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No. 1439: Why dress Christian female worship leaders themselves as prostitute and indecent when they stand to sing praises to God, it is to create chaos and disharmony in God's church when the woman should be covered!

No. 1439:
Why dress Christian female worship leaders themselves as prostitute and indecent when they stand to sing praises to God, it is to create chaos and disharmony in God's church when the woman should be covered!

Image of a covered woman who has been the usual norm for women forever.
Except today, when everything should be as free and obscene.
This is Benazir Bhutto who unfortunately was killed, but her form of cover in the public domain. Should and should have been a standard for everyone else. The spirited be the way here in the West. Is fundamentally oppressive to women that she is not a woman, but an "object" for the man. When an object he has allowed both to test visually and everything else. Such as the freedom we have now in the Western world, so does the counter with so many broken homes and relationships!

If we go back time both here in Norway, and in world history.
So is the Muslim form of cover, which has been the "normal" for capping with certain moderations and changes.

Covering the women are first described in Assyrian laws on stone tablets about 2300 BC ie 3000 years before Islam. Only female slaves and temple prostitutes released this cloak. Penalties for violation of this law was flogging and stoning cf. today's Iran. See BBC documentary "Accent of a woman" on Youtube and open their eyes.

Here from what and how Muslims look at this with cover.

Three rules for modest dress.

The Quran is the Muslim clue in everything they do. Qur'an is for Muslims God's full and complete revelation to the people there not something to be deducted from or added. When it comes to women's clothing there are three precepts of the Koran.

First and foremost, the body should be covered (7:26) That's the first rule. It also means that tight clothing that reveals body lines will not be used. Tight pants and tight-fitting sweater with belly bar is an unthinkable attire for a Muslim woman.

Clothing should be loose and baggy.

The woman in Islam.

The second rule says that the chest should be hidden. (24:31) It is said that the breast should be covered and not shown to other men than husband, father-in-law, sons, brothers and svogre. This requirement does not apply to children who are not yet reached puberty, and in that time there were castrated servants, nor were they covered by this rule.

Women on the dress.

The third rule says that clothes should be long. (33:59) The legs should therefore not be displayed.
In the Qur'an, God gives the prophet a mandate to say to their wives and daughters that their clothes should be long. It does not say anything about how long the clothes should be, but the general rule is that a Muslim woman should dress so that she is chaste and modest. But the perception of what is honorable and seemly are not the same in Jedda in Saudi Arabia as in New York.

Clothing and pregnancy.

To wear headgear with veil is not mandated in the Koran, but in many places this has been an important tradition long before the time of Mohammed. It is not a practice as it is commanded in the Qur'an.

This is from Wikipedia and online about covered by the body.

Toppløshet in the western world.

In tropical areas resulted western influence that it became less common with toppløshet. This particularly applied to women. But in Western culture the opposite happened.

In modern Western culture should not man exposing the body in everyday life. For example, would a farmer or roadworks be covered on the upper body if he was near the public road and could be seen by strangers. Beyond the 1920s began increasingly men to go bare-chested in public joint beaches which meant imprisonment. This was eventually accepted and in 1927 was allowed for men to go topless in public trends. In Australia, this came a bit later while the US was last in the western world where this was allowed in 1936.

Regarding women came topless vogue in western culture, almost 50 years later. The media could indeed read about some Western women who used monokini or were topless already in the 1950s. But full impact did not topless vogue until the 1970s and 1980s. On some beaches, especially in areas with many young women could share topless women may be up to 100%. Topless Fashion has since declined for women's part.

Religious texts in a historical-critical perspective

By Norwegian theological educational institutions, emphasis is usually assumed so-called historical-critical method. This means that these texts are interpreted from their historical context. They considered it the most as "timed", ie linked to the community at the time they were written. The lyrics were written that one should not offend the community where such practices - covering and subordination - was common.

At present the problem is the opposite. This type of practice, with the covering of the woman's head and subordination of woman to man, will in our day offensive in Norwegian society. Therefore, it is the text concerns a must watch and teakstens 'Key', says today's theologians. There are no priests currently requires women to cover their heads, nor the church. But it was common for not so many years siden.Innenfor Islam are also groups looking Koranic texts as "timed". But because the Koran is regarded as a sacred and untranslatable book directly from Allah, interpreted it usually out of the society that existed about 600 - 1000 AD Then it becomes much harder to accept divergent praksiser.


The uncovered and only the body is only the spouse. This is something that underlies as it has been throughout all of human history, and here it is very, very much more to say about this emne.Vil only encourage you to study more and read the links I put on.

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