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No. 1505: I am amazed that Oslo police are just as bad, if not worse than they were in the so-called Birgitte Teng matter who they are against me!

No. 1505:
I am amazed that Oslo police are just as bad, if not worse than they were in the so-called Birgitte Teng matter who they are against me!
Photo of Gro Rosshaug head of the prosecution unit, Haugaland and Sunnhordland politidistriktsom in February 1997. As claimed that they had taken the right culprit. But even had a man who was just dismal.
Already then I said this is crazy Mathias run chase when Polti not even keep his way. I got right, so everything right.
So it is in this matter between me and Polti here in Oslo, where the person who is the real criminal, Jan Aage Torp they hold with. Deeply tragic that sometimes we have such a rigid and amateurish police.

Yes, only they built this thing on was a "confession" forced forward on a youth. This is the police in Norway, so they keep on with me too.
Torp raving about numbers and how hurt he is. But every word I have written and spoken is true down to the last detail. But all that Torp and his disciples writes and speaks about me, is not a single sentence true. At Polti will think of such people shows they are absolutely the "berry-picking" in this matter, as they also were in Birgitte Teng matter.Could hoped and believed that they had learned from the mistakes before, but they are hopelessly amateurish and completely as we could almost have thought that we had with Polti ala North Korea or Saudi Arabia, as they managed not at all to distinguish lie in from the truth!
When the murder of Birgitte Teng happened in 1995, we stayed at Karmøy after we had family moved from Oslo. We were living in Karmøy to 2005, so we got to see police work in this matter closely.
It is deeply tragic, although the matter between me and Polti here in Oslo not comparable in severity.
So Polti here in Oslo equally inept and amateurish as they were in that case! Could have thought it was the same people, but unfortunately. Striking similarities when police in both cases appears as simply unfit and as a bunch of amateurs who do not have the ability to distinguish lie in from the truth!
Now I also have very good experiences with Polti, as saying that the police in all cases inept and amateurish course is not true!
Here I can continue, but the police ignore completely proven that January Aage Torp does. Is he hates me because I preach against remarriage. But trying to take me in another way by saying that I have taken up that he's a psychopath, and more. Yes, he is not just a psychopath, but a scam and criminal in my and many people's eyes. At Polti keeping with such a man, is unfortunately only story that repeats itself. 
In the word of God says: 
Word. 1. 7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; despise wisdom and instruction of fools. 
See here as with the police, and this also applies to everyone else. What is the beginning of wisdom? Long schooling and study is good, but there is something even better and more important. To acquire the right wisdom and be able to judge correctly. It is like the wise King Solomon wrote: "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge."
Unfortunately it does not help to hang a police sign on the chest, when what is behind there is rotten and bad. The fear of the Lord can not replace with anything else, it is here the beginning of wisdom is and exists. 
I was once Rings of police detective on Manglerud police if I would delete an article Christian Rosland hanged out on the false Smyrna blog that I have reviewed.
They have unfortunately no overview of anything, not even that Jan Aage Torp constant has attacked everyone. He attacks his own children in public, homosekulle, those who hold forth the Christian ekteksapet. He is constantly at war.
Says a mind him, so he pouting like a little kid. Well he has some "aunts" who can give him some comfort. But for mature adults and this is foolish and disgusting, when he is nothing other than a sulky man who wants everyone to feel sorry for him for all the follies and others that he corrupting! Poor people, this is the police and those who will distinguish between right and wrong. But unable to distinguish the smallest things. The case against me and the so-called Birgitte Teng case has striking similarities, for in both cases appears Polti completely amateurish and unfit for my concepts!
Did my words intact, the beginning of wisdom is to fear the Lord!
At Polti holder with a man who has put his own family overrides and married his former nanny. Witnesses just that here do not Polti a meter. They remind me of how Polti was Birger Teng matter where they made every mistake it's possible to do.
The same in the case between me and Jan Aage Torp. 
There is this famous "tunnel vision" that apply. Or as the saying goes, one can not see the forest for the trees. It is a form of infatuation over them, but writing gives remedy. It is to begin to fear the living God, there's remedy for everything!
Recommended even for those who should enforce the law! Only then will one be able to do so without fear of the Lord so comes a stupidity and blindness of human beings.
We are all created in the image and can not really function without him!
Final Comment:
In the case with me, so, Jan Aage Torp verbally gone much longer than me.
As well, that you I have written and spoken is true, but Torp statements are mostly just a lie. Therefore, it is also libelous and should be punished.
His lackeys and poodles, has gone "father" up a hundred times.
I am thinking primarily Ansgar Braut and Torodd Fuglesteg, in other words.
If the verdict of the Oslo City Court had been standing, the whole case against me has been a miscarriage of justice.
But fine, strongly believe that all judgment is annulled and set aside!
Here are some article I have written about the aforementioned conditions.
Read them, and be enlightened. Take the time to read through the Heavenly blog, and pray for me, my family and ministry.
Deep thinking is what I experience, not something other than Christianity persecution:

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