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No. 1424: I'm Oslo kindest man, but Oslo police dislike me obviously very strongly when they also have stormed our apartment and deprived me my passport which I have never received again!

No. 1424:
I'm Oslo kindest man, but Oslo police dislike me obviously very strongly when they also have stormed our apartment and deprived me my passport which I have never received again!


Photo of the train that runs between Thyborøn and Lemvig today. When in Denmark by the Limfjord in Jutland for you who are not familiar.

Will you Lemvig or Thyborøn, so just have to take this train.
Lemvigbanen is enough almost 150 years and certainly one of the oldest stretch and courts that are in operation today. Out there in the North Sea we lived until I was 5 and was there on holiday one month. mostly every year during their childhood. So well known where I am, too Skagen when my aunt and uncle lived there. It was very often 14 days each location.

And west coast as we moved to is almost as harsh, so I'm used to having the "harsh" So resistance we endure, but appears here Polti with two sets of laws. Where it is allowed by them and all others to do as they will.
But we do something, then it shall not be accepted anyway.
Here there is no doubt the powers that are dark as the possible use of!

Psalm 109. 2 For wicked mouth and falsehood mouth they oplatt against me, they have spoken with me with lying tongues. 3 And with words of hatred they have surrounded me, and fought against me without cause. 4 For my love they oppose me, I am in prayer. 5 And me evil to pay for good, and hatred for my love. 6 Set a wicked man over him: and let Satan stand at his right hand! 7 When he is judged, let him go out guilty, and let his prayer become sin! 8 Let his days be few; and let another take his office

Oslo police has always been dangerous, there were those who were mainly responsible for the Holocaust here in Norway that they were Nazi Stens obedient "poodles" to arrest and get imprisoned Jews here in Norway during World War 2!

The double face Janus face, the one who is charming, there are others who are hard and unforgiving.

Resting the bloodshed on it? Hence the enormous hatred against me and my family?

In 1990, I stormed out of the Oslo police when we stayed at Vestli in Oslo.

Why do you ask? Because they had not done our homework, and shat themselves vertically out. Have never received an apology for what they did!

This was I think a weekday around 1989 in the autumn.
Had been looking at training and was then in the middle of the shower and it knocked on the door.
Kona shouted that someone would talk to me and I answered back that wait until I'm finished.

Suddenly several police officers over me and asked a lot of nonsense questions and where I came from and other nonsense that I should answer!

I asked if they could wait until I was finished dressed.
But it could not, because then I could drop off.
Then they asked for my passport, this they had to see.
Then I wait until I'm finished dressed then. It had not had time, cheeky as few they were!
Having never done anything gærnt or criminal in my life.
Stupid things yes, but not a crime or a criminal offense!

I had Norwegian passports in 1985 when I was leaving for Israel.

Has always been as long as I know about it both Norwegian and Danish citizen.
Born in Denmark with Danish father and Norwegian mother.
Also Danish social security number, so when I arrange my passport as I did last for 2 years ago. So I was where I was born, in Lemvig municipality building and arranged it in half an hour, valid for 10 years as all other passports.
Paid a hundred pounds, and that was it!

Back to Oslo Polti and their enormous hatred against me and my family that I do not understand me!

I had and have never who said committed a crime, and then they got my Norwegian passport grabbed the it from me.
Come with a lot of nonsense questions when they had not even taken one phone to Skudeneshavn police station where I had my passport in 1985.
But they ran into with its oddities and a total lack of common civility. I was going to be an illegal immigrant. I had illegally entered Norway and obtained Norwegian passport.
But I said truthfully that I have lived in Norway perfectly legal since 1969 and is both the Norwegian and Danish citizen. But what made the Oslo police? They took my passport and promised that I would get it again the next day.
When I would come with the wholesaler police and get it back. There I met up, and I never got it back. I said then that I wanted money back for my passport. They promised this money never showed up, or an apology when they had messed up.
Parent later when Danish passport, when I have both Norwegian and Danish citizen.
It is strange that the same hatred that Oslo Polti has to me, it is found that they had to Jews during the 2nd World War.
Here I think there is bloodshed over Oslo Polti, for their weakness over Jews. And their obedience against the Nazis, who were simply Satanic!

From Wikipedia: The deportation of the Jews!

The deportation of Jews was part of the German plan to exterminate Jews during World War II. 771 Jews were sent from Norway to concentration camps. Only 34 of them overlevde war [1]. A larger number, in excess of 1000, managed to escape and thus avoided the mass murder. In 1940 there lived about 2,200 Jews in Norway. Shortly after the invasion began noticing harassment, occupational bans and vandalism against their property. Police and other authorities also began quickly to come up with various measures which heralds a difficult existence for Jews. On May 10, 1940, radio equipment confiscated, long before the same thing happened with other citizens. The first round of arrests came the summer of 1941, after the German attack on the Soviet Union. Then a number of male Jews born in Russia (including the Baltic countries) arrested. Many of them were released after relatively short time, but part was sitting anymore and was finally sent to a concentration camp the deportations began. In October 1941 began to call Jews to police stations and sheriff offices to Stemle a large, red J in their passports. It was also carried out a discreet but extensive registration of Jewish property. There was also a questionnaire, "Jews in Norway", from the German Sipo to all police stations. It was evident for civil servants that it was sinister intentions behind this registration, but there were few who failed to carry out the survey. On 25 October 1942 came the order from Berlin that all male Jews in Norway should be arrested. It was at this time about 1,800 Jews in Norway. This was done by the state police and the ordinary police and sheriffs. The next day Quisling government with a law on the confiscation of Jewish fortunes, and on November 17 came a law concerning the duty of Jews. On 24 November, as the order to arrest the women and children. Deportations as a result of this order began on 26 November, when a large group was sent with D / S "Danube". But there were some who were already deported for example, Moritz Rabinowitz sent to Germany with "Monte Rosa" already on 22 May 1941 and Mirjam Kristiansen was sent with the "Danube" in November the same year. The reason that occupying forces handed arrests for state police and local police was that they wanted minimum fuss about what happened. They believed, and had probably right, that the Jews would be less frightened if it was Norwegians who collected them. Within the police there were many who had anti-Semitic attitudes, and in addition it was clear to the police that if they were to avoid a complete nazifisering they had to carry out the orders came. More than a thousand Jews were not taken by the authorities. Most fled to Sweden or Britain, where they were welcomed as refugees. A dozen people were also able to remain in hiding in Norway throughout the war. While the above mentioned were many police officers who carried out the order, it must also have been a not insignificant number, giving warnings and allowed Jewish families escape. Resistance and limit pilots also did a great job of helping Jews in flukt.Sluttkommentar: We see today how the Oslo police are doing. They allow January Aage Torp and his allies almost "hunt" free and wild on me and my family for the last 4 årene.Og what do they do? What I have given a response to, it keeps me accountable for. In other words, the struggle they have against me directly dirty, vicious and fabrikkert.Politiet operates with two sets of laws. The others write about me and my family, if it is a hundred times worse. Even forgery is full permitted to write and speak against me and my familie.Skulle I say or speak something, even if it's true. So fabricating they there to "offense"! Just thinking about this with me and Torp. 99% of what is written about Torp written by his fabricated review me. It mentions the not with a clause even. Then it's not what I've written that are criminal, but mengden.

Other words, the whole case against me is nothing but a miscarriage of justice, from beginning to end!

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