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No. 1482: The money is and will be sent to "Palestinians" release those only who receive assistance to explain what they spend money!

No. 1482:
The money is and will be sent to "Palestinians" release those only who receive assistance to explain what they spend money!
Picture of me and my wife who is on Ben Gur Tel Aviv airport.
It is the seven-branched candlestick we meet when we get out!
Now they build also a new airport in Israel, see here:

Norway has sent inconceivable millions, billions and assistance to "Palestinians"!
None of this know Norwegian authorities what they have used them.
Accounting does not exist, no one knows what they have used these unimaginable billions.
They use them for weapons, terror, war and everything else against Israel.
While those who support Israel from his own pocket, did not even get pulled this from other taxes!
Talk about double standards!
These so-called "Palestinians" get money also to negotiate with Israel, extra cash. Yes, you read correctly. They've got the Norwegian authority 2 billion extra to negotiate for a peace they do not want. They want Israel, it is the only thing they really want to accept. In good "Arafat" spirit.
They spend money to honor and reward those who have been involved in terrorism against Israel, is not inconceivable? This criminal activity creates Norway knowing what happens!
Where will this end? Where will this madness end? It can not get worse?
Why not react the Norwegian people? Why the hatred against Israel, and this protection against the criminals "Palestinians"!
20 Billion least I expect Norway has given to these people since 1993 when one began with direct support for this criminal rabble!
Unfortunately, our leaders blind, because every penny we give to Palestine, then goes towards corruption and warfare. That is what Palestine means in practice. Thus, as we actively support terrorism. Just because the UN and the US have whitewashed and painted white Palestine, so it does thus not that they have seen the light or truth.
It is strange that so much money goes to the Palestinians, while other nations, who are worse off and at times inhuman great distress, but they do not engage in terrorism, they do not get a penny in support. This hypocrisy means only one thing, we support terrorism actively, and we justify it. Whereas when we were in Afghanistan or bombed in Libya, so just did it, because we fought against terrorism.
In billions that Norway has transferred Palestinians in recent years, could man build 10 states. Nevertheless builds Norway not something up "Palestine". The reason is that Palestinians will not have a "Palestine" alongside Israel. In reality, Norway is supporting, indirectly, the battle to "liberate Palestine." A game for Palestinians means the annihilation of Israel.
Final Comment:
After FRP came to power, there has not actually been better. But fortunately not worse! Than when the coalition dominating.
Voices one at AP, the Centre or OR as supporting a really warranted these corrupt and criminal "Palestinians" hate Israel.
Now do fortunately not all "Palestinians" there. But would one not be with their aggression, and is "Palestinian." So one can actually experience being shot, maimed and deprived of all rights as a human being. In other words, both the so-called "West Bank" and Gaza stripper. Then all these Islamic societies governed as severe, if not strings than they do in Saudi Arabia, Iran and other extreme Islamic countries. This support will guarantee if you vote for these three parties. Therefore only option to vote for a bourgeois party if you want to support Israel with your voting!

But simultaneously, God holds his hand over this people!
Jeremiah 31 35 Thus saith the Lord, who gives the sun for light by day and ordinances of the moon and the stars for light by night, which divideth the sea when the waves roar - the Lord Almighty is his name: 36 If those ordinances no longer in force before me, saith the Lord, then shall the offspring of Israel cease from being a nation before Me forever.37 Thus saith the Lord: If the heavens above can be measured, and the foundations out beneath, I will also cast off all the seed of Israel for all that they have done, saith the Lord.
Yes, here it says bluntly. God's faithfulness will be against this people and these people called Jews or Israelites. As long as the world will pass, it is forever!
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