fredag 3. mars 2017

No. 1490: Ugly Campaign against Donald Trump and his associates to have had contact with the Russians, who are nothing but exaggerations and fabricated lies!

No. 1490:
Ugly Campaign against Donald Trump and his associates to have had contact with the Russians, who are nothing but exaggerations and fabricated lies!
Photo by Jeff Session with his grandson on capture. USA's foreign minister as before he was, had met some Russians. This is seen as he cooperated with them. Talk about cooking soup on a nail. Everything is nothing but a vulgar attack from people who obviously are looking for conflict!
I also met Russians, and others.
It would then only be missing, but one works when not with them for that reason. The whole statement seems to be ridiculous, absurd and storm in a teacup.

Viewing one here does is to dig up the contact cases of a type all the politicians involved in and depicts what one finds in maximum low light. Part of what one finds is perhaps violating dormant laws that completely routinely broken by politicians regardless wing and activates these laws again. These are clear symptoms of a brutal power struggle is unfolding behind the scenes and how a comprehensive hidden brotherhood aims to derail the new administration. And fray unfolding internationally as well, including in Norway, where the media and the authorities behave as if Obama or Clinton was president, and not Trump. Norwegian politicians have always been America's most obedient lackeys. So even now, only that it is Obama and Clinton they now obeys.
It's almost embarrassing to see the whole media-Norway do what they can to spread uncertainty.
Trump remains president of the United States, maybe it's time you relate you to it in an adult way ??
About Trump and his people have talks with Russia should well be positive?
If the two countries could normalized ratio would probably only be a good thing ??
But no, what did Obama? Here there is much that one could have taken him in and asked him to impeachment for, if one should ask Trump for the same. Something had to be nonsensical, Trump's Russia contacts are only posetivt if the world's two great powers could unite despite their differences and different perceptions and governance!
There are more than enough to ask Obama to impeachment for, a thousand times more than Donald Trump.
We begin to check the closet to the previous President, for which there is more than enough to get Obama convicted of crimes against humanity. Ref. support for terrorist groups, attacks on Libya on false premises, Yemen etc. The list is long.
Yes, he also received the Nobel Prize before he had almost been sitting in the presidential chair. There is probably no other since Yasir Arafat who has received such undeserved Nobel Peace Prize?
This plot against Donald Trump as too many in Norway participates in, is nothing else than vulgar, primitive and dark!
Final Comment:
In Norway shall all be "like"! But in the real world as it is inequality that creates balance and diversity. It is strange to see those who scream most of tolerance and unity, is what is usually most intolerant and least thinking about community. But puts himself in the center and everybody gets thanks to accept it!

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