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No. 1483: Donald Trump was criticized by everyone here in Scandinavia to blacken Sweden, the next day it was full resurrection in Rinkeby showing that Trump claims is not nonsense, but accurately!

No. 1483:
Donald Trump was criticized by everyone here in Scandinavia to blacken Sweden, the next day it was full resurrection in Rinkeby showing that Trump claims is not nonsense, but accurately!
Media and everyone should recognize that it is very, very good and healthy with a man like Donald Trump who are able and dare to go against the current!
Although half the world rubs and rages with him.
See a prophecy about Donald Trump:
Photo of Donald Trump-law Jared Kushner, being a Jew, and his daughter Ivanka Trump, who also converted to Judaism in 2009.

Donald Trump has surprised me posetivt in many things, in spite of their female stories and more!
This he mentions Sweden, Germany and France as countries which have had and have problems with immigration. And get maligned for it, shows just how blind we in the Western world has become.
God has set boundaries between nations, so Trump is quite right in his accusations and it is allowed to first think about their own before others. All this is in accordance with scripture.
Acts 17. 26 and he made every nation of one blood to dwell on all earth, and hath determined the times and the bounds of their habitation, 27 that they should seek God, if they might feel after him and find him, though he is not far away from each one of us.
Crazy. 6. 10 Let us therefore, as we have opportunity, do good unto all men, especially unto faith own people!
Here scripture says that God has set limits, and it is right to do good to everyone, but first and foremost against those who are closest to us!
Therefore I would say that we in the Western world do not set the door wide open to Muslims and people who come from afar. It is fully in line with Scripture.
Of course I believe in immigration, but not in the scale as many believe.
There must be limits, especially towards those who come from such special conditions that after all the Muslim countries represent!
The Muslim religion is religion of the sword, while Christianity is the opposite. It is love and forgiveness religion!
Want to bring something excerpt of an article by Per Haakonsen from Biblical faith that tells what I want to have said. Islam and the faith it represents, is basically one ideology full of hill with other extreme ideology.
I like the position name (Merete Hodne case)
Merete Hodne is in jæren district court sentenced for violation of Penal Code Section 186 paragraph b which prohibits discrimination on grounds of "religion or belief". She must have cast a hijab dressed lady on the door. For it is she was ordered to pay 10,000 kroner in fines. The case has been appealed and is probably up in the Court of Appeal in the spring.
Media - also the Christian dailies - has hailed the verdict as meaningful and appropriate. The court has undoubtedly been joined signals in time and field one politically correct judgment.
But this case has many aspects that should be heeded. I am thinking not only on the purely legal but also the Christian people argument that different religions should be equated.
First, we can ask the question: what is Islam? Is it a religion or is it a political movement? The answer is: both.
Islam has rightly been called the religion of the sword. It propagates by force and it retains control over the population by force. This is in contrast to Christianity propagating through mission and preaching. Islam means submission and creates unfree people. Christianity creates free and redeemed people.
When Merete Hodne meets a hijab dressed lady, she meets as a religion or a political movement? Here we must be aware that the legislation does not prohibit discrimination on political grounds. Here beats the freedom of expression through. But this distinction has the court not taken separately.
The court has not taken into account that Merete Hodne long time has been harassed by road accidents, eggkasting, tagging and demonstrations initiated by SOS Racism. We have every reason to believe that it fits together with Merete Hodne antipathy to Islam. When she gets visited by two hijab-clad women in their hair salon, she reacted spontaneously by throwing them out. I think most of us would have reacted the same way.
In retrospect, it also emerged that this was not a random visit, but a planned provocation. It stands to beliefs, and consequently there is no question of discrimination, but to defend against anything resembling a regulated assault.
equality tank
Those who defend the district court's judgment refers to equality tank. All religions in our country must be equated, have the same rights. Thus it says current leader of 12 September that if we Christians should have the right to carry the cross, do Muslim women have the right to wear the hijab. Moreover, writes Day, "when we claim respect for Christian religion, we must also recognize people of other faiths the same freedom." We know the same argument from the Christian Democratic Party.
Again we must ask: what is Islam?
Is there a religion that can easily be equated with Christianity? Are we talking about two equal religions? Are they carrying the same values?
It's been said that Islam is a satanic religion. From a Christian point of view, Islam is certainly to be understood as idolatry. To juxtapose these two religions are the same as to equate truth and falsehood, good and evil, right and wrong. Everyone will understand that it is meaningless.
But the argument that the Christian religion can only be saved by opening for Islam, is daunting. It reminds no small amount of defeatism. Christian leaders seem to realize that the battle for Christianity's place in Norway is lost. Now they had to save the butts in the hope that we can secure some of our Christian freedom in the future. It's like Erna Solberg reported to have said: we are kind to Islam, then they will be kind to us. Such an understanding is not only boundlessly naive but also direct knowledge resolved. What causes us to believe that Islam will admit us the same freedom that we want to give them?
Equality as a political tool
I like the position name should Islam secured a place in Norwegian society. Then it's their place in say a word about gender equality history. In Norway, gender equality knesatt Gender Equality Act passed by Parliament in 1974-75. It would regulate the relationship between man and woman in society. But the law was also intended to be a signal of equality in all areas of Norwegian society. It would be a political beacon.
Merete Hodne case is not about religion, but about a systematic attempt to delegitimize Christian values in gender equality name. Christianity must abating and tree in the background to make room for Islam.
As Christians we tend to take faith for granted. We hope for the best and hold onto the notion that we live after all in a Christian culture. But the Bible looks different on this.Faith is a spiritual battle and we must fight for what we believe in. "Clothe yourselves with the armor of God, that ye may to withstand in the evil day ..." We are exhorted to seize "the shield of faith and the spirit sword". In short, we are exhorted to hold fast to God's word.
But it is not easy for the layman to raise opposition to current trends when those who have pastoral responsibility have long since capitulated.
Final Comment:
Media and everyone should recognize that it is very, very good and healthy with a man like Donald Trump who are able and dare to go against the current!
Although half the world rubs and rages with him.
Norwegian press must surely be one of the worst and ugliest in that respect!
See a prophecy about Donald Trump:

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