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No. 1516: So is the appeal of the Court of Court of Appeal - judgment comes on April 28, there will be no acquittal as anchor we to the Supreme Court!

No. 1516:
So is the appeal of the Court of Court of Appeal - judgment comes on April 28, there will be no acquittal as anchor we to the Supreme Court!
Personally I think that this farce ends in the Supreme Court regardless of the outcome when the Oslo police has almost lost all inhibitions.
When getting taken me, and they stand and lie and speak incoherently in court!
I and my family are fair game, everyone is allowed to do whatever they want with us.
But we will speak out, then it is a criminal offense.
It's really the good fight against the evil that unfold here!
Will get the verdict proclaimed Friday 28 April at. 09:30 in the Oslo District Court, but expect that the outcome of the judgment will be known before this!
Brynjar Meling Nielsen did a very good figure for me.
It was the same judge who led the meeting here as in the appeal against Anders Behring Breivik. It was High Court Judge Øystein Hermansen who is probably one of Norway's most famous judge and does not need so much more description.
Besides, it was judge Bjørn Edvard Engstrøm, who was born in 1948 and is judge at the Court of Appeal. He is cand. Jur. from the University of Oslo in 1974 and has previously worked in the Justice Department of Justice. 
Extraordinary judge Leiv Robberstad was third man. 
For Jan Aage Torp and Oslo police was the police prosecutor Guro Hansson Bull had in court a razor soup to come by.
When she only litigated that it was the amount of what I had written.
That is 98% from Jan Aage Torp's fictional review of mine is everything written about him, said she was not even a word.
As well as that it is a response to what Torp's disciples have written, said she was not even a word. She jumped really bucks over what was the case in court, application of the law and meant that I had to be judged as Torp including had been wounded. Kiss me behind, the man is just a great manipulator and scam fornicators God's word!
The entire case against me is really a plot police and Christianity persecution! 
Here are pictures from the trial today, Wednesday 5 April 2017.04.05 
Myself and my wife Berit celebrated that the trial is over. Coming a few pictures from the trial of those implicated in the case as mentioned above. 

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