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No. 1481: Today's Pentecostal Charismatic Christians have spiritual taste buds like a vulture!

No. 1481:
Today's Pentecostal Charismatic Christians have spiritual taste buds like a vulture!
3. Genesis 11 13 These birds should be repugnant to you. They do not eat, for they are detestable: the eagle, lammegribben and svartgribben,

This is about the unclean and the clean animals from the Mosaic Law. So it is for me, that the taste buds that today's Pentecostal Charismatic Christians, it is disgusting to me!
I have now both be followed in the Pentecostal Charismatic movement over so many decades. I must say that the Pentecostal Charismatic movement is a movement where extremes are more than any other movement!
Look than on the positive, there is so much good. Not least it has happened from its beginnings and up. Today, not least the Western world it is unfortunately all too much of a negative that is dominant and will characterize the Pentecostal Charismatic Christians!
What is most negative?
Being able to explain and gather it in a few sets rings or with a word, and it is without doubt what I would call for experience Christianity!
Experiences we need by all means, but a "blissful" experience need not have anything to do with God. It's something that only affects our mental life!
Let me take an example. This is perceived by Sharon Dal eighties when I was there on several summer events.
There are several thousand people present and all are with. Then comes Edvardsen forward and say it's a new decade of Europe, we should hasten the return of Jesus and even the great tribulation, we will not experience that so many people will be saved. Most applauds this even if it is on the contrary what the Bible and the word of God says.Afterwards everyone is so "spiritual" lofty, now it can go only one way forward!
This is what I would say and call for the Pentecostal Charismatic Christianity major weakness! Where one gets carried away and out into what I would call for experience Christianity!
Such is unfortunately the entire Pentecostal Charismatic Christian history become, where one gets carried away in it that are not consistent with God's word.
Let me take an example, I have thousands of examples!
There are a few that I know of that was devoted that Pastor Åge Åleskjær in Oslo Christian Center. When they married said YY following: "You two have God brought together."Plus many other things that God had done. Then there was trouble, and then they got the advice of PASTOR ÅGE ÅLESKJÆR TO STAND!
When she asked what about what God had said. Then she TO ANSWER THAT GOD SA DA!
In other words, God had both changed his mind and changed my mind!
This is what is the great, great weakness within its the Pentecostal Charismatic Christianity. Here mean a somewhat one day and something else the next day. Instead of the word of God is always essential to life and learn!
I have tons of examples. Thousands if I want to, just think of all the "prophecy" that actually millions have relied on. Believed in, and it has shown that it was not right! Worship of the Holy Spirit who has led straight into swarms and the occult. Lista being for miles if I should take my time and expound everything that I have been with since I was saved on 25 January 1981. Looking back with horror on the negative. Simultaneously with great joy and enthusiasm on the positive!
No hope of rescue or improvement!
After we have seen the development of the religious movement and the Pentecostal movement has been now almost a! So I think there is no hope of improvement, on the contrary!
Much taller that the negative trend will only continue and accelerate and apostasy will spread unfortunately more and more within its current Pentecostal Charismatic Christianity.
Today's Pentecostal Charismatic Christians have spiritual taste buds like a vulture!
It is something that is me strangely, so I write about in more article. It is that today's Pentecostal Charismatic Christians can do everything. They accept "crude and reve" without qualms. They have a vulture nature received, and spiritual taste buds then!
Taking eventually excerpt of an article I read on the values debate in Our Country and written by Magnar Maurset.
If one looks at the Pentecostal movement as it appeared for 35-40 years ago, there was a movement characterized by strong control. Man predominated on the principle of independent churches, simultaneously there was little room to move beyond what was accepted by the leading "brothers". This led to a shelling, congregations became established corresponding designation religious movement. With a new generation of Pentecostal leaders, we saw a clear need to deal with this line. one would have a more open movement, and the result was that many of the individuals and communities that had once belonged to the movement, began to return.
This was true, for example Sentermenigheten in ashes, which were welcomed in motion again a few years ago. Jesus Church and Pastor Stephan Christiansen was also a part of the movement a few years earlier. The same was true in January Aage Torp Oslokirken. One may well argue that in their eagerness to open up and take distance from its previous practice, almost indiscriminately incorporated community seeker churches.
It is probably also little doubt that this trend was reinforced when one sets aim that one should get fifty new churches in the movement before 2020. And the fact that they are now about to reach the goal, primarily because many of the old returns, more than that it will be launched as many new ones.
Such a goal is a natural consequence of the growth-mindset that has characterized the movement for some time. While the right teaching was just as important as growth in the 70s and 80s, the growth currently the only salvation. In my thesis I have pointed out that this is part of a general secularization of society, where society's economic growth mindset is applicable also in the congregation. The consequence of being in continuous growth, without experiencing continuous "revival" is that one must grow in other ways.For example, to incorporate churches outside the movement.
I think a lot of the problems the movement is here. It is less uniform motion, a much greater extent an informal network. Thus there is a risk that can be associated with and taken as a practice in much of the movement is alien to. You go ever further into spagat in an attempt to reach everybody. One tries to include charismatic expression and theology which is really quite foreign to the movement.
Simultaneously will include those who go a completely different way, against the contemplative, inspired by Catholic and Orthodox Christianity and monastery movement to Peter Halldorf. You also get a higher percentage of Pentecostals who advocate a more liberal theology, including meeting with relationship issues. This desire to include anything and everything, which in itself can be seen as exemplary, is by no means unproblematic. Man stands in grave danger of becoming indistinct, and it is well here that largely stands today.
