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No. 1523: Had I followed all the advice I had received as new to the road as believers-had my life certainly ended in disaster and insurmountable problems!

No. 1523:
Had I followed all the advice I had received as new to the road as believers-had my life certainly ended in disaster and insurmountable problems!
From Store Norwegian lexicon:
Trade unions, association of employees with the main purpose of safeguarding members' interests. Other words for trade unions are trade union, employee organization, employee association and civil servant organization.
Trade unions can have very different feelings in different countries and have also had different effects at different times. In older times they were often bodies for class struggles led by workers against employers. Today, the concept of organizations covers all groups of employees.
Trade unions negotiate on behalf of members with employers and employers' organizations on collective agreements on labor and wage conditions. Members are bound by these agreements.
Picture of Elihu the way he could have looked and who was young and experienced that the old people did not always have the right answers, but himself.

Job 32 6 Then Elihu the son of Barakel, the busite, answered and said, "I am young of years, and you are gray-haired; Therefore I returned and did not say anything to you what I know. 7 I thought: Let the age speak and the many years proclaim wisdom! 8 But it is the spirit of man, and the breath of the Almighty, which makes sense. 9 The old ones are not always wise, do not always understand what is right. 10 Therefore I say, Listen to me! Also I want to pronounce what I know. 11 I waited for your words, I listened for understanding from you, while you believed what to say. 12 I watched you; But there was none of you who repented Job, no one responding to his word. 13 Say not, We have found wisdom with him; Just god can bow to him, no human being! 14 He has not spoken against me, and with your words I will not answer him. 15 They are terrified and no longer answer; The words have gone away for them. 16 Should I wait because they do not speak because they stand there and do not answer more? 17 And I will answer now for my part; I also want to pronounce what I know. 18 For I am full of words; The spirit in my heart drives me. 19 My interior is like a bound wine; Like freshly filled leather bags it will crack. 20 I want to talk so I can get air; I want to open my lips and answer. 21 I will not take part for anyone, and I will not flatter any man; 22 For I understand not to flatter;Otherwise my creator could easily move me away.
I was saved January 25, 1981, but have always believed in God and Jesus, but then I took a personal choice.
When I look back on what I've gone through, it's with mixed drops I think of the guides I've met.
Thumb rule No. 1 is always always the opposite of what one is being told as they usually give you wrong and wrong advice.
These are many examples of small and big things.
It is true that one said that the Christians are mostly only on the road as they walk from a ditch to the next ditch. As they pass the road, the only time they are on the "right cold"!
When I was saved, I was warned against exercising, at least to bet properly. It was terrible and it could go beyond most.
Cinema and theater, and mostly otherwise.
Today's Pentecostals do not know that yesterday's Pentecost warned against this as they participate and look at the biggest course of course to participate and be a part of.
What is it that makes them totally strange what was only a matter of thirty years ago? And they do not even know what yesterday's and the first Pentecosts preached and practiced.
Join in union work at work, it was unnecessary when the Lord was our support and as we could go to!
But do you get into trouble at work, who will help you? God or people? God actually uses people, so this whole thought is really absurd.
Should I follow that as I was told as freshly redone, for a hard life!
Being a union was viewed as negative. But in a workplace, who will defend you? It's very hard to stand all alone, help from other believers you can only just dream about!
I've been working on several large jobs over a long period of time, and got into completely unintended negative events. All of course because there were people who did not want me very well in those cases.
Who helped me?
It was mostly the union, and the Lord.
Christian brothers and sisters usually never get up for one, but they are good to have that improvement.
Yes, I believe in an organized working life, only "trusting" the Lord is something immature and overspending. Even though the first Pentecostals and others believed that the Lord would help. Yes, he does, but it's also healthy with people who help!
Final comment:
When I look back on what I've been trained and "introduced" as a practice among us, free-circleed. Then there is a lot that's good, but surely too much that's bad and almost horrible!
I'm glad that I learned to stand on my own and make my own choice!
One of them was that in a workplace, I wanted to join the union if it was in the mind that this was "wrong"!
Have seen that, as a rule, that I chose right. While "yesterday's" Pentecostals were wrong there looked like many other places!
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