Jesus' service and life was not just to leave behind a doctrine. Neither heal, cast out evil spirits, and refuse the Pharisees and the scribes. But that he suffered and died.
Mark 9:30 They broke up from there and left the way through Galilee. He did not want anyone to know, 31 because he was busy teaching the disciples. Then he said to them, "The Son of man shall be surrendered into the hands of men, and they shall slay him, and three days shall he arise." 32 They did not understand and did not dare to ask him.
28 Those who put the law into supreme priests are weak people. But the word that was confirmed with oath, which came later than the law, puts in the Son, who has accomplished perfection forever.
Jesus' life and deed were completely different, as before, the sentences were totally different. The law was like going with crutches. A person who can not carry his own weight will not see how frail one is before trying to do something. Such is the case with those who will try to follow the law, it is doomed to fail for more like a try. But Jesus both removes our sin and allows us to please God by the fact that His Spirit is seen and driving the rules we find in the New Testament scriptures.
Joh. E. 3. 31 He who comes from above is above all. He who comes from the earth is from the earth and speaks earthly. He who comes from heaven is above all.
(Quote ending).
Speaking our case. We make our mistakes, yes, we also sin.
But then we will come in to God, put it all in front of him. And Jesus is our deputy and intermediary. He speaks our case and it's going to be victory. In fact, God also gives us victory when we do not stretch out and do our very best. Yes, we will always do our best, but the scripture says that he is faithful, even if we are not.
2 Tim. 2. 11 It is a credible word; For if we die with him we shall live with him; 12 Are we going out, we will rule with him; We deny, he shall deny us; 13 If we are faithless, he is faithful; Because he can not deny himself.
Just to mention that you and my family once or twice have entered the throne of grace. It is so important that the whole of Satan's army and Satan himself shake. So much power is in prayer, not least prayer that we as believers agree to ask for. We are sitting on the world's greatest resources and opportunities through the prayer of God in the name of Jesus.
From my Bible Comments Hebrews 4: 14-14 Now, as we have a great high priest who has gone through the heavens, Jesus, the Son of God, let us hold on to the confession!
The priests and the high priest worked in the temple and in Jerusalem for a period of approx. 1500 years. Priest service began in Siloa and after King David, Jerusalem took about 1000 years bc was the service in Jerusalem to 70 AD when the temple was leveled with the earth. But Jesus is serving in heaven itself for our sake.
15 For we have not a high priest who can not have compassion with us in our weakness, but one who is tried in everything in the same way as we but without sin.
That Jesus became fully human means that He also fully understands us and is able to be our spokesman and leader in front of the Father. But the reason for it was that he was and is without sin!
16 Let us therefore come boldly before the throne of grace, that we may have mercy and find grace that will help in due season.
In the old covenant everything was dependent on the priest and the high priest. What they did for you to invade God's face. But in the new covenant, everything depends on what Jesus does inward to the Father and that we do not shrink the opportunity we have in Jesus' blood and come in with the Father with everything and receive prayer and help in the right time.
Heb. 10. 19 So, by brethren, by brethren of Christ we may enter into the sanctuary.
Heb. 10. 19 So, by brethren, by brethren of Christ we may enter into the sanctuary.
We sing in a song: Here my soul feels so invisible. When we have received such appetizers as the old covenant never was near to have for all believers. In the old covenant, only a few believers became partakers of the Holy Spirit. But now all believers have the inherent Christ and his Spirit. And we all have the courage to come in with the living God with absolutely everything in the blood of Jesus and the name of Jesus.
20 He has invigorated a new and living way for us through the veil, that is, his earthly body.
Jesus was the first to enter and since then, access has been open to all believers. God does not make any difference to anyone and he is infinitely generous to all his children.
21 When we have such a great priest over the house of God,
Yes, we really have a great priest over the house of God that is the church. We have nothing to be ashamed of on our own behalf or for others.
22 So let's come forth with sincere heart in the fullest sense of faith, with the heart cleansed of evil conscience and the body bathed in clean water.
It is when the water bath in the word and conscience is not harmful in any way that we become fully available and able to accept all that God the Father will give us of his treasures and how he will bless us.
23 Let us be unshaken by confessing our hope; For he who gave the promise is faithful.
There are times where we can experience Job as it goes down, but then we will say that it goes upwards. Because God's children always go up and down no matter what the circumstances and feelings say!
24 Let us take care of one another, so that we commit one another to love and good deeds.
Caring for one another is one of the safest features that one is a living Christian. It is contagious to be good and then it becomes natural for the nest man to be alike. We hate each other and boast of each other.
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