In addition, one has rarely been willing to confront charismatic movements in Pentecostal perimeter and outside the movement. One takes no public reckoning with Jan Hanvold TV Channel Vision Norway and his extreme style and theology, although most of the movement's leaders stand for some completely different. Perhaps you afraid of the consequences, all the time Hanvold have such great support in parts of the movement. (One could add that the movement does not exactly have a good tradition of conflict.) Hanvold were even invited to speak at Evangeline Lies Centre's summer conference this year.
One can sometimes see splits also in the movement's newspaper Cross Victory. The newspaper's attempt to cover and describe the different views in the movement, has met with strong opposition. While several of the various journalists write about theological thinking and different practice, emerges editor Anne Gustavsen as a museum guard who will defend the traditional values. Right now it looks to me like the newspaper is about to return to the conservative and traditional, where Kare Skuland writes that Pentecostals should believe that the earth was created in six days, and there Øyvind Gaarder Andersen is the supreme authority in cohabitation ethical questions.
But back to Jesus Revolution. It is this issue that has been at the forefront of all the issues I have discussed.
How has such movement tackled this and how does the way forward look like? Some of it has been done has been exemplary. One has gone out and shown understanding for the experience people have had in the face of JR and Pentecostalism in general. It took time for summer services to a good debate on the subject. It has lined up on debates and been humbled their own mistakes and shortcomings. Meanwhile, there is much you could have done, I think that it is natural to do. Therefore Vigdel and other wanted a clearer movement. And one can see why.
At the movement's leader conference in February this year stood Stephan Christiansen and the supreme leader of the Pentecostal movement, Sigmund Kristoffersen, on stage together. Here said Kristoffersen including:
..... our churches today, where a church meeting, where democracy had the final say for the way forward in important decisions, rather than listening to God's voice and where realism and fear prevented to take new unknowns rose .... ..we need this faith, this spirit, this courage and this pioneering spirit in the Pentecostal movement today. We must dare to go further. Dare to take risks. There are too many realists among us. There are too many who want the safe and familiar. There are many who only look at the negative happening and not on the opportunities ahead. The majority voice can be devastating. A decision by a congregation meeting may not be God's thought and way. We need men and women who stand for the word of God, hear his voice and goes on his indictment. Although we wished all the churches are living, growing and dynamic, so is not the reality.If we are to be honest, as well the reality today that there are two cultures in our churches:
There is much I could grab here, both Kristoffersen contempt for democratic processes, and his neglect of people's need for security (such a signal is perhaps the most sensational in this process). One can also interpret it to mean that churches that do not grow, do not have God's blessing. But first and foremost I read this as a tribute to Stephan Christiansen and his leadership. No one is well doubt that courage, pioneering spirit and faith is what has characterized the leadership of his. There is little doubt that Christiansen had a high star in Kristoffersen and other leaders of the movement
In the process around Saved documentary has Kristoffersen lasted strangely absent. Those times he has spoken, it has been of the type "I am sorry that someone is upset," and "we are working on processes to avoid that to happen again." It's almost as one can get the impression that he has pushed Andreas Hegertun and Egil Svartdahl ahead of him in this matter. I could well imagine to get to know a little about what the movement's leader is thinking about what he said in February, and the honorable, Vigdal and all the other states. And on the way forward not just about showing understanding and better structures, but actually confront. And Christiansen have given indication that the movement has been set against him. Not applicable Kristoffersen tribute anymore?
Both Christiansen and those who have spoken out against him need a clarity on how the leaders' stance on what happened. For a proper settlement has not taken the movement. And if Jesus Revolution to remain part of the fold, come what may nor to come. Then silence quite shouting and clarity absent. It's about cowardice or a hot desire that there should be room for everyone?
Splits are in any case ever wider. And maybe it is not the leaders themselves who must rectify this situation, perhaps it might be an idea to bring outside help? Basically all Pentecostal spagat about the ancient problem one has always held close by itself as Christian people, between the biblical ideals and a changing world.
Final Comment:
Where will this madness end? Where will this end? Or is there some kind of healthy balance here?
Personally, I think after the religious movement and pinsevekkkelsen melts more and more together, then liberal attitudes take over more and more. It will happen that those within its the Pentecost Charismatic would somehow find together again.
Where an emphasis on God's word, always ahead of everything else! Nothing can replace the word of God. Should we get spiritual experiences, prophecy, words of knowledge or whatever. So, it should both be tested on the word of God, and of other people. This is the biblical way that unfortunately an abandoned and rejected for a large part of the Pentecostal Charismatic Christians and has given the spiritual snaksløkker like a vulture that they are omnivores. They accept really everything, more liberal than the most liberal Lutheran and Catholic. How can it go when a first opening to the word of God calls for demons learn and seducing spirits! As this really is. Who rides today Pentecostal Charismatic "Christian"!
The apostle Paul speaks of a great apostasy will come upon the earth in the last days. What is apostasy? There is a "rejection of truth who once preached and believed." In short, there is a falling away from God's truth. Paul writes about the apostasy to come:
"We ask you, brothers, in terms of our Lord Jesus Christ ... Do not be so soon shaken sense! Do not be terrified, neither by spirit, nor by word ... that the day is here. Let no man deceive you by any means! For falling away first ... "(2 Thes. 2: 1-3).
I think not only the Lutheran and the Catholic Church part of this apostasy. But also today's Pentecostal Charismatic. No wonder they trade ministers o g preachers among themselves!

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