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No. 1477: A dirty fight against Donald Trump, who puts democracies of the western world is in danger!

No. 1477:
A dirty fight against Donald Trump, who puts democracies of the western world is in danger!


The attacking Trump, is really going against democracy. He is legally elected, and then for example. Barack Obama was the president of the United States, so I disagree with him in the most!
But his election had all respect, when he was a legally elected president!
How should one also thought of Trump, he has gone up for election at this he NOW TRYING TO REALIZE!
Photo by John McCain who must be one of the dumbest politician in the world who claim that Donald Trump is on its way toward becoming a dictator.

This road is very, very long in a western civilized country like the United States.
Trump just point out that he does not agree with different media and others.
Well, he goes far! But it also makes the criticism of him, Israel and the Christian-Jewish values in today's western world!
Trump is a legally elected president, only unlike most other.
Trying to implement what he chose the American people, BEFORE HE WAS ELECTED! This is the great respect and recognition of in my opinion!
Trump has probably done more during the month. he has served in the White House one other has done throughout his presidency. Here is a man of action, who has said in advance what he will have completed.
Therefore, to say that he is a dictator, etc. and others, are in my opinion totally misleading and just scare tactics! It will be exciting and interesting as development, not least if he gets moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem! The capital of Israel, and soon the world's "capital!"
First I will say that I have become posetivt surprised Donald Trump in several ways. But the sequel is left, it will be interesting to see if he comes in goals with what he has begun!
Here are some small considerations.
  1. His relatively simple m to tea v æ carry on to. Where he publicly shows that he does not always want the world's most expensive food. But can n o ye off with a Big Mac is very good.
  1. While he is the president, s to take him out, I think only $ 1 a month. that he is on to added to receive. He is, in other words the president without l o nn.
  1. During press conferences and elsewhere, he shows that he is the boss. Very, very good!
  1. He g to r against all the poor and d to southern media, saying that the the driver on an 'd to annual m to tea. Call them fak media that is very, very right!
  1. What he said f o r he became president, pr o ver he best to implementation o re.
  1. Critics of him is really small to all who see him only carried ø leads the poltikken he was elected on to.
  1. His Israel st ø support is just wonderful.
  1. One of the very f ø first he invited to the White House, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
  1. Where Barack Obama just talked and talked, s to all Donald Trump.
  1. He is smart, skilled and pleasant, they like on to st to K and otherwise. It pursues Faculty News!
Here is some of what Donald Trump has said:
"These false news media is not my enemy, but enemies of the American people," sent the president stuck in a twitter message Friday. Thus, the president's war with the mass media to continue in parallel with the viewing figures for some of these media is declining.
Final Comment: 
I do not consider Donald Trump as being a pånyfødt Christian, therefore, is also his three marriages no hindrance to support him!

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