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No. 1524: We will never meet any person called the Holy Ghost in heaven-the Holy Spirit will live and be present in our inner human being forever, without the Spirit of God we will never have contact with the living God and could do His will!

No. 1524:
We will never meet any person called the Holy Ghost in heaven-the Holy Spirit will live and be present in our inner human being forever, without the Spirit of God we will never have contact with the living God and could do His will!
Picture of Father on the Throne and the Son of Man, but none the Holy Spirit, as he is and lives in faith in the hearts of all of us. There is no own person, but the Spirit that binds us all together. Yet, it is the Holy Spirit that enables us to do the will of God, without the Holy Spirit we will never be able to.
Neither in this world, nor in the coming world, without me you can not do anything, Jesus said. It was in and through his Spirit he was aiming for.
Joh. E. 15. 5 I am the vine, you are the branches; He that dwelleth in me, and I in him, beareth much fruit; For without me you can do nothing.

1 Cor. 15. But when all things are subject to him, then the Son himself shall indulge him who puts all things under him, that God may be all in all.
Joh. E. 4. 24 God is spirit, and those who worship him should worship in spirit and truth.
1 Cor. 1. 22 He as and sealed us and gave the Spirit to our hearts.
Ap.gj. 5. 3 Then Peter said, Ananias! Why did Satan fill your heart so that you should lie to the Holy Spirit and set aside some of the money for the field?
4 Was not it yours as long as you had it, and was it not in your power when it was sold? Why have you put this deed in your heart? You have not been for human beings, but for God.
Joh. Open. 3. And write to the angel of the church of Sardes: This he says, having the seven spirits of God and the seven stars: I know of your deeds that you have the name of living and you are dead.
Now they are hanging out in the spirits of the Seven Gods and the seven stars. What is meant by it? Actually, the Holy Ghost and the ability to hear and become among the victories are as great for any congregation who has heard the message of Jesus. The seven stars can also mean that there are epochs for the congregation where any epoch has some biblical truths that just then is more appropriate one other if all the word of God is given to everyone. 
Much of the Bible is symbolic, in parables, examples or in other ways so that by faith and through our minds we will be able to understand, experience and have a picture of what is the real meaning of things. In other words, there are some things that also deal with grammar and words, so that we will be able to learn and understand what has with God and what he wants to convey to us !!
The word Trinity does not appear in the Bible if God had wanted to convey this as an important truth. Why is there nothing about this? On the contrary, the Bible gives a coherent testimony that when the word Spirit occurs. Then there is motion either from God, Satan or us people as the word Spirit is linked to. 
That someone receives the Spirit, Holy Spirit, Spirit of Jesus Christ, Spirit of God, or something consistent with these words to become a person. It is completely incomprehensible to me if you read the Bible with an open mind.
The only thing that really makes people believe in the so-called Trinity doctrine is only because the tradition says it. And not only that, but in the creed it goes so far to say that without believing in the Trinity doctrine, you are not saved in the Biblical sense.
It tells me that deepest is Satan who is behind this doctrine, not God!
Know this is strict words, but would really wish that this teaching had been illuminated, changed and rejected!
It is obvious to me, and so I understand the scripture. We are going to meet two human beings in heaven, both of whom are on the throne. It is God the Father and Jesus Christ, the Son of Man.
Personally, I also mean that there is both a unity between the Father and the Son, while at the same time it is also "distance"! When the Son does everything on "command" and under the instructions of the Father.
At the same time, this becomes misleading to learn and fully accept, Without one taking the Son loving to do God's will, he thrives, as he is fully satisfied.
Can everyone become alcoholics and drug addicts?
What does this have to do with the Trinity teaching? Will try to explain. As I've experienced it in my life, someone seems to be available to others, while others do not. Likewise, Jesus was "disposable" to do God's will. Knowing that the picture here is sluggish like any other pictures. But in Jesus there was only one thing that pleased him, that was to do God's will in everything!
The words of the scripture say, "He who sealed us and gave the Spirit to our hearts."
We have received the Spirit as a seal, as a taste of what will come when we all will be filled up by the Spirit of God. In other words, it is only through the Holy Spirit that we will be able to do the will of God both this time and forever forever!
The times God gives us a little glimpse of Heaven and his throne, so we meet both Himself and the Son, but it is never so little a hint that we will meet any Spirit. In other words, God wanted the Trinity doctrine to be a true teaching. Then, at one or more points, he would have told us that this was something we should be part of. But that's the opposite, in other words. Trinity doctrine is not from God, but it comes from the teachings of evil spirits and seductive spirits that are behind this mess!
Final comment:
Without believing and having the idea that you are going to physically meet a person, even in the eternal world of God, called the Holy Spirit. Then the whole Trinity lesson is reprehensible.
I have a clear idea, faith, hope and desire to meet both Abba Father - My Real Father and His Son Jesus Christ. Yes, I hope to meet my earthly Father again in heaven - or the new Jerusalem.
Where is the Holy Spirit? In my heart and in the hearts of all of us, for it is written,
"That God should be all in all."
It is only through the Spirit of God that we may have contact with God, since God is also Spirit. Even though he obviously has a body as his Son Jesus Christ has.
Discard the Trinity lesson first as last, it is without biblical substance!

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