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No. : 1521: Carl. I. The garden, Aril Edvardsen, Arnfinn Clementsen and Torkild Terkelsen!

No. : 1521:

Carl. I. The garden, Aril Edvardsen, Arnfinn Clementsen and Torkild Terkelsen! 
Picture of Arnfinn Clemetsen, one of yesterday's false prophets, to be open for the most part, and with many false prophecies including, among others, In 1985, he prophesied that within 10 years 1 million Norwegians would be saved. Was it saved when a fraction of this, then the prophecy is as false as this man who has seduced and misled many. And the movement that he has represented has been nothing more than a profound seduction that has divided believers and brought not God's people closer to God and each other. But further away from God and each other. 

I was the youth of the eighties, and it is the decade that formed me most at least in the spiritual and political sphere. 
It's only to rain when one was born in 1964, so I was 16 years till I was 26 years old, not difficult. 

Of all the speakers and publishers I listened to in the eighties, I think I can say that the vast majority of PinseKarismatic publishers more or less had heard what they were proclaiming, so one had become surprised that it was really a big big one lie!
The great revolutions that should come, not least here in Norway. Nothing has happened, just the exact opposite!
Aril Edvardsen - bring the king back!

Aril Edvardsen's main message through what he proclaimed in Saron's Valley as I was at least 4 summer officials in the eighties. Was that we should bring the king back!

We could by preaching the gospel, bring Jesus back and avoid the great tribulation. Besides this, Edvardsen proclaimed and prophesied that it would be God's decade, 1980s.Oddvar Tegnander, who had been the rector of the Bible school there, prophesied that all churches and prayer houses would be too small during the 1980s.
The charismatic revival was just a little blow against what should come.

Arnfinn Clementsen prophesied at his Charisma conference I think was in 1985 that 1 Norwegians would be saved within ten years.
Yonggi Cho had been in Saron's Valley in 1977 and prophesied that within two decades two million Norwegians would be saved!
Now, we know both the Arild Edvardsen, Yonggi Cho, Arnfin Clemetsen, Oddvar Tegnander and all other Pinse Karismatic publishers that all they prophesied, nothing has happened. In other words, they are false prophets!
Of all I heard in the eighties, there are at least 2 people as they conveyed what they preached and talked about. And that until they graduate, actually almost in excess. 
That's Carl. I. Hagen and Torkild Terkelsen who already proclaimed this pardon of Pentecostalism!
Can not remember that there were some who close so clearly warned against what we see today floods all over Christianity. This huge apostasy from these demonic and unclean spirits that characterize all of Christian Norway to a greater or lesser extent!
Carl I. Hagen proclaimed that we open the borders almost unimpeded for immigration, not least from the Muslim world. Then we will have to pay the price for it all.Unfortunately, Progress Party Chairman, as he was, got so right even though the whole elite in Norway warned him!
What I notice that although there are very many who have failed in many things. So the review melody is just driving. Never ask forgiveness or acknowledge that you have been wrong.
Have not seen anyone who has in any way acknowledged that they have been wrong? It's just to pretend that everything is in this most beautiful order.
Have not even seen anyone who has open, for example. Asked someone forgiven for something, or acknowledged something.
After all, it was Carl I. Hagen who was entitled to immigration and Torkild Terkelsen on the spiritual planet!
We actually see that the people and the spiritual directions like these fake prophets of yesterday, only "decorate" themselves and their exterior fernisses. And everything goes on like before, just with other lies and other manipulation. «The Show Most Go On!»
Torkild Terkelsen has probably misunderstood the Divinity, since neither is Trinity nor 'one' but 'two-agree' as both God the Father and Jesus Christ are persons but not the Holy Spirit, which is their common spirit!
But what he proclaimed against the confusion of believers where one should not resist anything but everything should be "mixed" together as a big "patchwork".

This will work against its purpose, as the scriptures say, for example. That there is one Lord, one faith and one baptism. In other words, someone is right and there are some who are wrong. That we should not be allowed to fight for that belief and fight for the faith given to the Saints. As it has become today through Christian Norway, everyone has almost become exactly the same. There is no difference in any Christian anymore, everyone has become as tame, bland and boring. It is no longer a holding for precious, glorious and holy. But everything is as good. Is a married to the same wife life out, repent the ear times or like the best of the same sex, all is just "love." But this does not teach scripture, a hell of faith and baptism or anything else. The scripture is not ready on most points, the writing is ready on all points.
Here is an article I have written about Brother Torkild Terkelsen:

Final comment:

These were only some considerations of having been youth in the eighties. 
Or, to say, have been Christian youth in the eighties and see how much madness there have been among the believers. Not least among the Pentecostalism Christians, in fact, one prophesied most of the time, and I take it hard. So, a few percentages have turned out, most of them have proven to be false and misleading prophecies and considerations and opinions over time as a living I. What was ahead, when there was no revival, but actually more apostasy and seduction that lay ahead! 
The situation description was the opposite, it was Torkild Terkelsen rather than someone else who had the right and correct situation description! 

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