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No. 1425: Oslo policei stormed our apartment in 1989 when they had imagined that I was an illegal immigrant, how strange can become and call themselves police ?!

No. 1425:
Oslo policei stormed our apartment in 1989 when they had imagined that I was an illegal immigrant, how strange can become and call themselves police ?!


Image of Lawyer Brynjar Meling as integrity, ethics and credibility in my case surpasses police thousand times. Meling emerges with dignity, while police, inclusive defends a "professional criminal" who "Pastor" and Narr Apostel Jan Aage Torp. It's sad when police and prosecutors located at such a low level that they do here in the case with me and Narreapostlen Jan Aage Torp!

The way Jews were treated during the war, and which I have been treated by the Oslo police have striking similarities, which speaks of a rigid and immature police!

What are the similarities? Many, primarily because both I and the Jews who were law-abiding and good citizens. Who are entitled to protection and treated accordingly.
But both and Jews were greeted by an arrogant and rigid police.
It's clear what I have gone through is that air related to what the Jews have gone through, that after all the majority of whom had his life after Polti arrested them and had them shipped by boat Danube.

I was deprived of my Norwegian passport which I legally had, bought and paid for with authority 4-5 years earlier!

How then can the police without trial, depriving a passport?
I was then much younger and accepted when such behavior by police.
But today I have sadly realized that Oslo police both behave like thugs, and even hold them!

It is clear that we must and shall have authority, without it so it becomes anarchy and such we see it in some states that things have breaking completely together. God's Word also urges to be authority obedient and subordinate them. But when they behave exactly the opposite, what then?

We as believers have at least one weapon, which is better than everyone else. It is to pray with and for all, even those who act and who Tuv jacks and bandits.

It is quite possible to be on their level, but verbally tell they what is right and wrong. And do not use violence or firearms!

There can I chuck least say about myself, either I or lawyer Brynjar Meling has close fallen to the low level for Polti and Jan Aage Torp has been in this matter between us.

Polti has lied and fabricated a judgment against me that is so vile and bad that it is arguably Norway's greatest miscarriage of justice. It is so bad that it can not get worse! And District Court judges, we also experienced almost as bought and paid for. It was bad. But fortunately did Attorney Brynjar Meling such a good job that the case now comes again under consideration by the Court of Appeal Borgating on 5 April 2017. This in itself is just like a small miracle of God!

From Aftenposten where police ask Norwegian Jews about apologetic, and well there:

Police ask Norwegian Jews apologize!

For the first time asks Norwegian police officially apologize for having sent Norwegian Jews to German concentration camps in 1942.

Monday is the 70 years since 532 Norwegian Jews were deported from Norway with ship D / S Donau. A total of 771 Norwegian Jews sent to German concentration camps during World War II, and only 34 returned alive.

The Nazi-controlled state police played a central role including the deportation of Jews. Members of the State Police after the war found guilty of torture, extensive abuse, killings and executions.

But an official apology from the police has not come until now.

- I will on behalf of the Norwegian police and those who had dealings with the deportation of Norwegian Jews to concentration camps grumble, said Police Director Odd Reidar Humlegård Dagsavisen.

Author Jan Erik Vold has previously requested that the Norwegian police confronts its participation under jødedeportasjonene, and am glad that excuse now has come. Also chairman of the Holocaust Center, Guri Hjeltnes, satisfied, and believes it is an important event.

Samuel Steinmann (89), the only one still living that the Norwegian Jews who survived the Nazi concentration camps, is also pleased excuse.

- I can perhaps say that it was time. But it's nice to hear, he said.
Aftenposten, 2012.

Final Comment:

It is sad that Polti can behave in this way, but why do they do it? God's Word says:

Word. 1. 7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; despise wisdom and instruction of fools.

Can it be said better? Delightful, beginning of wisdom is to fear the Lord. In other words, it is here Polti and other stuck when they fall short of bad behavior and treatment of others!

After the author has explained the purpose of the book: "To understand the words of understanding" (Proverbs 1,2), and given the book's motto: "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge" (Proverbs 1.7, see Proverbs 9.10) switches he between warn us against listening to folly and urge us to answer the heavenly wisdom calling.
Here clearly I and lawyer Brynjar Meling gained something that Oslo police so sorely miss, but there are opportunities too for them, only they will!

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